21 Jul 2012

Garden of Roses

Wanderer my heart, stays never still,
Storms within me, closing in for a kill.
Our love flies out of the window,
Wallowing in my false sorrow.
Sands of time, pierce me through and through,
I swallow it all gaping, virtuous and true.
But on to you I hold on,
Promises you made and you moved on.
Oh love, I remember your eyes so bright and starred,
But I am shadowed, darkened and scarred.
You dust me away, like the ashes of dying fire,
But love, I ask, how would you bear my ire?
Fragrance of yours, as hollow as a sprawling desert,
I forget you, searching myself in the mirage of the dirt,
Someday, I will find a way,
To flourish a garden of roses and rays. 
I will drink up the rain of moments, for long bystander I've been
To turn the barren lands, into meadows of heavenly green.

Blessed Be My Lovely people!

I had been itching to write a poem, but couldn't. There was no word to think upon - just images. So I asked AS to give me a word - which was Green! 

And lo! Some disjointed verses to make a poem! :D :D

How have you been doing? This is one of those random posts, when your brain is a mush and your mouth is having verbal diarrhea! Ahem. Few guest posts are coming up, but my girls are busy, you'll soon have something different and interesting to read! Up first are Maithili and Meoww...then I'll see, who else will row my boat for a while! :D :D Anyone wants to?? *Say Yes Pleaaaaaaase!* Drop me an email!

Till the next time fellas! Take a breather and have some fun!
PS: AS - Atrocious Scribblings! :D
PPS: Image Source: muralsdirect.co.uk


Swarnali said...

As always , your verses transport me to a different world, milady!! Brilliant is an understatement here. *tips off her hat and bows*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

You are wayyyyy to kind to me! :D :D But thank you!!! *Takes a bow!*

Ruhani said...

Loved it! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Ruhani: Thank you! :D :)

Rahul said...

:-) Ahh well...I'm running out of nice adjectives to describe your poems these days.

meoww said...

aaah..one word..MESMERIZING.
green...never thought an entire poem could be so beautifully constructed around it..sighh..
i love you honey..
will get back with the guest post sooner..haven't started yet..
*looks around somewhere to hide*


blessed be sweetheart..


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Hahahaah! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:D :D :D

I love you too! :D And start soon! *Poker Face* Okay, kidding! :D Blessed Be! :D

Keirthana said...

you call this disjointed verses? :O Oh dear god! Lovely, lovely and lovely. Oooh, so a variety of writings coming up soon.. Really eager to read them :)


Aditi Ray said...

oh woman! seriously... if these r disjointed lines.. wat wud it be if they were perfect???!!! :O
ok okk... u'v had many compliments now come bak to earth!! :P
ps- mee mee meee!!! I too wanna write a guest post... my frst guest post!! :D
but wait.. lemme think thoda.. and write decent thing! :D
until then... cheers lady!! :D
hugs hugs hugs!! :D :*

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

"फिर से सुबह होगी, कभी तो तेरे दर पर,
फिर तेरे दिल में हम रहे हर पल..."
~Lyricist whose name I cannot recall :P

Nice read!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Rayyy: Uff, inni tareef mat kar, aankhon mein aansoo aa gaye mere! :P :P

You are most welcome to write for me lady! :D Soch le! And email me! *Bear Hug* :D :D

@BA: Uff! :D Badhiyan lines! :D Thank you!! :D

AVY said...

That picture goes well with the words.



Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@AVY: :D Welcome here! I love your blog! :D <3 Thank you for the visit! Blessed Be! :)

Sayantini Bhattacharya said...

it's always good to see people from your own genre...for me it's you...i love poems n do try to write them in my style. Please visit my blog too, may be we could complement each other.