30 Jan 2012

Give Unto Me (Redemption Faraway)

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In my arms, her body feels like a cotton rag doll's. She is soft. I hold my redemption in my hands. I remember the first time I had seen her. It was 10 years back. Before she got married to that rascal. She was sitting in a coffee shop, sitting alone, sipping her Irish Coffee, lost in her own thoughts. It was her eyes - the blue frozen ice crystals, which caught me. I was looking for a library where I could find some of my ancient texts for giving a lecture at some University. Yes, I was a Professor. Humans could never spot me. I could shape-shift, bring dead to life, heal fatal wounds and fall in love. 

This time, This place...
Misused, Mistakes,
Too long, Too late...
Who was I to make you wait,
Just one chance, 
Just one breath
Just in case there's just one left,
'Cause you know, 
you know, you know
That I love you,
I have loved you all along...
And I miss you, 
Been far away for far too long,
I keep dreaming you'll be with me,
and you'll never go...
Stop breathing if, 
I don't see you anymore...

I am dreaming. A pair of strong arms is holding me. I have a feeling I am not in the arms of a human man. That face....I open my eyes slightly. OH.DAMN. This man! The man who was near my window, this man, I had noticed him watching me every day of my life since 10 years. I still remember that day. I was in a coffee shop, thinking of the murderous attempt on my dreams had been done by my Father and Mother when they had gotten me betrothed to that jerk of all times. Money Money Money. That's what they ever thought of. And that's what my husband thought. To make love to me was a task he could never accomplish. His parents blamed me for not bearing his seed. My desires were over. I could not bear his touch on my body. I used to be out most of the time. Doing this and doing that. And when I returned, putrid breath and coarse arms welcomed me. I had reached my breaking point. I wanted to die. To somehow make it end. I could not, could not dare to go to police. Societal pressure was immense. After all, I was the one who was "barren". Who knew?

I keep her gently on my bed and sit on the chair far from where she sleeps. She is pure. I wouldn't dare disturb her. I had broken all the rules of me being a daemon tonight. I have been in love with this human woman for 10 years now, I have touched her, thought of loving her. I have resurrected her. Kept her from dying. I was anyway ostracized by my people...and now I have no way back to anywhere...except coming back to her. She would give me what I wanted. Have always wanted. My end would be her beginning. Her life would be my life. My death. My redemption. Her purity, her truth, her acceptance would save me. Save her. The only thing I can do right now is to wait. Wait for her to recollect her thoughts. I could see her eyes moving under those delicate pale lids. What must she be seeing? Recalling? Who knows?

I must wake up now. Confront the silent observer who, now I know, must have saved me. Time and again may be. I don't know. I open my one eye slowly and sunlight hits me. I close my eye instantly. Okay Okay, take it easy. Do not panic. My heart tells me to stay put and not put it in danger. Yea. Right. I roll over to my side and sit up abruptly - expecting the other occupant of my room to get up. But I see him, in the farthest corner of this room - Huge, painted sunshine yellow? Wow! And filled with wonderful upholstery. Hmmm...nice. I tip toe silently out of the bed and a realization hits me. I.AM.FREE. I.AM.ABSOLUTELY.FREE!!!!! I want to scream and shout and yell! I feel like a 16 year old young girl. However, my good sense prevails and I decide to examine him. The man who might have given me silent company for past so many years.

"Ahem. Erm. Goodmorning!" God! I am being so stupid! I am not acting like the woman I am. Ah. Freedom is getting to me.

I feel her presence before she speaks to me. But I cannot open my eyes. What if this is a dream? Is she really speaking to me? That tinkling voice...which now seems to be filled with...with suppressed excitement? But can I believe it? Should I believe it? I am scared and feel like my heart is beating fast, coming to life slowly. I...will she accept me? As I was? As I am? As I would ever be? A shiver is constantly running through me. The woman of my dreams, the one who was ever elusive is right here. Speaking to me. I cannot contain myself any longer. I open my eyes quickly and sit up.

"Whoa!! Easy. Are you the one who was near my window last night? Aren't you the man in the shadows, watching me silently, always?" I have lost every bit of my damn mind. This man could be a psychopath for all I know.

"I never knew you could talk so much! So many questions!" Shit. I hope she would not be offended. I'm loving the way she is blabbering. But...how can I start telling her? She might just walk over me for all I know.

"Yes. Sorry. So are you or are you not? The Man?" Oh. My tongue will be the end of me some day.

"Yes. I am the one watching you. And I am not a man." I cannot stop myself. If I can really tell her the truth, it's now or never.

