28 Dec 2013

I Am Infinite...

Imagine a place where you are in complete darkness. Imagine no sound, except your breathing. Imagine no sense of touch except the warm liquid, the temperature of which matches your body temperature, that makes you float. Imagine no sight, which will make you doubt your real sense of vision. What would you be, in complete nothingness? Would you still be or would you just fade away?

I can feel my heart pumping madly against my chest. I can feel panicked pumping in my ears and a mad urge to scream. I cannot see, I cannot hear, except my hitched breathing and involuntary sounds which my throat is making as a last reminder of my being. I try to move my fingers - of hands and feet, yes, they are still there - where am I? What am I doing? Oh my god! Is this how death feels? Let go! You are in a floating chamber. You wanted to be in one! Yes, I recall now, I am inside a tank - there must be some light somewhere. Should I close my eyes? Will it make any difference? Hello? 

All I hear is my own voice

Calm down. You are safe. From everyone. See? You can breathe! You are not choking! Close your eyes and imagine wonderful things. There's no one to stop you. Yes. I am floating. I see my parents - I wonder what they must be doing right now. Hmm, there's that theater with wonderful sound system. I must go there sometime. Why am I thinking? Thinking - we waste so much time on frivolous matters. People are everywhere. Running around - running, chasing. Why? What happens in the end? I see stars, purple, blue and white! I can hear a buzz in my ears. I am alive? Why am I talking? I... do I need  to....?


Grace? It's time to leave the tank. You have been there for 20 minutes now... you are in your body. You can hear me. I am Dr. David. You know me. Open your eyes.

Open your eyes.

Music. Like heaven. Wonderful music! Clouds!

I am. What am I? Grace. That's me? That's me!

 Bright light. What is it! The light is too much to bear. Water! 

I feel a tingle all over me. I feel the tiny hair on my body raise. I can feel the water. 


I open my eyes and find myself back in the chamber. The diffused blue lights are on. My mind is blissfully empty. I hold the bars on the side of the tank and get up. I look at the unfamiliar face smiling at me. With a jolt I realize that's Dr. David! I smile back tentatively.

"Well? How was it?" He asks me, grinning.

"Amazing!" is the only word that comes out of my mouth, as I start grinning.



Soumya said...

The images alone are enough to mesmerize.

Beauty this post was. Now I'm grinning :D

Wings of Harmony said...

@Soumya: :D :D :D I want to be in one of those! :D Thank youuuuu Ms. Writer!

Mirage said...

Is this about that tank with saline solution which numbs all our senses except the brain? I read about it a few days back.

You wrote it brilliantly, though I can't imagine myself to be in one of these tanks. I find it scary. Gosh!

Wings of Harmony said...

@Mirage: Yep yep! I know it could be most certainly very scary, because of the enclosed space -_- But I have been wondering so badly, how it must feel! :D

Thank you Dost!!