18 Aug 2012

Time for "One Such Story"

Blessed be everybody!

My first step into blogging world was rather boring. Honestly, when I read some of my initial posts, I wonder why I used to sound like an Audio Cassette. There was a lot of doubt in my head as to who on this earth would read something that I write? But there were these few people, who changed the meaning of writing for me - you know how a first comment, positive comment feels like, don't you? That is how I found so many wonderful people online and she is one of the most inspiring story tellers I look forward to read every single time. :) :)
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I remember very few firsts and one of the loveliest and warmest memory I have of is that her, Maithili's who creates worlds and lives like magic at One Such Story. The Tagline to her blog says - We all are stories in the end...  I love her and the place! You must all know her, for she is a wonderful story teller - and she was the one to introduce me to A Lot of Pages, where my love for the written word grew leaps and bounds.

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She admins and owns the Darlings of Venus, where women from the entire blog world prove, that's it's not true that we only bitch slap or cat fight with one another. Do visit this place for a wonderful and myriad emotions of every day! She is beyond her age and truly makes me feel that age is just a number :) We have shared laughters, tears, gossips and I would always rely on her suggestion when it comes to a clear understanding of any given situation. Presenting to you, another friendly contribution from my very own, Soul Sister - Maithili.


A long time after MSM announced that I would be writing for her, I finally found time to make good of that promise. Sorry MSM for keeping you waiting although the perfect plot for your blog had been conceived long back. I do hope this story turns out good for all the anticipation that went into it. Thank you so much MSM for being so patient and not coercing me to hurry up and ofcourse for deeming me worthy of writing on your blog :) Blessed I'm! 

Wooden Dreams On Fire

She sat on the wooden chair with a cup of hot coffee. She wondered if there was any point in telling Vivan about last night. He would brush it aside and attribute it to her guilt. Guilt of leaving behind her home and eloping with Vivan. She always had strong instincts, something she inherited from her mother. How she wished she could talk to her mother. Her ma would definitely have believed her. There was something wrong with the house..                     

Natasha felt the cold wind on her neck and suddenly jolted from her thoughts. She had a feeling that someone was standing right behind her. It was confirmed when she felt a pair of arms hug her from behind. 

"Sweetie, what are you doing up so early?" Vivan asked as he kissed her earlobe. 
"Couldn't wait for the day to break.." she said as she freed herself and faced him.
"Natasha I have to go to Dehradun today" he said holding her.
"No way Vivan, I can't stay here all alone!" she almost screamed at him.
"Natasha please understand. I have just joined work. I cannot say no to assignments. We are lucky I even found work here!"
"Vivan, then take me along. I'm scared to be on my own here." she tried to cajole him.
 "I will call Uttara and ask her to stay here with you. As it is Jiju is out on the cantonment. She will be happy to come over.
Even though this arrangement had pacified her for the time being, she was anxious about the night. Wasn't it Amavasya? She tried to chuck the thought. She was over-reacting maybe.

Uttara was her friend and Vivan's cousin sister. Her husband Deepak was deployed with the cantonment in Mussoorie. Uttara and Natasha hadn't been great friends at college but the wholehearted support that Uttara had lent  them when Vivan and Natasha landed at their house after marriage, had brought them very close. This house was only a few yards away from Uttara's house and when the house was offered at a very cheap price, Vivan had not wasted a minute to buy it on rent. Natasha now wondered why the house was never taken given the scenic location it offered. One could hear  the waterfalls from here and the woods were close by.

As Vivan had expected, Uttara was more than happy to stay with Natasha. They had a good time together and Natasha was beginning to think that she was afterall only imagining things until she went to sleep. She and Uttara decided to sleep in the same room near the fire place. 

She dreamt of home. Of Ma and baba, of the day when she fell from her bicycle, of her favorite flowers in the balcony, of her first kiss.... little flashes of the past.. and then she saw.. She saw a young girl in a red saree and a man in white kurta pajama, they were walking around the fire in the forest. In another moment she felt as if she was the girl walking hand in hand with the man, in the next she saw as an onlooker and then she suddenly saw fire, fire engulfing everything. She opened her eyes but the images stayed. She closed her eyes, well aware that there was someone else in the room other than Uttara. She was afraid of who she might see if she opened her eyes. She just lay that way, petrified to even move and terrified to sleep..

