11 May 2012

Shadows in Mirror

Blessed Be Lovely People,

Here's a little poem I wrote last night. Sleeping at nights these days is scary, with my nightmares as my partners. Ever had the feeling of walking on a tight rope - make that a glass one for me. 

Oh, you sweet sweet little thing,
Done with all your baubles and bling?
You stand before me every single day,
Standing dainty and pretty like Fey.
Clap Clap Clap,
The thunderous tap,
Don your Princess dress and wear your crystal hat,

Image Source: dreamstime.com
Lights shine upon your beautiful face,
Suitors and Knights run in an unmatched race.
For you to touch, for you to try,
One look at them, you have everything to buy.

But when darkness falls and you return to me,
Alone and shattered like a barren tree.
Your lipstick smudged, your eyes bright,
You yell at me and scream in fright.
I watch you break and curse the fate,
You’re so intense, your love for me you hate.

Image Source: dipity.com
But you know only I love you,
Only I stay, forever true.
I know who are you and what you become,
Yet, I stop you from becoming numb,
Where will you go, away from me?
How can I let you be?

And though you await the cold embrace of Death,
I will hold your shadows close, like your relieved breath,
You are the Mistress of Damage and Error,
And I will haunt you forever my love, trapped in your broken Mirror.

Image Source: visualize.us
Goodbyes are always hard, aren't they? No matter what you leave behind - something or someone, it eventually pains, because memories have a funny way to remind us of them. We change, meet new people every day - some linger, some hover, some stay, some are mere reminders of what we can never be or what we are not. Human existence is based on this very Fragile fact - everything comes to an end. Nothing - nothing is Immortal. Sometimes, you need to disappear, you need to hide somewhere, from yourself - when you become something you are not, when you do things you wouldn't in your dizziest daydreams, when you cannot recognize yourself when you look in the mirror. Loneliness isn't a bad feeling - it connects you to YOU. But what do you do when you want to reflect within yourself - As Amy Lee says - I look into myself, but my own heart has been changed. I am looking for a place, where no one knows me, where no one cares, where no one expects anything from me, where no one loves me, where no one hates me. I am looking for a place, where I am what I am, where if I do something, I do it without any fear, where no one stops me, where no one asks me to move. I am looking for a place, where I can smile without hurting my jaws, where my tears don't pain my eyes, where my soul tells me - Now I have found you

PS: Mirrors, they say, capture the soul of a person. In many legends, it's believed, that when someone dies, the mirrors are to be covered, otherwise, the soul remains tied in the other side and cannot go to where it's meant to. Here, the reflection is talking to her person. Reflection = Soul. Blessed Be!


kalpak n. said...

This was Fantabulous. I am a sucker for poems with rhyme, since my own are all rhyming. But good ones like this, not some forcefully rhymed trash. To quote Robert Frost, "Writing poetry without rhyming is like playing tennis with the net down".

The choice of words, everything in this poem was great. You can hit me for being a boring technical asshole, but some lines went out of meter. Nonetheless.

I loved this one. This must be one of the best products of a nightmare marred sleepless night :)

*hundred pats on the back*

I read it thrice already, still havent gotten enough of it.

Great Job Pro!

Swarnali said...

wow...that was a brilliant post. Sorry for I couldn't make much sense of the poem but the prose part was really good. You know how much this post has helped me. *hugs* :)

I do, I do. said...

Goodbyes are hard. And having anyone gone away without saying goodbye is harder. Way harder.

Rahul said...

That was Mystical!;-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@KP: Aaaah, appreciation like this, really is welcomed! :D From a true writer himself! Thank you! :) Rhyming, as you know, hasn't been my forte' but then, sometimes we come up with somethings unexpected. :D And, I know, I get what you mean by "out of meter", but well.... thanks! Hehehe, I hope my nightmares end! *Takes a Bow*

@Swarnali: :D :D :D Awww, I am glad! And also, now I know you know what this is about! :D Thank you! *Hugs*

@I do, I do. : I know, goodbyes are hard. Sometimes, saying them is much much harder than receiving them. Especially, when no one hears it. *Hugs*

@Rahul: Haha! :D Thanks!

Confused Soul said...

Wow. All I can say is Wow :)

meoww said...

honey..i love you..
to write like this
is a dream i can only cherish...

the poem..
it has a mystically chilly effect to it..
reminds me of moulin rouge..

blessed me my girl..


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Confused Soul: :) :) :D Thank you!

@Meoww: I love you, sweetheart...no matter what :D Yes, it has everything of me...broken and shattered. Blessed be, maman! :*

Neha Shandilya said...

It felt like a dark fairy tale..

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Neha: It is indeed exactly that... :) :)