9 Aug 2012


In the wildest place of all,
In the darkest moments that make you fall,
Let the twinkle of your eye,
Show you the way and take you high.

There are moments in your life, when you need to take a decision. No matter what the consequences are - you have to take that one step, for yourself. Yes, you can say it is selfish to think about what you want over the needs of the people who ensured your existence, sustenance and maintenance. But I say, sometimes, you need to think for yourself. What you desire. What you need. What will take you closer to the dream you want to bring to life.
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Before I came to Bangalore, life used to be very different. Overprotected, Easy, Comfortable and not Challenging at all. The biggest hurdle used to be the times when I had to face the people who controlled me, in school. And I used to think that was bad. People making fun of you - it is not easy to go on always with that sh*t around. Especially for someone like me, who was timid and fraidy cat, even at home. But we all learn. We are humans and we learn to pick ourselves from the dumps. You cannot mope forever that life has been so unfair to you, because you are being unfair to yourself, by not doing anything for yourself.  I can say this because I have been in such a place. Sometimes, I still find myself back down there - hapless, hopeless and helpless. But, somewhere I know, that this is no end. That I have had my own share of achievements, which the world might not care about, but I do. Imagine the first time, you successfully operated your phone, music gadget or even sent an email? Sounds silly now, doesn't it? Now that you are an expert. But at that moment, wasn't the feeling, thrilling?

You watch them take a bow,
People applauding in million rows,
And you dream a dream to show,
Someday, that is where you will go.

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Sometimes, you need to fall down to learn. I see kids, youngsters and even the ones who'd have to begin graduation, not being allowed to venture out of their houses, because their parents (And because they are parents) carry the burden of a million What if's? I've had a friend, who was mostly a loner and had an over protective, super strict father, who wouldn't let her make friends, lest they spoil her. Soon she began to cling to any source of tiny happiness she got. I was one of them. Her friend. But she was scared. So, her fears strained our relations. I was young and so was she. I remember talking to her after these years - she was doing well in life and she had fallen in love - for once she decided what she wanted and not what her father. And I am not saying, we should not listen to our parents - but she is happy now, chose the best from the rest. 

If you are not allowed to venture out, if you are shooed down, before you take a risk, if you are stopped at every step, so that you cannot make a mistake - believe me, it is time to stand up! For yourself, for your sake. I know, it would hurt the ones who love you - but someone told me once - In the rut of our life, we all forget we have a child within us. We shoo it down, we scold it, we ask it to behave perfectly when we know, nothing is perfect, unless flawed. We need to learn to make mistakes, to not beat ourselves up, no matter what people say. Cause they have chosen to wear such tinted glasses - you don't have to see the world through their eyes. I think I made a million mistakes while I was out there on my own - with people who would make you feel like a pest at the drop of the hat, who would laugh and mock you cause you don't act/think/behave like them. But it doesn't mean I didn't have people who loved me - I found them - midst the turbulence - there was a place, which was for me.

And the time is now and here,
You stand up and fate you steer.
Eyes watch you, and wait for blow,
But this is not your final show.
Fear not of the storm you see,
There is a place within, for you and me.

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I know this post doesn't make sense at all - but I just wanted to put a point across - that to find that place, which makes you what you are - you have to leave behind some people and things - which you may hold the closest to your heart. And when you look back at the decision you made, you would know how much you've grown. Let the child within you embrace the world with arms open wide.

Till the next time people - Leave out all the rest! Blessed be Everyone! 


Swarnali said...

This post does make a lot of sense to me. You do have to fall at your lowest to bounce back to your highest. To not make mistakes is the biggest mistake one can do. *hugs* Take care.

Soumya said...

Just live that's it. Jo hoga dekha jayega aur woh nikal bhi jayega.

Take care <3

meoww said...

and now..all you need to do mishti..
is just follow what you have written..
sounded crude na..but thats what a soulmate is there for..:)
i love you...always have..always will..!!
blessed me my angel..
i know you will rise...and shine like no other..


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Swarnali: *Hugs* Take Care!

@Soumya: Yes. True that! :D You too Girl! <3

@Meoww: Yes, all in due time honey. I'll be gone before anyone can guess. *Hugs tightly* You've been there with me in my lowest times - I'll make you proud! :) :D Blessed Be!!

Keirthana said...

//I know this post doesn't make sense at all - but I just wanted to put a point across //

What are you talking about darling? it makes sooooooo much sense!! Each line of this post is an awesome eye-opener. I am taking a screenshot of this post and making this my wallpaper. As always, your words are worth millions of therapy sessions to me. Thanks for being so awesome and thanks for writing


Rahul said...

Best of luck.:-)

phatichar said...

Take care.. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Keirthana: *Hugs* You are so good to me! :) :) Blessed Be!

@Rahul: Thank you! :)

@phatichar: :) :) I will.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Well, actually this post makes a lot of sense, and in a much positive way. It is said that only the strongest survive, but by strongest, I think they meant the ones who can adapt, in the face of failure.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Confused Soul said...

What makes you think that this post made no sense?
Trust me, every once in a while, all of us need some kind of wake-up call. And this somehow stirred that feeling in me.

You've put your point across in a lovely manner and I'm much touched. Sometimes you need to see the light at the end of the tunnel and find solace in it. Beautiful :)