She let out a sigh of relief when Uttara woke up in the morning. Natasha rushed to the washroom. Last nights events had been mind wrecking for her and it was apparent to Uttara that something was terribly wrong with Natasha. When Natasha returned, Uttara was waiting with a cup of strong coffee for her. 

"Natasha, are you pregnant?" The question took her by surprise.
"No Uttara, why did you think so?"
 "Well you look pale and you suddenly are more sensitive to smell. You even have a lot of mood swings." 

The thought had never crossed Natasha's mind. Vivan and Natasha had been married for 3 months. The first 2 months she sometimes felt scared that someone is around, but the past month had been torturous. She experienced dreams which weren't related to her. Vivan and she had had a court marriage, not like what she saw in dreams. She denied getting physical with Vivan for for 15 days as she had increasingly felt someone was watching them. But what if she conceived before that? 

Natasha found herself giddy with the possibilities striking her. 
She relented to go with Uttara to the doctor and her doubts were confirmed. She was a month into her pregnancy...

When Vivan returned in the evening, Natasha stood at the door with a smile on her face. Vivan hadn't seen Natasha so happy since the day they had moved in here. She hugged him tightly and he was pleasantly surprised by her physical show of affection.
"Baby, I m pregnant." She gently whispered in his ears
They were too happy that day. Natasha was delighted to see the glow on her husband's face. Touchwood

That night she lay entwined in his arms, spent and happy.. The next morning she woke up with a smile. She had no nightmares last night! She was going to do all it took to make Vivan happy. She thought of preparing his favorite food today.. 
She stepped into the hall to make her way into the kitchen.. She shrieked at what she saw in the hall..


Their framed photographs were lying shattered on the floor. The petals of the flowers in their yard were strewn on the photographs..  

Someone wasn't happy in the house and had made it a point to convey that... (To be continued)


Ohhh, she left me wanting more and I am sure you'd be unable to wait for the next part!! :D :D I wish to write horror some day too! :D Do look out for the continuing part here!!!

Till the next time! Love and live, like today is your last day!!


Confused Soul said...

OMG OMG that was amazing.. there IS something in the house :D .. or maybe not :P ..

I'm a sucker for horror oand oh my this was amazing.. Maithili, darling can't wait for the next bit.. This IS AMAZING! :D

Red Handed said...

I am alone at my place..I feel like the portraits of unknown people that my father likes to collect are talking to me and gonna fall down!!

phatichar said...

Eerily wonderful. Please to be posting the next one. :)

I second MSM - Maithili's stories do have that thing about them.

meoww said...

mishtiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!! holy heavens!!!!
this is like ..ohhhh myyyyy gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwdd..!!
MAITHZ~~ you are astounding as a story teller..i was biting my nails..and then i reached the last part..and i was like..oh damnnnnnn...
and now m waiting for the next part..write soooooner..

PS-mishti...yes i know you want to kill me...i will write soon okay..
*kitty beeeeeg eyes*
blessed be my lil witch..i.love.you


Mirage said...

I should probably listen to some light music now.

You are an impressive writer, Maithili. *pat on your back*
Post the next part soon. :-)

maithili said...

I m just thrilled with the response :) The next part is resting smugly in MSM's inbox :D

maithili said...

MY Dear Red, you cannot fathom what pleasure I m getting while reading this :P :P HEHE may the spirit protect you :O :O

maithili said...

The post shall be there quicker than any of my posts :) This is a bigggg compliment from the owner of the blog which inspired me to take up eery stuff :D :D

maithili said...

Thank you soo much meowww.. Next part is written and waiting to be reviewed :D Now you can hold Mishti responsible if you die of suspense :D

maithili said...

Thank you so much.. Means a lot to you :D

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ooooooooooh tht ws amazin..................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! w8in fo the next one..!