29 Jun 2012

Fly High!

Blessed Be!!!!!!!

I have a bundle of little joys right now with me...and who all would be the best to share them with, other than of course, YOU all lovely people!! You've been my strength, my companion, my confidantes, my friends! :) :)

First, my Tenth and Final semester results were out just an hour back and NOW, I am OFFICIALLY a Lawyer. :) :)

Second, I've started to work towards losing those extra (Well, not extra - a lot lot more than that :P) kilos and hopefully, I will be fit as a fiddle in few months.

Thirdwell nothing. These above two reasons are good enough! With this year starting on a horrific note and sliding down subsequently, I suddenly feel like a floating air balloon (no pun intended).

Image Source: june1rose.deviantart.com
Now, the most important thing that helped me not lose my marbles was writing and you all. Yes, unbelievable as it might sound, but the kind of stories/poems and painfully dark things I've been writing (even though I may be good with only dark stuff, unfortunately), I am glad you all have loved and accepted me with an open heart and open mind. I've found good friends here - Meoww, FL, Blasphemous Asthete, Atrocious Scribblings, Phatichar, Swarnali, Rahul, Maithili, Aditi Ray, Chandana, Ash, Sugar, Arpita, Nimue, Sarah, Dragon, Raumali and so so so many lovely people...if I start counting, there would be no end to it. I feel blessed!

Virtual World and the connections thus formed are always doubtful - but I really feel lucky to have found such wonderful people. And well, we all can't always tread like a sloth. :D Oh Dear Goddess! I wish you all the choicest of blessings....may you all find that one door of happiness, that makes life worth living! :D And well, it is worth living anyway. :) :)

I leave for a short trip as you know. Till then my Mystical Fellas, I promise you, you have my love and magic always. Believe in time and yourself, no one can stop you. Blessed Be!!

Image Source: fineartphotoblog.com

Take my hand and we will see,
The world in time, that will be,
Tears and laughter are married forever,
Pain and peace will always be together,
We pick and chose,
We win and we lose,
But heart and mind be strong, 
Sometimes right sometimes be wrong.

Take my hand and we will see,
The world in time, that will be,
Strength and Faith, in you reside,
Your way and fate, you decide.
Don't stop walking, you might be crawling,
Tomorrow you will stand, it is your time bidding,
Breathe deep and keep your head high,
Blessed you shall be, you will fly,
So mote it be, bid miseries goodbye.

PS: Meoww (Aditi) had given me a chance to write for her wonderful blog ABHILASHA. You can read the post HereTill the next time... live each moment, learn each moment and move on... 


maithili said...

congratulations my dear :) Officially a lawyer now!! A new world awaits you :D

meoww said...

Congratulations my dear dear dear darling lady! Raising a toast to a future filled with all the awesomeness and happiness you deserve honey..like always we are embarking on a journey together..yet to different destinations..see you on the other side of the new phase...muahh :-)
Blessed be!
Cheers :-* <3

phatichar said...

Wonderful, wonderful...though the word 'bundle of joy' got me blind-sided for a minute. Ok, so now I better be careful what I pen in my crime stories, huh? Never know what point you're gonna throw at me :P

Thanks for considering me a friend - the feeling is mutual.

All the best, and looking forward to seeing you back here soon.

God bless...or should I say 'Goddess'? :p :D

Raumali Dasgupta said...

Congratulations :D

And honoured to see my name in your list :D :D *bows*

Swarnali said...

Congrats, girl!! :D :D Its feels great to see my name on that list :D Will miss you. Take care :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Spell check. :-/

Koi baat ni, aainda dhyaan rakhein :D

Blasphemous Aesthete

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Many congrats on your results Lawyer madam - Let the suing begin :P.

Take a nice vacation and come back supercharged.

Cheers :)

PS: Honored to be on the list.

Confused Soul said...

Firstly, congratulations lawyer :D
Secondly, don't lose focus like me :)

And yes the virtual world's a funny place. You sometimes meet the best people online and that's the case with me too :D .. Have a great trip :)

Keirthana said...

Congrats dear :) Loved your post on connections in Meowww's blog!


Anupam Patra said...

Congratulations !!!! I know the feeling

Sugar said...

oh!! i am so glad to find my name in ur list, considering we've not interacted much yet. Hope to take this bond with u to another level.
n many many congratulations lawyer saab!! all the best for the new world waiting ahead( both as a lawyer n for striving to loose those extras:P :P)
P.S blessed be :D

Cяystal said...

My name doesn't feature there and now I realize its instantaneous to forget people. :P
And finally a lawyer? CONGRATULAAAAAAAATIONS! I haven't even given CLAT yet. Haha. :/