19 Jun 2012

De Novo

Blessed Be My Immortal Fellas!

Wassup?! Life's treating you too seriously?? Chalo, let's go for a drive in this wonderful weather. And I'll treat you coffee, *Yes, coffee! ;)*

Ahem, so coming to the point.

As it is very evident, that the look of my Blog has changed. It's become less dark, more feminine and well more mystical I would say. However, as you know, Blogger doesn't work according to our whims and neither does my internet, I am not sure what all you can see on your desktop screen. So I decided I'll break down the few elements that I've put here, which you may or may not see.

On your left, you should see a woman in some heavenly dance sorta pose in white - She depicts freedom and moving beyond. In other words, she is dancing the dance of joy. Meoww (Aditi) would connect to it most I feel.

The shimmering stars on your right remain intact, from my old look...I just love them, couldn't do without them. :D :D

The Blog background image should not  move when you scroll down technically.

And the most painfully annoying part is the font of my Header! Since last night I've been trying to get it into the centre as well as be of the font I want it to be, it wouldn't simply budge. So I don't know how weird it is going to appear on your screens. *Exhales*

So so so, time for small small changes - let me know if it's too garish for your eyes. The old posts do have some aggressive neon stuff, but please ignore them...as you know they were on a darker background!

Will soon be back with some stuff worth reading, right now I am too caught up to breath! And as I can see, most of you as well!

Dance the dance of midnight Blue,
Let's weave the Magic,
Of Peace and Passion True
Skeptic I will be, I am now Mystic,
Come rejoice with me,
Celebrating freedom, of Me and You.

Till the next time fellas, breathe deep and laugh, for there shouldn't be a reason to be in love with the Universe! Blessed Be!

PS: If there are any suggestions, opinions, appreciations - feel free to tell me...I want you all to be comfortable while reading.
PPS: I know you know, but De Novo means a new beginning, starting afresh in Latin.


Atrocious Scribblings said...

This body of the blog has a very pleasing effect on the eyes - Copper Sulphate blue (blame the geek in me for that :P) is a very soothing shade. It is in no way gaudy or garish - you have clearly not seen my header then :P.

The work you have put in has clearly come through. Great job.

Now, where's that milkshake you promised? :D

Cheers :)

Swarnali said...

The new look looks great sweety :)
Yeah the header, I hope u figure that out soon. The poem you've added, make it any other color. The background is blue and so is the color, it isn't visible( I love love the poem, its o very YOU).
The girl in the eternal dance pose and those shimmery stars in the right, me loves :)
And it doesn't move,don't worry.

Mirage said...

Such a pleasant change. Well done missy! Everything is just right. And I loved the meaning of the woman on the left. :-)

maithili said...

SiS !! I totally love this new look! ITs the best look so far :) :) Dil khush ho gaya :) Now you have to help me design a new look :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

"Copper Sulphate Blue" had me grinning like a fool! :D :D Thank you for the geekinfo! I would come back to you for more! :D :D

Thanks for the appreciation! :D

Milkshake? Did I promise that?? :P Coffee chahiye toh aa jao! :D :D

Blessed Be! :) :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Yayyy, the header is fixed! :D Thank you thank you for liking the poem...means so much to me!! :D Hehehe, I love her pose too! And I love you too! Blessed Be! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Thank You Thank You!! :D I think pink aur blue ka overdose hai, but I love it anyway! :D Blessed Be!!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Yea??!!! Thank You Thank You!!!! :D :D :D Change is good! Isn't it?? :D Yes Yes, I shall help u anytime! :* Blessed Be!

Vikram Karve said...

Your Blog look great - true to its title - gives a mystical feel

Confused Soul said...

the blog's still mystical and beautiful.. :)

One thing..when you reply.. the font colors a lil harsh on the eye.. otherwise its great :D

Rahul said...

LOve the new loook!!!!!!:-D

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Your reply box contrast could be a few shades darker - the present one is making it a little hard to read what you have written back to a comment.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Confused SoulL Thank you!!! I have no idea how to change the color. :( HTML has evaded me since evening! help! :(

@Rahul: I am enjoying the Aster here! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

Help karo! It will only change with tweaking HTML encoding and I've been trying to figure it out ever since. I'll get you n milkshakes, if you can help. :D

meoww said...

awwww..you are such a sweetheart..
thanku for the exclusive mention honey..
i absolutely love the look and feel of the blog..
its so soothing to the eyes..
the stars had to be there..cos they are so YOU :)

hmmm..the reply box is giving a pain no...
lemme see if i can figure out something..
but over and all...
the new look is


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Vikram Karve: Thank you Mr. Karve :) :D

@Meoww: Heheheheh, Dance/Music and Magic are intertwined together! :) :D :* Thank youuuu!! <3

I've decided that I won't reply box mein. :P Till I find a better way. Blessed Be!

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