21 Jan 2013

It Takes Two To Waltz too!

Morning Fellas! *You are sticking around? I <3 You*

Before I start of with anything, I would really really really like to congratulate VINATI from Mirage to become a widely acclaimed and published poetess. I am immensely proud of you dost! *Thumbs Up*

Do not miss this opportunity to congratulate her - she is our budding starlet!

WAY TO GO LOVE! Woooohooooo!!!!

Now, back to me. I finished two years of writing here and I didn't even notice, when 5th January came and went by. I saw Ray's and Vinati's messages on the social networking site and realized, Oh Crap! Why am I not excited? Why am I not writing anymore? Why the hell I am cribbing? *Grins*

So, well, happy birthday to the Mystical Skeptical Me. I started off as a mystery blogger, but once you start penning (typing) down your thoughts, there's a connection you forge with words over time, which is so potent, so virile - you cannot just stay without it. You start to explore your boundaries, your inhibitions, your fears, your love - like a frenzy that cannot be satiated. And soon you realize, you are accustomed to it as the excitement goes to sleep, dormant in your heart and your mind. It takes immense will to light up the fire again. It does take a determination that makes a relation stand. And when the fire lights up again, its glow and warmth breathes life into you. I am feeling it as I am typing this and I cannot stop smiling. My father is wondering what is up with me, that I am grinning! ;)

While I did take writing for granted, I have been acquiring a set of skills that I never thought I could. It is a responsibility that I could have never shouldered but now I am. I do not think of the future, though yes, I do get intimidated by the unexpected. But it's human, isn't it? We'll take things as they come!

I would write more now. But I shall take your leave for now! As I always said! Till the next time fellas,  new year is here, new lessons are learnt, new life waits ahead! BLESSED BE!!