9 Jun 2013

You don't need Wings to Fly.

Hi everybody!

MSM needed a makeover and now here we are, with a less darker and more hopeful Blog that resonates with what I feel at this point of time. Last few months were like a massive roller coaster ride and I have never particularly enjoyed them. This time I was propelled forward too fast and too far, well, I didn't even get a chance to throw up. :-P

Why Wings of Harmony?

I was reading a story about a girl, who comes back from dead but with powers of wings - like Wings of Redemption (which would redeem any person whom they embrace), Wings of Purity (which would purify any person who is affected by darkened thoughts) etc. It may seem naive and fantastical to be inspired from a fictional story. Some would say I am escapist, others would scoff at the teenage idea. But what defines a story? They all have a little portion of real life ingrained in them, don't they?

After reading the aforesaid story, I suddenly thought, all we need is to harmonize with situations and circumstances around us. I have fallen down real hard, but I know, no one controls my actions other than I. I know the scars will remain, I know the pain will take time to subside - but I know, with time, I will heal. 

W.O.H. is all about little stories of hope, our journey in life and yes, no regrets. None at all. I hope you will embrace this as you embraced MSM. 


maithili said...

Welcome back msm .. So happy to see you so hopeful and at peace.. I m looking forward to read more from you :) :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Of course! =)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wings of Harmony said...

@Maithili: It is always encouraging to find support, especially from you Sis. :) Thank you for being there.

@BA: :) It takes time to realize few things, but well, it's worth it. Thank you :)

meoww said...

its lovely mishti :) loved the background. And I am so happy to see you up and running here :*
time for yours truly to do something similar :P
looking forward to read you more regularly now..
Blessed Be
Cheers !

Mirage said...


So happy to see you back. I missed my favorite bloggers!

P.S: Accidentally deleted your comment on my blog. *feels stupid*

Soumya said...

The blog looks so wonderful and harmonious now :)

Welcome back! May God bless you with all the peace in the world.

Lots of love.

Aditi Ray said...

wuhuuuu!!! such a cozy and harmonious feeling ur new blog resonates! :D
moi loving it completely! <3
muuuaww muuawww! :* :D

Wings of Harmony said...

@meoww: Hahaha, thank you! :) I am looking forward to read from YOU!!! Come back soon! Love you and Blessed be!

@Mirage: Tumhe pata hai tum kitni pyaari ho? I will write that comment for you 'thousand times over':-D

@Soumya: Welcome here lovely lady! I have been reading and loving your awesome stories!!! :-D And thank you!! :-)

@Rayyyyyyy: I love youuuuuuu Ray!!! Thank you thank you. Ab tum aao aur likho! :-D :-*