17 Jul 2012

High Tides

Sounds of Sirens, Burn My Thoughts,
Fights I Fought Many, Myself I've Lost,
Picking Up The Dust, Watching the Night,
I Sink Low, Lower In My Fright,
Would You Still Walk By My Side,
If I Say, I Am Afraid of The Tide?

Blessed Be My Lovely Lovely Fellas!!

Missed Me? Nay? I missed you most certainly. So much so that in every picture that I captured, I thought of weaving a story - a story for you to read. But, well, what you imagine is imagination and the one that's makes it fall is procrastination. So, I have no stories to write as of now. But there's something I would like to share.

As a kid, even as a teen, I was ashamed of the fact that my roots go back to Bihar. I was no where even close to the way certain Mr. Prasad spoke or lived. Heck, I was born and brought up in Bhopal. Much cleaner and developed and hi-tech than the smelly, old and backward village I used to visit every summer of my school. I hated every inch of that vacation. I didn't like the food. Didn't like the men. Certainly didn't like the women. Hated the worms that I could see every where and worst, couldn't see! Hated the mud house, hated every single thing about the God damn place! And then, there was a massive gap of Nine Years. I got closer to my Grandfather and moved farther away from his wife. I was glad for the phone and his wisdom that made me pave my way through the stickiest of situations. Last November, I went back to the village. If you ask me where exactly this place is, I would say, it's 20 kms away from Nepal. My Grandmother is a Nepali and well, this time she said, she was a hardcore one at that. (Nepali women work in the mountains - so do many others - but I didn't tell her that - I've a reputation of having a sharp tongue. Honestly, she doesn't move a bit - her tongue does. Sorry, I got carried away. I know where my laziness genes come from.)

Last time in Winters, I loved the greenery, the sharp biting wind that made my eyes water, the excruciatingly clean air, that my lungs couldn't breathe in enough and the silence, that I found no where. I was still in the last semester of my Law School. Still the soon-to-be-graduate and still not old-enough. This year, as you know, I went now, was completely different. First, it was summers and I don't like summers. But for my sake I think, God thought of showers, for that was one good thing, I will remember - Cold Summers and Fireflies in the dark! The thing which I couldn't ignore was the monumental expectation that I could sense and feel on my back this time. Marriage was a hot gossip and my resistance to the idea, was another. I couldn't hide my fear and anger at the M word. Second, the awkwardness around women. On the record, I can handle an entire household, however, I was out of my depth there. I cannot sing bhajans in Maithili (18th Language in Our Constitution, yes Sir!) or do the preparations of a full fledged puja. And that my friends, was a parameter I've been judged on. Three guys - well - ahem - grooms (Ack!) I heard about. I  know the reasons why this thing is being jumped on me, I know why and how, but I am not ready. Not yet. Thankfully, two of them turned out to be brothers and the third might as well be married. I want to throw up! Ahem. Sorry again.

Image Source: semsu.chattablogs.com

There was the much awaited greenery this time I could live in forever, but I couldn't find the peace and respite I always looked forward to. Oh, but the upside is, I went to Nepal after 15 years. And oh boy! What a beautiful place it is. Have you guys heard of the Kosi River (Also called the Sorrow of Bihar)? She is one fiery thing. She is known to cause irreparable damage to the folks of both Nepal and Bihar. I was on the barrage between India and Nepal - and I saw how scary she can be - yet beautiful - you know, like a silent seductress. On the surface, it appears calm. You can see the village at a distance, the sand that the river has collected and in another second, there would be nothing. The river has quietly swept away the entire establishment. Last year, they say, the floods were so bad that the development which Bihar had seen in the reign of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, has gone 25 years behind. And I saw her up close. Saw the mist rising up in clouds from the surface. It's one thing I'll remember and go back to, again. Came back today morning.

Image Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Koshi.jpg
If you would like to know more about the Kosi, here's the Link for your reference. 

Ah, home! :) :) Oh and Maithili, our beloved beloved blogger from One Such Story  has agreed to do a guest post for me. She has always been an inspiring writer and one of the first friends I had on Blogspot. More of it, later. Till the next time fellas, unexplored desires call you in, won't you answer their call? Blessed Be!


Swarnali said...

welcome back, Love. And did I miss you, oh yes, I did!! So much!! *hugs* you know the rest, do i have to say? and am so eagerly waiting for Maithili's guest post :)

Mirage said...

Oh god..shaadi ke rishtey??? That is FREAKY!

The other day I told a friend of mine that one big boon of studying 5 year LLB(h) is the delaying of marriage. Because no matter what, people around do become match-maker as soon as they see a girl who's done with her graduation. Or if you are lucky, they'd give you a max. of 2 years after that.

And have I told you that you do have some Nepali effect that makes you look so gorgeous? Now I know the reason behind. :D :-)

Rahul said...

:-) I missed you..

Saru Singhal said...

