21 Mar 2014

Heart's a Mess

Pick apart, 
the pieces of your heart,
And let me peer inside.
Let me in, where only your thoughts have been.
Let me occupy your mind, 
As you do mine.

She was a beautiful woman. I wasn't really looking for a date, yet, something in her pulled me with a force I couldn't resist. I was single currently, having dated and loved only one woman for 6 years and flirted with many others, I wasn't really keen on getting hooked with anyone. After all, contrary to popular belief, I was not always hitting on other people for sexual or the likes of it in any other form. I was 30 and haven't been in love ever since. I longed for a companion, but off late I had become infamous for snubbing women off. Yet, I was here tonight, alone. Would I fall in love again? 

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Well that, only time can tell.

I sip on my whiskey, when she turns around to pick up her bag from the floor and meets my eye. Oh Sweet Mother of Jesus! What extraordinary eyes! I tell you what - never really look deep into a woman's eyes - you will drown, never to come up! Seriously! I know stereotyping really sucks, but this was calling for it. I control my expressions, nod my head acknowledging her and go back to my thoughts. She continues to look at me and blushes. But I pretend as I don't notice. I wasn't giving in so easy.

Your heart's a mess,
You won't admit to it.
It makes no sense, but I am desperate to connect,
And you, you can't live like this.

I finish my drink and call for two glasses of Chรขteau Valrose. Expensive but yeah, I had that kind of money, especially if I needed to put my point across. I ask the bartender to pour one and send it to the woman who was tormenting me, while I sat, swiveling the dark red concoction, waiting. I notice her expressions as the glass reaches her. She raises her eyes again with an accompanied eyebrow lift, puzzled, curious, defensive. It wanted me to walk straight up to and ask her to be mine. But I merely raise my glass and give a toast to her. She nods her head and accepts the glass, giving me a brilliant smile. Her lips were colored red, and when she took first sip of that wine, I felt jealous. I wanted to taste the wine off her. 
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Shit! Control yourself! I pay the bartender and get off the stool. The bartender hands me  a tissue which reads, "Will you ask me to dance, please?" I reach her table, where she sits with her friends who giggle as I approach. I give her a grin and offer my hand for a dance. The bartender gets a cue and plays a beautiful number. I grin at her friends and ask, "May I?", resisting the urge to check her out totally, with her shiny brunette tresses and seductive dewy skin. Her friends nearly whoop and she blushes and takes my hand. Chills run down my spine as I touch her. She appraises me with interest and says, "Okay, one dance."

"One dance it will be." I say and sweep her to the dance floor to the plucking of guitar strings and piano harmonizing with our heartbeats.

                                                              You have lost,
(Too much love),
to fear, doubt and distrust,
(It's not enough)
You just threw away the key,
to your heart.

She looks into my eyes and hesitatingly puts her hand on my shoulder as I pull her not-too-close by her waist. "You" by Ten Sharp resonated in the background as I lead her to take steps with me. (It's all right with me, as long as you are by my side, talk or just say nothing, I don't mind your looks never lie...) Her lips quiver in anticipation and breathlessness as we near the end to our dance. I pirouette her and as she laughs with excitement, I ask her name. My heart warns me not to do so. I cannot afford to get attached with this one. But she lets her arm slide down from my shoulder to my waist, smoldering my skin.

You don't get burned,
('Cause nothing gets through)
It makes it easier,
(Easier on you)
But that much more difficult for me,

To make you see…

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"I am Ann. You are?" She asks, softly.

"Georgia, I am Georgia." I  grin, trying to take away little of her nervousness. She doesn't let me go as I give her a small kiss on her left cheek and lead her, holding her hand, back to the table.

"Wasn't that so cool!!!" Ann's one friend sways with excitement!

"I knowwww! I mean, I have not seen such a beautiful dance between two women!" Another one says.

"Then you have not seen enough." I look at Ann, who is in a trance. 

"Then show me." She gets up and we walk out the bar.

PS: Love stories needn't be molded as they have been always. Love sees nothing but heart, irrespective of who you are, have been, always.
PPS: The verses are from Gotye's "Heart's a Mess"