5 Jan 2014

Speak No More...

The pain, the hatred, was excruciating. But she could not even whimper. It was burning her insides, with its intensity, with its urgency to be let out, pushing through the socket of her eyes, pushing through her heart. Her mind threatened to burst but she just stood there. Smiling. At her mother. Who had just gotten her a wedding trousseau, without her knowledge. She was barely 19. But she did not speak up. The slap was enough to shut her up. 
Every time she had tried to raise her voice, she was threatened with dire consequences which either involved her or her mother's life. 

"Isn't it wonderful, sweetheart?" Her mother said, sounding like a mother after so many years, but only for the fact that her daughter would finally be gone.

"Yes Mamma. It's your choice after all, has to be wonderful." She smiled, trying to fight back the tears. There was no one she could talk to, no one who would help her, and she didn't dare approach anyone, since that would involve breaking her mother's heart and she could not risk that. She couldn't help if the medicines made her mother asinine, she still loved her, loved the mother who she used to be. 

"Try it out, why don't you? Oh, actually, never mind, the creases will break. I will any way see you on the day of wedding!!" Her mother trilled, excited. She didn't dare ask, who was the man this time, previously when she had asked, her mother has almost injured her and tried to kill herself. She was only safe since mother found out later that the man was married. 

"Would you like to meet the man, Megan?" Her mother asked sweetly.

"No Mamma, it's all right. I respect your decision." She spoke, trying to swallow the tornado of emotions swirling through her. 

"All right then! Help me peel those potatoes, you can study after that!" Her mother called walking away muttering to herself that Megan wouldn't be studying anymore anyway.

She followed her mother listlessly. As she walked by the kitchen, she noticed a man standing at the door. He was chewing something and staring at her. She yelped, which brought her mother out, "WHAT did you DO? Did you trip AGAIN?"

"No Mamma, a man...!" Megan pointed at the door. Her mother's expressions changed from mild surprise to sheer joy!

"Ohhhh! Mr. Samuel!! Oh Megan, you stupid girl, he is your would-be-husband, the Sheriff!!!! What a dumb girl! Please come in...please!!!" Megan's mother hustled and opened the screen door to let the man in. 

"The Sheriff...?" Megan left the sentence incomplete. She knew that Sheriff was not a very nice man. He was now in her living room, being fussed upon by her loony mother and staring at Megan with a leer perpetually fixed. 

"Would you like some tea?" Megan's mother asked and before he could say anything, Megan was sent to the kitchen, much to her own relief. 

Megan stared at herself in the ornamental mirror that hung above her mother's cutlery stand. Her reflection looked back at her, with resolve. Megan had wildest thoughts running in her head. Her dark red hair fell in waves down below her shoulder blade. Her eyes were deepest dark brown. Her brows were arched in rebellion, no wonder her mother thought she always looked like she was questioning her authority. Her lips were pursed in a thin line and her chin jutted out. Suddenly, she had a mean smile playing on her lips. She looked beautiful. She looked indomitable. She took a glass of water and carried it to the hallway, where she could hear words from her mother like "so generous and kind of you" "she needs to be taken care of" "thank you for the money"... Megan squelched all her feelings like a stray weed and moved. 


There was a fire within her which she had suppressed for so long. Not anymore. As she entered the living room, her mother and the Sheriff gave her a look of mild surprise. Her mother regained her composure and said, "What took you so long, you slow cow?!"

"'This." She threw water at Sheriff's face, pulling and throwing her mother on the floor. Her mother let out a cry as Megan took out a dagger and stabbed Samuel through the heart. He couldn't even move. The Pathetic git. A slow rumple of laughter raised from her chest. She turned towards her mother, who was getting up on her feet, her scream stuck in her expressions of horror and disbelief.

She pulled out the dagger from Samuel's chest and held it towards her mother. 

"You....You don't deserve to live... First selling me to all the men you desire and now you get them home... what do you think I am?" She said calmly. 

"Megan.... please..we needed money..." Her mother pleaded.

"Money? YOU needed MORE money!!!! And now you won't need it anymore, Mother!! I will take care of it..." Megan let out a blood curdling scream and gutted the knife in her mother's heart. The surprised expression on her mother's face remained so as Megan slashed the wedding dress, taking the dagger with her and running out of her home into the night.

And no one would stop her anymore...


Paanipuri Lover said...

Whoa! That was something. I loved the story. And the writing was beautiful. Nice work. Really nice. :D

maithili said...

OH MY GOD! I m catching my breath again. This was dark, very dark!

Wings of Harmony said...

@Paaniouri Lover: Long time, no see, love! :D :D Welcome back!! Thank you thank you!! :D

@Maiths: *Hugs* :D I know...it just had to be like that...! Hope you liked it! ^_^

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Did she really have to...gulp...kill them?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wings of Harmony said...

@BA: You can say, insanity runs in the family! ;) :D

vixie said...

boy oh boyyyyyy !!!
wasn't that dark ! brilliant..i am still gaping at the screen !
Bleesed be :* <3 :D

Wings of Harmony said...

@vixie: Hehehhe! I love giving jitters! :-D ;-) Blessed Be! :-*