I am not a man. My mind tries to wrap itself around this statement. He was not exactly a man, I already know that. But what he would be, I did not. The way his eyes are looking at me...it feels like....like he loves me. Oh Dear Lord! Those eyes...they are incredible. Dark Blue. Do humans have those eyes? My knowledge, as far as I know, says no. May be he has a junk DNA or something. But he already mentioned he was not human. So what is he?

"Listen. I don't want you to freak out. I am not a stalker, though it may look like it...but I was just around to ensure that you were safe...that I could see you. " I should have told her now that I am a daemon. But, the look in her eyes and that upward tilted chin reveals to me that I should be the one not dishing out challenges to her, of not freaking out.

"You mean, you were around to ensure that I was just alive. If you were to ensure I were safe, you would have ensured it a long time back. Who are you anyway?" I could not avoid the bitterness in me from spilling out. Anyone who showed they really cared had to show it. At least to me.

"I was not permitted to intervene into the matters of a human. Yet, I fought and ensured that I could at least keep you alive for me....I....I am a daemon. Part human Part beast. I want you to know, that we exist. I exist." She stands there, staring at me with those Ice-Blue eyes. In my long life, for the first time, I freeze.

PS: Sorry, no pictures for this one. Have been caught up with the realities of life. Yet, life moves on and so does my story. Hoping that you love this one... Blessed Be My Dears! 
PPS: If I get chance, I will repost this one, with pictures. Till then... 

8 Jan 2012

Give Unto Me (Commences Here)

One more step. Just another. You can do it. There's no point in holding back Ariana. There is no point. You know you can do it. Just one more step and the pain will end. 

I look down. The cold concrete wall under my feet swims and I raise my arms in the air. The breeze lifts my hair up in its wild attempt to stop me as I lean forward. Yes! The air rushes out of my lungs as my eyes widen for the briefest of seconds. I am dying. I wait for the impact. The sudden shooting pain and a crack! makes me realize that I might have cracked open my head but I am not dead. Suddenly in the distance, I see a halo floating above me as I close my eyes, feeling the pain fade away. Pain was beautiful. Death was beautiful. I was beautiful.
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I was standing in the distance as I saw the girl keel over and fall. I knew she would die instantly. But I loved her and while I am alive, she will never know pain. I will save her. Daemons and Humans were not meant to love. But I do not care. She isn't meant to die. She has to live. For me. 
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I lay in my bedroom. Drenched in sweat. I gingerly touch my head. Nothing. My skull isn't cracked and there is no pain. What a gory dream to watch! I actually jumped off my building! But I don't want to die. I can't seem to recall why I would want to kill myself, even in my dreams! I get up shivering. My empty house creaks. Oh. No wonder. I am alone. Ah. Sudden thought of self realization dawns on me. My family. Do I have one? I look around. Remainants of people I can see. Photo frames on the wall. Is that me? Are those my parents? Why don't I remember anything? I walk across the huge living area towards my kitchen. Thankfully, it is as stocked as I remember. Strange is the memory. I can't seem to remember many other things. I open the fridge and pull out the bottle to drink water. And then I see him. A man (or was he?) standing near my window. Wait! I am on tenth floor! How can anyone get up here?! I run towards the window to close the pane but no one is there. My God! I am going crazy.
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She looked so beautiful. So angelic. So much in peace. I have to look at her from distance. Her body framed in the most exotic womanly beauty. But strangely it was not desire I felt. It was shame that I felt. I was a monster. She was a mere human. So beautiful. So brave. I had to remove her memories of her family and the torture she went through. Her husband! That idiot of a man had to be killed. Ruthless animal he was. She doesn't have to remember. No. Her In-Laws, they were worse than my race. Whipping her everyday for not bearing a child. I cannot imagine the pain her body has gone through. The sudden urge to hold her close had made me raise to her place. But she turned those dark blue eyes on me. They have fire in them. I nearly fell. 
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I walk quietly to my room, feeling oddly at peace. Something was amiss, but it was not bothering me, whatever it was. I sat on my bed, sleep long forgotten. I am sure there was a man near my windowsill. For the briefest second I remembered something. I cannot seem to recall what. Sigh. Such a weird night. As I fold my hands and put them on my knees I see myself. There were bloodstains on me. OH.MY.GOD. It means by some freak accident I did actually fall and...! I jump out of the bed and run to the mirror next to my bed. I turn around. There are bloodstains on my back too. I feel the world closing around me as I see the image of the man near the windowsill and close my eyes, giving into the darkness....
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Blessed Be My fellas...a short journey to the land where Love isn't bound by rules. Tomorrow, Our Daemon or Kira (Killer in Japanese) may find or lose the only love he ever found.