8 Jun 2012

Chhotu Narcissist Post

Hello Hello My Mystically Ensnared Fellas ;)! Blessed Be!

I wrote my FIRST EVER guest post! *Eyes glistening with glee* Swarnali from Dreams and Drama lovingly, enticingly and sweetly asked me to write a post for her. And how can I deny a sweet request?? So, I did not. Here is the link for the post. Oh, and though I definitely want you to read what I wrote *Please ignore certain spelling and grammatical errors in there*, I would request you to check out her Blog. She writes with a maturity, I've seen in very few 20 year olds. Yes Sir! 

So, Happy Reading to all of ya, while I go again and soak up the rain! 
Image Source: fwdnation.com
I've been feeling quite lost off late. I am recuperating slowly, so if my posts have been creepy and downright Dark/Psychotic/Non-sense Blabbers - I hope they don't make you run away. I wish you all the best of the world. Till the Next time fellas, keep living, keep fighting and keep emerging victoriously with your Golden Heart. :D Yep! This Beautiful song by Mark Knopfler, sent to me by a friend, who's always been there, even when I've not been. And yesterday, he reminded me of my love for music and it's ability to do wonders. Thank you Rahul Ganguly for teaching me to play a little bit of Guitar and introducing me to such awesome music. You'll never leave my memory. :) :)


Rahul said...

Again...a toast...to the rains,the music,guitar especially...and the 'aster'... ;-)

Rahul said...

Read the guest post.:-) True story????

Aditi Ray said...

Ur guest post was super-duper awesome!!
I'll b honest, U'v reminded me of my beloved late grandpa... my daadu! =)
He was the most brilliant & passionate story teller I'v ever witnessed, and bravo! u'v hit home! After reading this post, I look forward to reading more n more stories frm u!! :))

and yes, thnxx Rahul, hope I can call him Rahul! :P
well... I thanked him fr asking the question on my behaf....
soo... is it a true story??

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Truth can be stranger than fiction, I've heard. :D I wouldn't call it a true true.... but it is to some extent! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

You know.... I love my Daadu too... your love for your Granpa....reminded me of him. :D :D And thank youuu.... It's an honor...to be compared to someone so loved and so cherished... :D :D And Aditi, I wanted to give you an award too...but I kept looking for your blog - it wasn't showing on my reader...I genuinely want people to know, you are such an awesome writer.... :D I would not disappoint you :D :D...

And I would say - it is 45% true. :D :D Love and Blessed Be!

Confused Soul said...

Love the song you shared. How soothing!
Beautiful :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Isn't it? I knowww :) :) I've been on a look out for peace... that only music can give. :) :) I am glad you liked it!

meoww said...

lovely guest post mishti...only you can capture a myriad emotions so well..
and the song..:):):)

blessed be

phatichar said...

Ah, don't worry - dark, psychotic works just fine with me :P

Take care. Off to read your guest post.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

*Hugs* And only you know where that comes from. :):) :*

Blessed Be!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Hahahahahahaha! :D :D Then I am sure, we will have a long term acquaintance! :D :P

Thank you! :) Blessed Be!

Aditi Ray said...

awww..... thnxx!!
and my blog is this- aditiray6.blogspot.com
and thnkuuu again!!
mwuaahh..! :*

btw, the new look is simply stunning!
I'm thinking of hiring u to give my blog a new look too! ;) tel me if u r interested... I'll treat u with coffee or milkshke, wateva u ask fr! :P


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