11 Dec 2013

Silent Snowflakes

I let it go (and now I know),

A brand new life (is down this road),

And when it's right (you always know).

So this time (I won't let go),

There's only one thing left here to say,

Love's never too late...

LET ME GO By Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

It was drizzling when she decided she couldn't remain indoors. She had to get to the bookstore and see the book. But it was book launch today and bookstore would be crowded, she thought, cowering. So what? Her mind defended. Yeah, so what? I want to read the book,see it for myself and so I shall! She gets up from her couch, resolute, dresses up and grabs an umbrella, walking quickly towards the auto stand. 

She fetches an auto quickly, directing it to go to Forum Mall, her heart thumping wildly against her ribs... She should totally ditch it! What would people say? She doesn't even look like someone who would love books, let alone read them. The book launch would start in another 4 hours, it was 1 PM, too early for anyone to be there really. Stop thinking so much!

Lost in her own whirlpool of thoughts, she gets down the auto, opens her purple umbrella and walks towards the entrance of the mall. No one's outside - in the assembly area, obviously, since it has now started to rain like a faucet has been open - she looked at the cloudy sky grumpily. Stupid Weather. She enters the mall, through the security check, upstairs towards the Kalmane coffee shop upstairs on the second floor - it gave a little more privacy than her another favorite coffee joint CCD downstairs. OH! She had to be in the bookstore! But oh, she was so nervous - what if she has to talk to someone - what if someone she knows bumps into her?

She decides to grab a cup of coffee first, it would warm her cold fingers and give her some courage. Overreaction. He brain comments sarcastically. She orders for a Cinnamon Mocha and sits on the small cushion-y seat. Her phone beeps - Launch in 3 hours 35 minutes!! Can't wait to see you there!! xoxo! -  She suddenly wants to be home - with her family and not in this strange city with which she has fallen in love, which returns love doubly. She gets her coffee and the first sip makes her realize why she loves this place so much! She smiles at the tender and walks out, carrying the hot Styrofoam cup in both her hands, her umbrella neatly folded and hidden in the corners of her handbag. 

Now she can peacefully go into the bookstore - "Don't MISS the launch of the AMAZING NEW SERIES by Drishti Thakur! "The Silent Snowflakes" book launch in India, today  - Here at 5!! Be here!!" She looks at the huge banner at the entrance of the bookstore and walks in. A small shiver passes through her as she looks at the display of books - Her Books - all over the place. She could feel her insides melt. It was a feeling she couldn't explain - they were her books - the ones she had just written - and there she was - Drishti Thakur - looking at her work - in full glory!

She walked down the entrance unnoticed by anyone - it was afternoon and raining - but she sat next to the section which displayed her books and started grinning and crying at the same time. The words she had written were from her life, yet formed a tale untold. She had written in the dedications

For those who can't speak, 
Yet feel. Like me.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So, she was reluctant in going to the inaugural ceremony of her own books that Drishti Thakur was endorsing?
I think I missed the point, but, yes, not many of us write pure fiction in our first works. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mirage said...

A brilliant story-teller, you are.

Soumya said...

I love the way you narrate. I can't do that :)

Wings of Harmony said...

@BA: Hahah, I think I got too overwhelmed with Drishti's emotions to see where the story was going! I hope it wasn't that icky!! Thank you for being supportive!

@Mirage: Haha, you are too kind love! :-*

@Soumya: You are a brilliant narrator - the kinds who make people want to read you like a marathon *wink wink* I did!! :D Thanks Lovely Leo!! <3

Red Handed said...

You have some talent milady. You keep your words simple yet narrate them powerfully!