16 Nov 2013

Flights of Fantasy

Winds and waves weave in weave out, 
I stand on the shore, grains of sands entice me like doubt.
Heart heals and haunts the memories, 
As I stand on the shore, waiting for tides to drown my worries. 
As the night falls and lights up the turbulent sheet of blue,
Angels weep and reach down to color my hue.

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But do I breathe again to live?
To live the lies and to never believe,
Of the world that is self-absorbed,
In its own miseries, choked and clogged.
I open my eyes and look up into the night,
Where my fantasies and realities take a flight.

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Touched by them, I do not remain mere human,
I become more like the sea, like skies, like earth, a musical sermon,
I was an ocean of tumultuous tides,
The earth with molten slides,
A hopeless breeze with no direction,
A daunted spirit with no name no creation.

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I find myself in the waves, that weave in weave out,
And no more do grains of sand, entice me like doubt.
Heart heals and memories fade away too,
In the shore I lay, wrapped in warmed tides of water new.
As the night fades and ignites the sheet of blue,
Angels smile and reach down to color my hue.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The sea stays thirsty, like before. It can only feel good at your revelations :)

Wonderful rhyming Pradeeta!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Soumya said...

And I'm so happy for you :)

Wings of Harmony said...

@BA: It surely craves for more, the more I give, but yes, it can only feel happy that I know what it wants. Thank you for the lovely comment. :D

@Soumya: :D :D Thank you!

maithili said...

Beautiful sis and I simply love the new blog look :)

Meety said...

Beautiful.. beautiful ... beautiful...