10 Apr 2013

I will follow you into the dark.

So, this is the fifth attempt to start off on a sensible note. How have you been doing people?

I have been busy being a teacher and studying, with my brain filled with trillions of words and enactments and competition anxiety (ala CLAT 2013). But besides that, the one thing that is turning my insides into ice is the impending wedding of my love, my better half (Corny? Get over it) Meoww. That's a good thing.  The bad thing is that I wouldn't be attending it, such extenuating are the circumstances.

Lights will guide you home. And ignite your bones. And I will try and fix you.
I have never before done a post appreciating someone so dear to me. And this feels surreal, all memories playing like a biopic in my head, the first time I spoke to this utterly adorable, fuzzy wuzzy, little kid (okay, not kid - you are getting married! You. Are. Getting. Married). It's a different matter that she had read an emotional post of mine and vehemently felt for, what I had written. I also remember, how we started chatting - with half our conversations filled with "Me too! Me too!! Oh yeah, me too!!!". It was unbelievable - the connection that we felt for each other - total strangers - trust, reliance, hope and just a little foolhardiness. But eventually, we sat there, listening to each others happiest, darkest, funniest moments, like they were our very own. We changed, matured and walked together - moments of utter despair were easy to sail through with Meoww there. Her uncanny ability to read my mind - and to say that we haven't even met - is magical for me.

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She has been through a roller coaster and I know, how she smiles and laughs, with the world, being oblivious to what is in her heart. And there were moments in my life, when I have not been able to hold on to a thing, but her. To say that she has been my strength in so many ways, would be an understatement. I know she feels the same for me.

Meoww, this is for you to know, that even though I absolutely suck at saying things like "I love you" or "I would walk the wire for you" - I want you to know, without sounding sappy, that you make me happy and are truly a sunshine, which I would be a fool to miss.  If Meoww is the Sunshine, I am her shadow and the ways in which we balance each other out, yet feel like we are almost the same - I would not be able to give up on that. Hell, romantic emotional saga - I will stop here!

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You guys must know that Meoww has a lovely voice and when she sings - its like honey in your ears - so any of you, who are going to attend her wedding - make her sing! Everyone knows she's a danseuse, but a singer too!! That's the part you would wanna know when you meet her. Meoww, you are a wonderful person and don't let anyone tell you anything otherwise. If they do undermine you, they are losing out on a gem of a person, and they would come back to you someday! Mark my words! :) :) :) Plus, do not change, no matter who says what. I will always be here - whenever you feel like you want an escape, a friend, a confidante or a journal, if you please ;) :D :D Soooooooooooo, go get married and send me all the videos and pictures and all the details!! I will see you in our land soon!! 

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meoww said...

oh my goddess...!i am speechless mishti. this is the most touching post anyone has ever written for me.
you mean so much to me...its scary.
i am not going to go anywhere honey.i will be right there in your heart, snug and cosy and happy.
i love you.
always have.
always will.
it's so hard to believe you wont be there to watch me get hitched :(
waiting with super eagerness to see you in my home , our land.
blessed be darling..