29 Sep 2012


Boredom hits hard. doesn't it? 

New look again, you ask? Yes. Minimalism is something that has suddenly become very appealing and bold colors attract me like a diabetic to sugar. Here you have, a confluence of blue and rose,known to have a soothing effect. Wanderlust (not the movie) is the new kind of lust that I've discovered and there are so many unexplored avenues, that coming back takes time. Alleys that have no names and faces that I don't remember call me to them. I have assumed a role of someone, who just exists, in a bubble. Glad that bubbles are colorful, even if they burst. One can be hopeful, right?

The World makes itself right when you just tilt your head.
Have you ever thought how dreams would feel like, if they suddenly become real? Good dreams I would say. Nightmares are a reality anyway, so their manifestation would certainly knock the breath out of some of us.
Embracing yourself after a long time will warm you up.

I have suddenly found myself in a place, which never existed for me, though I wished when younger, that it did. And it feels darn good to be here. Something which may give no monetary return at all, but the peace and satisfaction I lacked, have started to trickle down like drops of dew in my heart. One thing new which I've noticed is, how we inadvertently allow people to control us. Suggestions, from people you know and from those whom you will never see the next day, arrive like morning newspapers. Headlines will glare at you and you cannot simply not see them. I wish dogs could pick up people too and never bring them back.


Morbid much?

I am happy I learnt. Ostentatious, you may muse at my new way of rambling, but let go. It's easier that way.  Someday, words will mark the dawn of your legacy, till then, save them only for the moments and eyes, which do not kill but push you to stand up.

Don't believe in what I say, but believe in yourself.

As I always say - Blessed Be!

Carpe' Diem fellas!


Vinay Prajapati said...

very very nice :)

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Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Thank you!

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

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Sayantini Bhattacharya

phatichar said...

So true..loved this post. :)

Red Handed said...

Lovely renovation!! Fresh bloggy I must say :)
btw true about people and their unending suggestions. Loved the post. if only dogs actually picked up people.