19 Jun 2014

Infusions to blow away Confusions

DISCLAIMER: All the views expressed on this blog are mine and Wings of Harmony, Mystical Skeptical Me and I are in no manner responsible for any action, impact or effect it may have upon anybody. Please use your own discretion. 

On that sweet note, I will begin. ;)

I recently had a chance to taste Rose flavored tea, which my brother got for us from Goa and needless to say, I keep looking forward to having a sip once a day, just for the fresh burst of fragrance and flavor which would invigorate my senses. This also reminded me of my habit of seeking naturally flavored beverages whenever I have felt my immunity (both physical and spiritual) go down. This post is just about that. Healing yourself spiritually and physically while drinking the most common of brews you might have come across!

What are some drinks which you can use to uplift your senses?

1. Water: Yes, the best source to alleviate anxiety is water. Instead of guzzling it chilled and causing yourself to bloat up, whenever you drink water, drink slowly, especially if you are standing, which in itself is not considered healthy in both Hinduism and Islam, the reason being the digestive problems it might cause. Therefore, if you have time,ensure that you sit and drink water, sip by sip and slowly.

It will not only fill you up but the process of slow drinking will help in clearing your mind.
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2. Green Tea: You can make yourself a cup and add a little ginger and few basil (Tulsi) leaves and have it warm. I have tried this and it has helped me immensely if I have felt emotionally down or a little off. You can replace green tea with normal tea, but just for color. The biggest thing is your thought process, for any healing to take place, and drinking something with natural substances, only adds to the overall process.

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3. Ginger Tea: In small quantity, average cup of ginger tea can soothe that ticklish throat and also ease your anxious nerves. You can also add cardamom for that added burst of flavor. Best for treating chest congestion and colds.
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4. Rose Tea: Known to give the drinker a rosy mood, Rose tea can be made at home by adding dried (in shade) leaves to your normal everyday tea powder (which should not have any other added flavor). It also soothes your breathing process and helps in uplifting the mood.

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5. Lemon+Mint Tea/Water: Best for summers and for quenching thirst that seems to grip every time you are out. Mint Leaves, after Tulsi leaves are heaven sent. Make liquor tea and add some Pudina leaves. You have a heady fresh concoction ready.

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I also make Mint+Milk tea, which is not only refreshing but cools you from within. The idea is to add the leaves in boiling water before you add milk and tea leaves. It is another infusion I look forward to, in summers. I am no expert when it comes to brewing concoctions, but these are few things which I have tried and know in my heart to soothe me when I need them to.

Beautiful Cup and Saucer set, I received as a gift from a beloved friend.

Also, try lighting a candle and sip any of the teas above, while in your balcony or while looking out from your window. Few minutes for yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Blessed be.

PS: You can tell me what drinks you use, to make yourself feel at ease :)

14 Jun 2014


Hello? I want...Hello, Sir, I want to report a murder."

"Yes...in my house...my wife is dead. Please...Please come here and take a look!"

He stammered into the phone and hung up. The police promised to be there in 20 minutes. It was a long time, very long time. Especially with a dead body inside your house. He could not decide whether he should cry or scream or just wait for her to get up. But she will not wake up, because someone killed her. He shuddered at the thought. He wasn't expecting her to be dead... meaning he had wished that she should die, but not like this. Her sprawled body with blue patches and open eyes will haunt him forever. He stood at the door of his bedroom, staring at her. She still looked beautiful, cold, but beautiful. He wanted to throw up.

He slid  on to the floor, unable to take the weight of his grief anymore. As he slumped down, he heard someone sobbing. Please, please...I can't take this anymore. I wish you would die. It would be so much better. He froze. 

It was his wife. She was staring at him with her eyes filled with tears. She was alive! She was alive! 

"But why are you dressed like that!" He sputtered in shock, seeing his wife dressed in green scrubs and masks. He realized she was one of them, the doctors, who hauled him back to his padded cell. 

3 Jun 2014

Hello World.

"What would you wish for if you had one chance?"

You have been walking for so long that your feet cry in protest, they scream and try to buckle beneath you. But you decide not to fall, because that would not be you. You have always been a fighter, haven't you? You don't give up easily because fighters fight, they don't give up. 

You always knew what you wanted, but you chose the best for the greater good, because they have sustained you and now you feel obligated, your conscience fraught with excuses that you never had the means or resources to live your dream and that you must love what you are doing, because that's how it should be. Life, you say, is not a movie that you can throw away things and chase your passions or larger-than-life dreams. That would be idiotic. And immature
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You wait for the approval of that one person all your life, reading between the lines, finding meanings in their disguised words. That one person will inevitably become the center of your Universe. You will reject the idea. You are not dependent on them. You are not trying to please them in any manner. You are definitely not craving their attention. Please! You are better than that. But somewhere in the recesses of your heart, a tiny version of you, tied up in your hopes and dreams, speaks, "You still need them. You are trying this for them. You will feel guilty if you do something they do not approve of." And you do what you want, to quell this stupid voice.

Now you are aging and melancholia is the way you have adapted to. Because it seems more realistic, because you will meet the same end as everyone. Because, you thought you were something extraordinary - someone chosen - someone especial for whom destiny had massive plans. But you know now, there's nothing like a paradise behind that rustle of the wind or the cool breeze that blows from the sea. Everything is as it is. Predetermined, predestined. Isn't it?

Let's live like this. Without hope, with everything black and white. Let's live in a world where we cannot make mistakes, you would like that, wouldn't you? Everything perfectly streamlined and homogeneous, aligned into the way acceptable to everyone. Including you. Because it is better to be stuck in a rut than to speak up, or break a few hearts, because it will cause you bad karma. Your kids (if you have them) will treat you the same way. No? Your parents will curse you for being a bad egg, no? Your husband/wife will loathe you after a few years because you are not what they had imagined you to be. So let's be what everyone, each and everyone is asking you to be. 

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Because we are everyone, no? So why can't we be what we want to be? At least for ourselves. Why can't we,just for one day, today, do one thing that we really hold dear to our hearts. A small, seemingly inconsequential thing? Like buying flowers for yourself, or watching the sun go down and come up and be grateful that you and your loved ones are hail and hearty. Someday, maybe, you will know, like I know, that someday, hoping wouldn't be so bad, for it will give you an indomitable strength to stand up, without your knees crying in protest. 

"Yeah, yeah, somebody take me back to the days
Before this was a job, before I got paid,
Before it ever mattered what I had in my bank,
Yeah, back when I was tryin' to get a tip at Subway,
And back when I was rappin' for the hell of it,
But nowadays we rappin' to stay relevant.
I'm guessin' that if we can make some wishes outta' airplanes,
Then maybe yo maybe I'll go back to the days,
Before the politics that we call the rap game,
And back when ain't nobody listen to my mix tape,
And back before I tried to cover up my slang,
But this is for the hater, what's up Bobby Ray?
So can I get a wish,
To end the politics,
And get back to the music,
That started this shit?
So here I stand and then again I say,
I'm hopin' we can make some wishes outta' airplanes."