22 Jan 2014

The Beautiful Ones

She stands there, with a melting candy in her tiny hands,
Staring at them, tearing each other apart, with words,
And it all appears so majestic and so grand,
Killing each other without dying, with words like swords.

She wonders if that's what the lions do on the television, but with their limbs,
What her mother father do, on some dark nights and blinding days,
Screaming and yelling, marking places, her presence becoming dim,
As they forget and deteriorate, that she was, the one like sun rays.

She does get afraid of what will she do,
If like the lions, they hurt each other?
And she tries to butt in, between the two,
Who look at her and wonder...

Together, they pause for a second,
And look at the scared wide eyed child,
who was once theirs but now looked abandoned,
And it was them who had made her wild.

What have we done to you and who are you now?
Do you remember us or we are there no more?
And she stares at them, not understanding what or how,
She wonders and smiles, the play's over and it's time to bow.

She hugs them both and then makes them cry,
for may be it was not too late and for one last time,
she looks at them, making them try,
to start loving again was never considered a crime.

PS: Inspired by "The Beautiful Ones" by Poets of the fall. Do give it a listen, it's truly beautiful.


Mirage said...

I don't have words to describe how much I loved this poem. And this song too.

Soumya said...

Why, this is better than the song :)