4 Jun 2012

Versatility, Applause and Confetti.

Wassup Fellas!? Blessed Be!

How's the Cosmos treating you? I'm hoping you ain't disappointed with the whirlpools and tornadoes of life and living - cause that's what we are meant to do, live through it all and emerge with grace, while throwin' in your ace. 

So, well well well, they say empty mind is a Devil's workshop and too many thoughts also make you insane. I am somewhere in the limbo here. However, my rant is not what this Blog is about - though off late, I've just been doing that, but you all seem to love me still. *Appreciative Applause* What do I say? It's been a long journey and I've met you...found you all... as the constant presence that I look forward to, at the end of a tiring draining day of living. And even now, there are things which don't fail to surprise me. Especially an Award. Yes! I mean, I had forgotten that there are awards as well in blogging world... so I never expected one, but Rahul from Crash and Burn gave me a pleasant surprise by giving me a Versatile Blogger Award, though I'm unsure why me...cause I think I'm very repetitive, but who's complaining! I'm HAPPY!! :D (I totally heart his blog by the way. You must read his Rapist series - his stories remind of somewhat of Jeffrey Archer and it's bloody thrilling I tell ya!

There are rules to follow though, like Quid Pro Quo, so they are here, which I am following diligently, umm, bending them just a wee bit:

Rules are-
1. Create a new post. 

2. Thank the lovely person who nominated you for the award. 
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers. 
4. State 7 random facts about you.

*However, I understand how it gets...so it's on the recipient of the award, whether or not they want to pass on the award or not* You can thank me later. :) 

Reading is a pleasure and there are blogs I love to read always, so they deserve this as well: 

Meoww/Aditi/ Abhilasha: You all know her as Meoww...and she is as adorable as the kittens are. I know she's been awarded by Rahul already and she really needs to pick this up. People, she is the TRUE versatile one here....you can see her effervescence, emotions, maturity...everything, from her blog. My loving loving loving friend and fellow Wiccan she is... Go check her out or face my anger! :P

Swarnali/Dreams n Drama: Ah, sometimes, you meet people in the most unexpected situations and then their company becomes the most sought after one. I met Swarnali on A Lot of Pages and boy! We had so many things and thoughts to share! I love to talk to her and she blows my Blues away with her mere Hellow! :D Go, check her out, she is a literati, not to be ignored at all!

Blasphemous Asthete/Asthetic Blasphemy/Anshul: Who doesn't know him?? Brilliant writer and player of words, there's a delicate touch and finesse in whatever he rights. His writings inspire, push you to think and sometimes just tug at the strings of your heart. Very few people can reach the level of writing with simplicity and sophistication, that he has achieved. You've missed a lot, if you haven't read him. 

Atrocious Scribblings/Rahul: Okay, so every time I read what he writes, I have this vivid image of him, writing, rather scribbling down with a poker face and a tiny frown. Dear God, the stuff he writes, satirical humor/dark humor/slapstick/ plain humor/thought provoking rib tickling words! Please Please, do read him. I am sure you'll definitely gain a new perspective to view things. 

Confused Soul/A Walk Across The Bridge: She reminds me a lot of myself...no, I mean...I can relate to her writings so much, sometimes I wonder where is our connection? But I think, most of the people relate to her written word, for they are so humane and touching and filled with emotions so varied and colorful - You feel like you've just traveled to a different world and came back. She is Awesome! :D
Now 7 Random Facts about me. Damn! Anyhow, lemme write as I think. So here they are:
  1. I love Black stones/rocks/pebbles/gemstones. Yes! By the way, if you ever feel weighed down by emotions or life per se, take a clean black stone (I've also tried using the rock they use for roads. What is known as Gitti in Hindi) and hold it on your left palm and cover it with your right. Close you eyes and focus on the surface of the stone and visualize transferring all your tensions into it. Once your breathing is even, place the stone on ground/rather earth and feel yourself fly. Thank you Thea Sabin.
  2. I wish to marry a guy who owns a coffee estate for the sole reason that I'd get to have free coffees.
  3. I love talking to myself (Yeah, go figure, As if there's isn't enough proof of my loopiness already.)
  4. I'm good with fixing electronic stuff.
  5. I'm very good with damaging anything electronic.
  6. I have spent the most of my money on colors/brushes and books. 
  7. Annnnnnnnd I think Moon is a Man.
So now that I am done with this, keep loving me like you always do. Trust me, my randomness is harmless (Except may be for the electronics ). Till the next time lovely people, live life like it's your last day, Say I love you and I am sorry like you'll never get a chance and believe in what your heart reaches out to.


