12 Aug 2012

Bonds of Silk

Blessed Be everyone!

Have you ever seen the threads of silk? So delicate and fine, light as feather and smooth as a wisp of smoke. Yet, when you try to rip it apart, it will leave your fingers bruised. It is not as delicate as you think it might be. 
We, tend to underestimate certain things at face value.

Image Source: koleksifoto.com
Some relationships are like silk - they are there - light, invisible, beautiful - yet strong, underestimated by many, but banked upon by many as well. As I had mention earlier, I have another friendly contribution from a young and vibrant blogger Swarnali, who writes at Dreams 'n' Drama

She is younger than I am and I treat her like my younger sister. I scold her, chastise her and love her. She brings out the protective side of me. I have not found a more realistic person than her. She sees things as they are, perceives information with open mind and I truly admire her sense of individuality. You all must read the  poems she writes! Simplicity is a tough task to achieve and she does it beautifully. Presenting to you Metamorphosis by her!

Hello, fellow MSM readers...!! I hope all of you are doing great. It is a little daunting for me to write a guest post, that too a poem for MSM (who as you already know writes amazing verses and stories). But she has been really kind to appreciate it and ask me to put up my li'l poem here. Thank you sooooo much, girl for letting me scribble on your space :P  It is a great pleasure and honor to be a guest at one of my favourite blogs.
Image Source:  http://wallpaperswide.com/blue_butterflies-wallpapers.html 

You are the butterfly,
Fluttering, flawless, fragile.
You were the caterpillar,
Creepy, clumsy, crawling.
Now its time, your time,
To rise, leave the ground,
And take your flight.
Touch you may not the sky,
But fly you will, fly high.
You were you; you are you.
Metamorphosis thy name.

Blessed be lovelies (as MSM says it)!


Isn't it beautiful? :D :D I love simple written words, because anyone can write mast using big big words, it is  the job of conveying a message by using simple words which is the toughest! Do check out her blog - apart from stories/poems, she also is  writes about fashion. Versatile one she is! :D

Till the next time fellas, fly high, touch the sky, like the pretty butterfly! Blessed be! :)


Anoop said...

threads of silk are not light as feather :P its lighter than feather :P hehe jokin...

n abt the poem, i dont know.. im not so good at poems.. :) :P

blessed be,MSM :D

Anoop said...

n hey.. nice font.. which is it? :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anoop: You know you are mad, don't you? :D :D Hehehe, it's Swarnali's poem! And the font is called Philosopher! :D :D

Blessed be you too!!

Confused Soul said...

that was pretty simple and sweet. I like :)

Swarnali said...

Hey there!! Thanks so much :)

Red Handed said...

pretty words and I c a pretty soul too :)

Swarnali said...

Thanks, Red ^_^

Anoop said...

everyone says its a nice poem.. :) so i cant think otherwise... seems they all r good at interpreting poems.. ;) :D

Philosopher?? mmmmmmm never heard of it.. i like trebuchet though :D

Nimue said...

This was beautiful indeed :)

~ Nimue