14 Jun 2013

Pumped Up Kicks

The Hand of Fate throws card of Ace,
Duck that move, that punch in your face,

Play your hand, don't move a poker,
Oh, never mind the jibes, he's just the Joker. 

It's your turn now, roll the dice, 
Whatever they do, there is a price.

Losing you may fear, but win you may,
Let me show you the tricks, bare their cards lay.

You're the Queen of Hearts, sharper than the undead,
And I am the Hand of Fate, together we will run them on blade.

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Inspired from the song Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People. Here's the lyric video.

Thanks to Blogging (However bad at that I might be), I have had a chance to come across people who are real writers (unlike yours' truly wannabe one ;)). I had such an interaction with one wonderful author of the book called If you love someone - Mr. Harimohan Paruvu. He has also written a non-fiction work called "The Men Within" I read IYLS and instantly felt an urge to appreciate what he had written. With every page, I was moved. The book revolves around the life of Meghna and Aditya. It's not your average run of the mill love story. It's more than that. It's real and it represents a very fragile journey of two individuals - from being young to middle aged. The whole reading experience was very good. And therefore I had to tell him, that this was one of the very few Indian Romantic/Contemporary Fiction Novel, that I really liked. Here's the link to his blog: http://harimohanparuvu.blogspot.in/

So I emailed him saying that though I wasn't fan of a romantic fiction genre, his book was absolutely clear and crisp in it's approach. The pleasant thing was that he responded pronto with such honest acceptance that I was glad of emailing him. *I had actually thought I would get an auto generated email.* Then I reviewed the book here which he read and put it up on his Blog here. I told him I had borrowed the book and since it's not available in the market, would it be possible for him to send me a copy.

He got me in touch with his publisher, but I forgot to respond. (Yes, I am an idiot). Mr. Paruvu got back in touch again, checking whether I had received my copy, when I said no, he took my address and I got a personalized autographed book!!! Imagine! It was the brightest moment in the past few cloudy days I had.

Since I have already thanked him, I would like to thank few of you, who know what I have been through, though it might be of seemingly no consequence, the definitions of certain things in my life have changed. Thank You Meoww for always being there. Stuti, Nandini, you both are my stars - I cannot imagine myself surviving through a shitty situation without your words. You three have no idea how valuable you are. I love you. And those, you know who you are, who have been talking to me recently, on FB, THANK YOU. Your wisdom shows me light in the way I feel glad and like a learner. 

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Karishma said...

Oh this post really makes me want to read this book. But as you said the book is not available in the market, I'll wonder if I'll be able to get it from someone.