Swarnali said...

Aww that was such a cute post.. You totally deserve the award,woman!! And I have no idea why you passed it on to me !!
"She blows my Blues away with her mere Hellow!" How cute is that!! Reminds me of Jerry Maguire :D You saw it? There was this awesome dialogue where Dorothy says to Ray 'You had me at "hello" '. Those lines were perfect!!
Man,I guess am crazy...everything i read these days reminds me of some movie or another!!

Swarnali said...

Okay i forgot to say some more things I had to say :P
1) black stones do that?? really? i should try it sometime.
2) Same pinch. :D I wanted to marry a guy who was a baker for exactly the same reason :P
3) I love talking to myself too. Hi5!!
4 and 5) Hi5 again and again!!
6)Ummm...its books for me. You paint??
7)Yeah now even I think moon is a man :D

Ow thanks for the award,I forgot to mention that too :P

Viya ;) said...

You so deserve it Pradeeeetaaa!! :D .. and no.6 is same for me tooooo! :D ... hehe and i think a moon is a deer! ( i really dunno why! )

meoww said...

a deer???

u are adorable viya :*

meoww said...

mishtiii doiii !!
you really are tooo much
i mean so much praise and all..??!!
okay okay..
i will take up the award..
else i know you will come here and kick my arse..!!
thankyou for all those kind words darling..

blessed be

Atrocious Scribblings said...

With specific regards to pointer No 2 - once you find a Guy who has a coffee estate please to find if he has a sister who isn't yet taken - you shall be appropriately blessed :P.

Also, my name is just Atrocious Scribblings and not Rahul as mentioned in the post.

Many Thanks for the award MSM.

Cheers :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Swarnali: I passed it to you, cause lady, you deserve it too :D :D :D Hahahahahha, yes my lil movie buff...your love for 'em ain't crazy... :D :D
1)Yes, they do. Everything works if you believe in it.
2) :D Wanted? Why not now? :D I still want to. But somehow, I've this weird feeling, that my man would be a doctor. Dang! :P :P
3)/4) and 5)Hi5!
6)I do. and 7) ;)
Ohhh, and you are most welcome! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Viya ;): Missing you were! :D Welcome here...my Blog missed your presence/effervescence! :D :D Moon - A deer! That's cute! :D I love your imagination! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Hahahahahaha, now now now, I've haven't done half of what you do for me! :D Take up the award, yes. And no I won't kick your pretty arse, but it shall land in the bin, your arse that is. :D :D :* Mwaaaah!

Blessed Be! <3

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Hahahhahahaha! Sure, I'll ask that the first thing. "Erm, so I was just wondering, if you have a single sister. You see, my friend wants free coffee too..." That shall work fine? :D :D :D

And I edited the error, my apologies. I have no idea why I thought you were a Rahul. I stand corrected.

You are most welcome AS :D Blessed Be!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Many many thanks Pradeeta, for I am not versatile, but when you people prod me like this, I am inspired enough to live up to the expectations :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

:) :D

I think I did a bit too much of prodding, but nevermind. :D :D All's well that ends well! :D And you live up to the expectations mighty well my friend!! :D Keep Writing, for you are versatile! :D

Blessed Be! :D :D

Rahul said...

The moon is a what?Makes total sense tho....:-O Honey Moon...Like Honey has to be a gal...so that means Moon has gotta be the dude....Why didn't I think of that earlier???? ;-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Nowwww, I never thought of it that way :P I think Moon is a Man cause he is like my Hero, away from me...aah, the romance. *Ahem* Nevermind! :P :D Your logic fits well too! :D