15 Aug 2012

Freedom From Fear

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed in this post are clearly mine and are not directed towards any class/community or group, whatsoever. Happy Independence Day!

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high…….Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action, into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.” Rabindranath Tagore.

Every year, we Indians “celebrate” 15th August religiously and then forget about it. Oh, like the men with black robes and hammer in the rule, we love to talk, frown at the imbecility of our people and cluck our tongues at the lack of knowledge of our people. We are the educated lot. We don’t participate in the andolans because it is bullcrap. We know what our rights are. We know how all of this will end. So why bother? Why even vote? Things are not going to change anyway. My great grandfather was a freedom fighter, though I was quite young when he passed away, I remember how Independence Day was not the only day we spoke about our country. There was a flood of emotions in his voice, every time he reminisced about the days of struggle. People lived it, the feeling of freedom. But today, we just celebrate the fact that we are alive. Who knows, when at the next turn someone would jump on you/shoot you/rape you/blast you for speaking what you feel.

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We are a scared bunch of people. Look at the things that have happened – Guwahati case – we are scared of admitting our own perversion and therefore, we blame the girl who was dressed inappropriately. Forgive me if I am wrong, but the way our ancestors used to dress, rape/molestation rates should have been rocket high, but unfortunately, the situation presently, when we rant about gender equality, is abysmal. BMW case has been going on since 1999, and now Mr. Nanda has been granted relief by the Supreme Court – by making him do community service for two years. His punishment was that of 5 years – to be noted, of which he served two.
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We are scared of the fact that the masses are becoming conscious of their rights and therefore, we have Babas and Annas doing Andolans for us so that we get a stage to voice our needs. Has that made any difference? The so called Baba has openly formed allegiance with a political party – because it is indeed obvious that there would not be any spine in the motion, if there are no funds or political power. Anna’s Andolan has seen lack of people and well, now we also see, they have made an entry into the Parliament.

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We are an old dying bunch, who are ruled by the people older than the Harappa and apparently, India boasts of the highest youth population. We all need money for survival and we do not give a sh*t about where the economy goes, how inflation rates are spiraling up and what status we present to the world. We are hollow that way. We build our own worlds and live. Therefore, when Mr. Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate was a hit, it was for mainly two reasons I believe – First, It was Aamir Khan. He has maintained the clean and perfectionist image (Even though we might have in the past, flouted over his divorce from Reena Dutta); Second, we were nodding our heads furiously that finally someone has the balls to speak on behalf of us on the national television.

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We are a bunch of people, who are governed by a piece of document called the Constitution of India but do not even know what lies within it. It is one of the largest legal documents in the world with 395 Articles and 12 Schedules (though with the Amendments included, it is 448 Articles as of March 2012). It encompasses our rights, freedoms, privileges and everything that will make us a sensible lot. But it is bulky and no one cares to go into the intricacies. Let things be as they are. And yes, we are emerging as superpower, oh Sure. We will keep emerging. Have you ever wondered the stance that India has, before Uncle Sam? We are like the cousin who is trying to get attention by acting important and bossy, but gets bullied by him nonetheless. We keep pointing fingers at the Prime Ministers, Presidents and All the silver graying men in power. But have we ever tried to step into the shoes of the one who takes on the power. It blinds, it crushes your mental capacity and it makes you take decisions, such that you might not be alive to regret the next day.
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The point of this post is not to show the pessimist attitude that I have towards our country, but to highlight few things which need to be seen. We, all of us, write and therefore, words have the power to provoke thoughts and thoughts lead to action. We, by becoming aware of the lacunae in our system, can at least contribute little, by writing about it. Feel free to drop in what you feel about 66th year of our Independence.

Till the next time fellas, let your mind be free of fear and may you break away the shackles of the mundane. 

Happy Independence Day! Blessed Be!!


Anoop said...

wow.. hey really good post... loved it msm..
so well written.. :D in that order.. bmw case first, anna n then satyamev jayate.. its all true.. n

n happy independence day..

meoww said...

sigh...i agree with you..we wont be independent till we will be free from our fears..and that day will not come till we are able to accept our fears and be ready to face them..
rather than pointing our fingers to the next person and trying put our responsibilities on him/her.

there are good people..even amongst the politicians..but they get sidelined or hidden by the many evil around them..

i don'tr know if this is a Happy Independence..i hope it will truly be someday..

blessed be my lady..


Confused Soul said...

Indeed a powerful post and *sigh* I have to agree with you :/

Mirage said...

What a poignant post MSM.

Our country is in a very confusing state. It tops the list in some field and fails to appear in some other. We shine among the world's top billionaires and also, proudly nurture the biggest slum in the world. We have the largest rail network but the condition of trains is going down the drain. We are the people breathing in a democratic society, actually the biggest democratic yet we are succumbed to a political party who has bagged maximum scams during its stint and so on.

We are nothing but a bunch confused beings.

P.S: Like I said, a poignant post. Happy Independence Day! :)

Red Handed said...

we are just taking backward steps as a country due to our hypocrite approach and adjusting nature! we adjust with whatever shit we go thru!

Soumya said...

I so second Red. We are all hypocrites. The only thing we want from the west is jobs and money. If we want to become something like a west nation, we need to adapt their techniques too, giving up caste, creed, religion etc etc. But no.

This country will never change for the next 100 years atleast. Just hoping somewhere that it might, for the sake of our children.

Happy Independence Day!

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

it's unfortunate but true...

Keirthana said...

:| - This is all I could manage because sadly what you wrote is so true to the letter. We are a sad bunch of hypocrites. Every day we just wish that there would be a little change along the way but yeah the change keeps eluding because we keep eluding the actions to be taken.

Sigh! Happy independence day MSM! A very powerful post and just hoping yet again that such a post will invoke some thoughts that might take a complete form instead of just remaining as an inception


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: Hahaha! Glad you liked it! :) Same to you!

@Meoww: Exactly, fear is what holds us back every single time. And the good people among the bad, are either killed or destroyed or scarred such, that they can never be the same. Bless you too!! :) :)

@Confused Soul: Thanks Lady! :D :D

@Vinati: Dost! Totally, just a bunch of so called educated confused human beings. Thanks! :) :D

@Red: Precisely! I hate this attitude of ours, but nothing, we can not do anything. :/

@Soumya: Truly said! We ape literally - never using the brains or absorbing the ideas behind. Thank you! :) :)

@Sayantini: :) :)

@Keirthana: Yeah! I hope so as well. Thank you girl! :) :D

AVY said...

Thank you so much, I'm happy to hear that :*

/ Avy

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@AVY: :D :D I am following you sweetheart! :) <3

phatichar said...

Thought provoking...