6 Jun 2012

Warriors of the Night

Blessed Be People!!!

After a long long long time, I felt at peace, even if it was for few minutes. You see, since I am officially jobless right now, my mind is in overdrive. Not that, I am not always thinking, but you know how women get. I kinda really fail miserably when it comes to NOT thinking! Dude, like seriously *As I look at God. Funny Guy* why you had to hard-wire that in us???!!! Hmpf. 

Image Source: vi.sualize.us
Nevermind, I went to the terrace today and vented all my frustration and lil bit of flab as I walked. While music was blaring in my ears *Linkin Park's - In Pieces*, I stopped suddenly. The sky looked so brilliantly blue and the fluffy clouds and the slightly cool breeze. Uff, I am back to my world! And I love it! *Exhales* *Grins* What the hell? Everything has a solution, an end. My *self-inflicted* miseries would end too. :D So, so, so...here's a little web of words I spinned. I am not sure, if I intended it to be dark, but have fun, reading it! Blessed be my 122 Stars!!! :D

The Mask was off, as I kissed your lips,
Dark, decadent, I was cold in your fingertips.
You danced with me, the dance of death,
But I won, breaking into bits, with every breath.

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Killer in Battle, Lover in life,
I loved you, you cut me like a knife.
I cried, with every pain,
But I won, leaving you in vain.

You said, I get what I gave,
Love, come with me to the grave.
I run run run, away from you,
You pull me close, oh to hurt me, what else would you do?
But I won, defeating you through and through.
Image Source: ashscrapyard.wordpress.com
Will never surrender, till I tear you asunder,
I'll go under, lightened like fire and heated like thunder.
The Sky will laugh with me, unfurling like Golden spool,
I shall drink the Moon and sing like a Fool.

Honey, I always win in the end,
I've known you now, there's nothing left to pretend.
You will chase me down,
And I'll haunt you like a hound,
But I won tonight, 
Letting you drown out of my sight.

Image Source: creativityfuse.com
Anybody knows about the phases of Moon?? Take care fellas. So till the next time, Catch the Stars and Make your Dreams Come True! Blessed Be!


Rahul said...

Blessed poem!!:-)

Swarnali said...

Ah you completed it!! It came out amazing :)
"I've known you now, there's nothing left to pretend: ...don't I love this line??? :D
Take care.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Oooh, the love has become more of a masquerading affair it seems :P

Nevertheless, the dark world is ever so enchanting!

Blasphemous Aesthete

subtlescribbler said...

'dark' is the work. And darkness brings mysteries.
liked the poem and the optimistic end :)


Mirage said...

'I shall drink the moon and sing like a fool.'

You create brilliant imagery. And like always, your poems make me go all WOW!!
Love you and your writings. Muah!

Take care.. :-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Rahul: Thank you and Bless You! :) :) :)

@Swarnali: :D Finally, it ended! Thanks! I love it too! :D

@BA: What? I love Masks! :D Thank you that you find it so! :D :D Blessed Be!

@Sarah: And we are all about mystery :D :D Thank you!! :D

@Dost: :D Cheers to you woman, I love your poems! :D Love you too sweetheart! Mwaah! Blessed Be! :D

Keirthana said...

wah! What an imagination! Btw, your knack for choosing pics is so awesome. I just love it :)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Keirthana! Long time no see! :D :D Thank you Thank you! :D You're the first one to notice. :D

Blessed Be!