You write really well and there is a connect which a reader feels from the first line. BTW, loved the opening verses. Wish I could write something like that...:)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

ROFLMAO, ok its out of my system now :D.

Your vacation is almost seemed like a Bollywood movie - Drama, Dream locales, Marriage Alliances, family sentiment and so forth.

Loved the fluid nature of the post - seemed to go effortlessly from Bihar in the pre 1990's to present day bihar.

Cheers :)

meoww said...

Don't be afraid of the tides that will rise
Your strength doesn't need any surmise,

should the daughter of the Goddess ever falter..
A soul here will hold her till the end of forever..

Welcome back Mishti..

We have lots to catch up on..
Cheers :-) :-*
Blessed be

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Swarnali: *Hugs* I know you missed me... :D :D I missed you too! :D Yeah...She will spin her magical tales here as well! :D

@Vinati: Dost! Freaky is understatement! Meri toh heartbeat band ho gayi. :| I know, when I took up law, the last thing on my mind was marriage :| And look at this now! *Shudders*.
Hahahahahahaha!!Thank you! Lady, you yourself are one charming thing, don't you know that? :D :D All flaws aside, my gran is beautiful, I might have inherited just her eyes may be. :P

@Rahul: :D :D

@Saru: Hii!! Welcome here!! :D Thank you! You know you write really well Saru!! :D :D I have followed your stories and poem and trust me, I say that too, "I wish I could write something like that" hehe! Blessed Be!! :D

@AS: Grrrrr! Zyaada ban mat! :D Nautanki! Hehehehehe, It IS unfortunately like a Bollywood Movie, sadly. But Simran doesn't get to be with Raj, in my family melodrama. :P :P If you know what I mean.

Thanks! :D And Blessed Be! :D

@Meoww: Wow!! What beautiful lines!! :D Thank you Meoww *Hugs tightly* If not for you, I might drown... in Darkness. Yep, we have A LOT to catch up. Milo tum jaldi! Mwaah! :D :D :* Blessed Be!

Confused Soul said...

A lot's been happening on your end Miss. Nice :D

Welcome back. And yes you were missed :)

phatichar said...

Ah, you're back. Good!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Confused Soul: :D :D Kuch zyaada hi :P :D Awww...I missed you too!! :D

@phatichar: You sound relieved! :P :D Hi!

phatichar said...


Aditi Ray said...

MSM!! *screams!!*
U've been missed lady!! :D
U know, I think of u everyday these days!!
ahem.. its like, I'm TY now, so i hav no option bt to attend colg, and I'm in sydenham, so every morning, while passin by the Govt Law colg I think of u! *U'r a lawyer no?!! :D*
and I'v missed ur stories too!! :D
and and.. I made dad read a few of ur stories, and now he too has started reading blogs (random ones) frm office regularly, and wud tell me wat he read in wic blog each nyt at dinner table, and he wud ask me y is my frnd (YOU) dont write stories anymore... :P :D
so shake that lazy ass, get up, and start writing!! :D

Oh btw, jus to make u feel better and homely (:P), my mom too happens to b frm bihar, though dad is bengali... so I'm a unique hybrid! :P lol.. xD

Welcome bak..!
cheers!!! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Aditi: I am absolutely Blushing, lady! :D :D Your cheerfullness ka dose is what I needed! :D :D :D *I am a lawyer...and you're in Third year of?* :D I've had no idea what to write.... and you would think holidays nourish your brain. :P :P
Your dad read my stories!! :| Ohh, I am humbled...I mean, my dad doesn't understand my stories :P :P :P Yes Ma'am, will write soon! :D :D

Aaan, you mommy is a Bihari? :D :D Love marriage I see *Dreamy Look* Wishes Wishes Wishes you see :P :P I like this hybrid! (You!) :D :D Thank you!! Blessed Be!

Zeebs said...

Monogamy is overrated. AGREED. And good to have you back :)

Aditi Ray said...

Woww.. U had me grinning like an idiot as I read it! :P :D :D
okayy.. I'm mailing u now!!
I dont want our comments (read: conversation!) to b more interest arousing than ur post..! :P :P hahaha...
cheers!! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Zeebs: YES! :D Thank you for Agreeing! :D :) :)

Keirthana said...

Awesome narration darling! Haven't been around much on the internet because of crappy office work, but yeah, you gave me that awesome-read-waala feeling. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Thank you!!! I am glad you liked it! :D :D read-waala-feel sounds so nice! :D :D :D I know, you have been missed!

Sugar said...

so the soon to be-graduate trauma..!! I know how it feels..till the time these grannys n all century old aunties are alive, its going to be miserable for us.. :D :D
P.S I'm also back.. was not active here since few days..I saw ur msg cum comment.. Definitely..lets catch up..tell me hows it convenient to u.
*waiting in excitement*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Sugarrrrrrrr!! :D

Arre, everything is convenient. Drop me an email so that we can at least start a conversation! :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I understand, home is home after all :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@BA: True that! :) :)

Blessed Be!