13 Aug 2014

The Blue Cloud

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It might have blue or it might have been black,
but who knows what it is, when I have turned my back.
I think it is best to accept the reality, 
that I am nothing, a mere fatality. 

Oh, I do not believe their praises, 
They are invisible, invisible like my bruises.
The ones you cannot fathom, reach beyond my soul,
They have engulfed me and can take you whole.

You tell me someday I will survive,
I feel it is too late for me to revive.
You cannot see the blue or the black cloud,
My screams inside cannot be heard out loud. 

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Today I can see the stars beyond the blue,
And I now it is time for me to renew.
I can see them calling, beyond the concrete border,
The pain would be brief and will set things in order.

Depression is an issue that has been taken very lightly by many of us. It is not just about feeling low or sad, but is a mix of multiple emotional and physical changes. Years ago, I went through the WHO's video on depression called the "The Black Dog" of depression. I am posting the link here. It is a wonderful video and gives an insight into the world of someone who suffers from depression. The death of Robin Williams shocked many, including me. Who knows what pain was he in. Do have a look at the video. It is inspiring and real. 

PS: You can also read more by following this link  Black Dog Institute


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Only if it were in their hand to not turn their backs to the clouds :)

Nice post!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wings of Harmony said...

@BA: If only it were. :) Cheers.

Keirthana said...

Awesome post, I was once suffering from a minor form of depression and I can still see the scars it left.

Depression is very dangerous if ignored.

Soumya said...

This was so beautiful! The poem speaks volumes Pradeeta. It was splendid.

I was a depressed soul once. Tried really hard and finally I got out of it. It is crazy ailment. People don't understand you and you don't understand people. But with time, it heals. With a lot of time.

Wings of Harmony said...

@Keirthana: It must have been such a scary phase. *Hugs* Unfortunately, Depression is really ignored, especially in our Indian setup. But I hope we ourselves would be vigilant to seek help whenever possible. I hope you will be able to keep it at bay always. Much love! :* :)

@Soumya: Thank you dearest! It must have been hard...I have seen some people I love, battle it, they are still struggling... I hope I help them in some manner. I am glad you are healed. :)

Makarand Pandey said...

The Black Dog visits me too from time to time. Fortunately I have enough things to throw at him. And whatever is lacking, my dear friends more than ever are prepared to shoo him away !