3 Jan 2014

Adios Two 'O' One Three - My Worthy Nemesis


2013 was an year with immense downs and lows with little glimmering hopes like fireflies in the night sky. I feel, the impact of 2013, whether good or bad, still lingers. In fact, every year that passes by, leaves its imprints somewhere deep down in our hearts. Whether we learned something or not, that is totally debatable, but yes, another new year has come by and definitely brings an array of new hopes and new things to happen. 

I had thought 2012 was bad for me, given my mother's health and issues at University, which was nothing in comparison to 2013. It started with a lot of promise of good and wonderful, but I was blinded by over optimism and hopes and dreams which had sprouted wings. And then I was rudely thrown on the floor, to be jolted out of the rosy dreams I had been watching and to witness the stark naked reality that had been glaring in my face for a really long time. 

I had traded my soul for momentary happiness, but I am glad I found my way back home. But events of grave nature were a highlight of 2013 and some of them have taken so much from me, that I am still battered, recovering very slowly. The scars are deep and I don't know if or when I will heal. The nightmares continue interrupting my sleep and so do my fears, but I am, with the help of few amazing people, inching slowly on a road to progress. 

I have made no plans this year. I will take things as they come. Sounds like a plan, no? :)

There has to be more writing and more grounding and I see MSM somewhere, trying to peep out too. So you may get more to read about the mystical happenings soon! :) 

Dearest, 2014 - Just let me gather as much strength and patience to walk with you till the end. Happy New Year to everyone! :)


PeeV ee said...

Let 2013 go, I'm sure all the trials made you a better person, more resilient. 2014 is going to awwesomesauce for you, Laddu <3 God bless :*

Wings of Harmony said...

@PeeVee: :') I have to. I am trying to be less affected and I hope, eventually, it will all become a blur. And THANK YOU!! For the lovely "AWESOMESAUCE" Comment! I loved that Word! :-*

maithili said...

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and walk on..
The memories will linger but as you make new ones, they will fade away.
The lows will start to rise and you shall be high again, drunk in happiness and basking in love :)
Make it the best year 2014 can be :)

Roshan Radhakrishnan said...

Have some seen horrible years in my life... years of pure agony which literally shook my faith in God and humanity and destroyed who I was and wanted to be.
Ironically, your post in 'medium' itself is the answer... only time heals us.. as new memories form, the painful ones get pushed to the back.And one fine day, you won't remember the pain which haunted you so badly anymore.
I wish you a great 2014.. where you heal your wounds and come back stronger and filled with new dreams.

Wings of Harmony said...

@Maithili Sis: Yes, you are absolutely right sis...just that all of it had gotten so messy and icky, that the sadness of all...scares me.... Thank you for such a wonderful New Year wish! Same to you! :-* Love you!!

@Doc: Coming from you, I know how much true it is...and how much you must have been through... and yes, that post was a realization that I will be all right in time, that I will be able to move on... :) Happy 2014 to you Doc. May this year be filled with infinite love and happiness for you! :D

Confused Soul said...

I kept looking for you everywhere MSM... I MISSED YOU SO BAD! :(

Finally found you.. happy New Year :)

Wings of Harmony said...

Confused Soul: AWWWWWIEEE *SUPER BIG HUG* Happy New Year, sweetie!!! :-*

Red Handed said...

How the hell am I not following ur blog :O
I was always following ur blog :0
What happened?
And hey I am sure that 2014 would be kick ass!
Forget the past!

Wings of Harmony said...

@RED: Reeeeeeeeeeed!!!! Ho sakta hai, mere URL change karne pe problem hua ho?? But I am so glad I have you back on my Blog!!! :D :-* I hope so tooo..... thank you and same to you my love!! :D