19 Apr 2014

Love beyond love.

You are like a distant dream, yet I try to hold you,
You are magnificent and free, yet I try to bind you.
You are the quiet one, the silent and the shy,
You are the stranger, making me question how and why.

I met you never, never you will know,
You are the innocent, pure and bright as snow.
I am the fire, simmering away like a ghost,
And you are the forest, I wish to burn you slowly.

You are an angel with avenging light,
I am dark and sinister, galloping away at night.
You are like the moon crushed on water,
Unbeknownst suturing away my tears and laughter.

While I wish to end what I felt forever,
You come like a breeze, like a rosy shower.
I dare to tell you the truth, of my love,
But you would deny it like a treasure trove.

Though one day, fate may turn the tide,
I wish you maybe my  bride.
And the things I could not confide,
Would no longer be needed to hide. 


Keirthana said...

This is a post beyond words, nicely built up. Love beyond love- the title just tugs at the reader's heart :)

Very beautiful poem!

Wings of Harmony said...

@Keirthana: Heyy!! Thank you so much! I did this half-heartedly, first time wrote a poem like that. But I am glad you like it! ^_^

Mirage said...

Lovely poem.. the thought, the rhyme! And the heading.. superb! :*

Red Handed said...

I love how towards the end...he hoped that she would be his bride..and more than hope..i think he knew she would be his bride!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

These days it is hard to say that had the line stanza not been there, the poem would have been pretty agnostic to any gender. But given the recent happenings, I'd rather say that the poem is still 'pretty' and pretty gender agnostic :D

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wings of Harmony said...

@Mirage: I am glad you liked it, you know, esp. if you read it with the feeling that you are in love with someone you cannot have. ^_^

@Red Handed: I knoww, man's always hopeful, no ;) :P

@BA: Honestly, it was meant to be agnostic, but towards the end, man's desires were borne and prettiness won over. :D Thanks BA!