8 Jan 2012

Give Unto Me (Commences Here)

One more step. Just another. You can do it. There's no point in holding back Ariana. There is no point. You know you can do it. Just one more step and the pain will end. 

I look down. The cold concrete wall under my feet swims and I raise my arms in the air. The breeze lifts my hair up in its wild attempt to stop me as I lean forward. Yes! The air rushes out of my lungs as my eyes widen for the briefest of seconds. I am dying. I wait for the impact. The sudden shooting pain and a crack! makes me realize that I might have cracked open my head but I am not dead. Suddenly in the distance, I see a halo floating above me as I close my eyes, feeling the pain fade away. Pain was beautiful. Death was beautiful. I was beautiful.
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I was standing in the distance as I saw the girl keel over and fall. I knew she would die instantly. But I loved her and while I am alive, she will never know pain. I will save her. Daemons and Humans were not meant to love. But I do not care. She isn't meant to die. She has to live. For me. 
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I lay in my bedroom. Drenched in sweat. I gingerly touch my head. Nothing. My skull isn't cracked and there is no pain. What a gory dream to watch! I actually jumped off my building! But I don't want to die. I can't seem to recall why I would want to kill myself, even in my dreams! I get up shivering. My empty house creaks. Oh. No wonder. I am alone. Ah. Sudden thought of self realization dawns on me. My family. Do I have one? I look around. Remainants of people I can see. Photo frames on the wall. Is that me? Are those my parents? Why don't I remember anything? I walk across the huge living area towards my kitchen. Thankfully, it is as stocked as I remember. Strange is the memory. I can't seem to remember many other things. I open the fridge and pull out the bottle to drink water. And then I see him. A man (or was he?) standing near my window. Wait! I am on tenth floor! How can anyone get up here?! I run towards the window to close the pane but no one is there. My God! I am going crazy.
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She looked so beautiful. So angelic. So much in peace. I have to look at her from distance. Her body framed in the most exotic womanly beauty. But strangely it was not desire I felt. It was shame that I felt. I was a monster. She was a mere human. So beautiful. So brave. I had to remove her memories of her family and the torture she went through. Her husband! That idiot of a man had to be killed. Ruthless animal he was. She doesn't have to remember. No. Her In-Laws, they were worse than my race. Whipping her everyday for not bearing a child. I cannot imagine the pain her body has gone through. The sudden urge to hold her close had made me raise to her place. But she turned those dark blue eyes on me. They have fire in them. I nearly fell. 
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I walk quietly to my room, feeling oddly at peace. Something was amiss, but it was not bothering me, whatever it was. I sat on my bed, sleep long forgotten. I am sure there was a man near my windowsill. For the briefest second I remembered something. I cannot seem to recall what. Sigh. Such a weird night. As I fold my hands and put them on my knees I see myself. There were bloodstains on me. OH.MY.GOD. It means by some freak accident I did actually fall and...! I jump out of the bed and run to the mirror next to my bed. I turn around. There are bloodstains on my back too. I feel the world closing around me as I see the image of the man near the windowsill and close my eyes, giving into the darkness....
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Blessed Be My fellas...a short journey to the land where Love isn't bound by rules. Tomorrow, Our Daemon or Kira (Killer in Japanese) may find or lose the only love he ever found.


DawnZhang said...

Ahh, beautiful again. You know how to weave words just fine! :) Blessed be! :)

maithili said...

wow girl this was something different and mystical as always! Looking forward to the next part :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

That little devil just bought his redemption, and do I see a little ring like halo developing over his forehead?

Blasphemous Aesthete

meoww said...

aaaah....nice nice..
you have got me thinkin on this one mishti..
eagerly waiting for the next part..:)

blessed be :)
cheers !!

DeEpAK KaRtHiK (420) said...

KIRA ?? enjoyed it and let's wait for the part 2..

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Intriguing! I loved it! :D

Keirthana said...

Lovely lovely and lovely! My nose was literally touching the laptop screen as my eyes moved over the words :)

Mirage said...

I am damn sure that this is going to be one hell of an awesome story. :)
And I can so not wait to read more.

P.S: Have I told you that my little cousin's nickname is also Mishti? :D :*

phatichar said...

The story flowed...slow and determined...just like the blood from her head. :)

Brilliant piece.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Amazing writing!

Confused Soul said...

woot woot.. this is one hell of an amazing story... you've weaved the words beautifully.. Great job love..

I am waiting for the next part :)

Amnn.......//1! said...

loll,,,,!!you write beautiful but y r all your stories bout love or sensousness ,??,,.!!!