31 Jul 2012

Of Rains, Friendships and Monsoons!

Wassup Everybody!

I tell you, these rains are getting a bit out of control. As much as I love monsoons, now they are restraining me in my own household. *And making me sound like a frog.* Ray knows it! :D

Nevermind my voice! So, we all know that Friendship day is on the 5th of August this year (I think Airtel is celebrating it on behalf of everybody). I actually don't care when it is, though when younger, in school, it mattered how many bands you sported, colored, handmade etc. *I don't know why but suddenly SRK from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is grinning before my eyes* But now what matters is, how do you stay true to the relation you've been blessed with.

I won't go philosophical and state the obvious that everyday with the best buds is like friendship day! But having fewer friends in real than a million on a social networking site, is way better. I have been in "groups" of friends but realized over time, that I am a person who likes to keep only few, very few people close. And I can count my friends on my fingers. I am absolutely proud of them and to be their trusted one. I've broken few relations and being thrown out in some, so I know how much it hurts when you have absolutely no one around you. When loneliness becomes your compulsive friend. I tell you, it's a bad place to be in. Loneliness is like wine, you savor it delicately - lightly...it entices you, pleases your senses. The moment you take an unintended gulp, it ruins the whole experience.


Oh, so that brings me to the point of this post. As I've mentioned earlier, I've a series of Guest Posts lined up from my lovely girlfriends, though I don't want to call them that. Friendly contributions sounds better and I am starting by posting the one I received day before from Ray. Okay, Ray is actually what I call her - she is Aditi Ray from the blog My World...My Space! I've spoken to her today and boy, she shares the name with my lovely lovely Meoww and sounds the same as well!!! Oh and she wanted to hear the frog. *Grins* Her writings are clear and simple, showing the clarity of her mind and thinking. Of what I've known of her, she is one mastikhor and loves to laugh. Knows her what's and why's well and loves to talk like me! Also, she is into Occult (reading about them) and Mysticism :D I am really really really glad to have her around. She is funny, adorable and someone, you would love to read! So presenting to you, her post!

Forever Mine

Lying on the bed, she idly wondered, how many more days she would have to be here. She didn't like it here. She had never liked staying anywhere else but her home. But it was just a matter of a few days, she thought. The pain was growing, minute by minute. She hoped it all ended soon so she could return to her home. There were people back there waiting for her to return. She looked out of the window, it was getting dark, she must wake up from her slumber now, it was time for some action. She disliked her work, but then again, work was work. She had to do it to survive in her world...yes, her world, which was completely different from Other world. There was a time when she too had been a part of the people's world, the Other world. But now, she was a part of a completely different world, and she could not go back. The door was closed, the bridge was broken, she could not go back there. People would never accept her back. The only time when she came face to face with the Other world was at night, during her work, and even then her experiences always left her in a bitter-sweet mood every morning. She was dog-tired by ever morning. Every morning she had thoughts of leaving her work once and for all, but every night she gathered enough hatred and retaliation to go back to work. 

It was like a routine now. She thought about her son, she smiled. He was so innocent, far from all her troubles, he loved her and she loved him beyong imagination. He was the only good thing in her life. She longed to meet him, hold him in her arms, hug him, kiss him, cuddle him, just sit with him and talk.... but she couldn't do all this.... and suddenly she was filled with hatred! Hatred for him. Pure avenging hatred. She must go back to work. He was the reason why she was in this world today...away from her son, away from everything which was so dear to her. It was his fault. And he must pay for it. And pay dearly! An evil smile played on her lips, she could only laugh at the thought of what will happen to him finally. She would push him into the same hell where he pushed her, away from his dear ones, away from his world, away from the Other world, into her world! Now she let out a slow evil laughter. She could see her victory. It was just a night away. Tomorrow morning she will be freed. Free from the chain of retaliation. Free from the constant urge to avenge. She looked out of the window again, it was night. Just a few hours to midnight and then it was show-time. She waited. Impatiently patient. 

The clock struck 12. It was midnight. She got up from her bed, and went straight to him. He was lying in his bedroom. He was bed-fast. She smiled at his sight with love and hatred, all at once. She had once loved him so much, but now she hated him. She slowly walked upto him and sat beside him. She touched his fore-head. He opened his eyes. His face was pale and eyes blood-shot. He saw her and his face displayed fear, fear which made his face go white, mouth go dry. She was happy to see him like this. His current state provided her inner-self some solace. She felt better. She smiled at him and moved her finger on his cheeks seductively, just like she used to do it before. The effect made her happy and satisfied. His forehead dripped sweat, his lips quivering with fear, his eyes pleading mercy. And she smiled again, satisfied by the sight. She closed her eyes and thought about the happy days she spend with him, she almost had a change of heart. 

She felt pity on him and would have forgiven him, but just then the door opened and she walked in...her calm eyes went bloodshot again, burning with rage, fury, and hatred. He had cheated on her and married Suzan. When she refused to sign the divorce papers, he had hired goons to hit her by a car, so that she would be dead in an accident, for good. Her 7 year old son was sent to her sister's place, where, thankfully, he would be happy and loved and cared. But now again, when she had almost forgiven him, she had felt pity on him, the sight of that bitch erased all the traces of love, pity and forgiveness from her mind. Now her determination was steel-solid. She would get her revenge. She would make him suffer, just like he made her suffer. She gave herself an evil grin again, and went about with her work. Slowly and tardily she strangled him. He begged for mercy and pleaded for forgiveness, but the fury and agony in her eyes couldn't see any of it. Finally, when she let go, his eyes were fixed at her, still pleading for forgiveness, his body cold as stone, his breathing, ceased, forever! She closed her eyes, said a prayer, kissed his forehead and walked out of the house, holding his hand. Now, she had to show him his new world....her world.


How do you like it people?! I loved the concept of vengeance as dead. I am into horror movies these days. Saw Insidious with bro yesterday. Creeped me out! But who doesn't love scares! :D :D 

So fellas, lemme know what you think! Till the next time, preserve the bonds you cherish and love the surprises as they come! BLESSED BE!!!


Keirthana said...

My my! My heart has come up to my throat. The style of writing is awesome narrating the thriller beautifully yet at the same time revengefully.


Sugar said...

thrill, horror, revenge, !! Am I seeing a muvi..??
well i was scared too ( a bit) reading this in the middle of night. I so hope not to dream of those *evil grins* ;)

other than that, u narrated it so well.I could actually picture the entire scene.

Aditi Ray said...

Ohh my!! thankuu!! :D *blush*

Aditi Ray said...

geee!! thnxx!
I never thot ppl will actually like it so much!! :D
thnkuu!! :D

meoww said...

i thought i had commented!!

hello Aditi :D okay..it feels weird to call meself :P
hmm..this is really some good serious whacky stuff..one of a kind i would say...bordering on the paranormal..i like it..
the concept of coming back to take your revenge...naaaaice...
well we all have some nice sweet evil within us...don't we..?

Mirage said...

Interesting story, Aditi! And the touch of horror and vengeance was very well placed. :-)

Pradeeta, I read your post 'A Special Friend'. I was soooo touched by it...couldn't stop myself from appreciating it. :-*

phatichar said...

Lovely... :)