7 Dec 2011

Release Me

Blessed Be Everyone!

And you would think life comes to a stand still when you have examinations.*Sigh* My life never fails to surprise me. And sometimes I feel like Oh God! What now? So, yesterday was one such day, when I let a trivial matter get to me. Yes. I have a tough time learning that sometimes I need to be really selfish to survive. And that trust is a word which should be deleted from the dictionary of mankind all together. Anyway, I cannot crib for long you know...so I would rather write. Which I did. *Smug* Saves a lot of energy. ;) I have environmental law paper tomorrow but this was more important. Here's my bittersweet anger...which cuts clean and makes you dream if you want more.  
Image Source: weheartit.com
Breathe me and release me…
I won’t flow in your veins anymore.
Hold me in your hands…
And push me away.
I let you take me…take me with you,
To a place where dreams die.
I burnt…burnt and hurt for you,
You cut me, put me down…
I loved you, loved you till the end.
End was near, lost in you, who am I?
I don’t know anymore.
You are mine, am I yours’?
Or am I merely kissing your feet?
Image Source: weheartit.com
One day you will forget me,
Like I never met you, never touched you.
I will fawn at you. Yes, I am your darling,
And one sweet day, loving me you will regret…
That night beloved love of mine, with longing, is met…
When I will breathe you and release you.

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So, well, made me smile, this one here. I wish those who are meant for this could read it. It would have been Nice. *Evil Smile* Or may be, they won't get it. They are still newborns in this life.Really. 


meoww said...

i have fallen in love with your words alllll over again...
i know very well what you talking about sweetheart..
and dont worry baby..
life will get to them in her own sweet evil way when the time is right..
muahhhhss to you..
and dont you worry my love..
i know you are strong...to walk through all of that..untarnished..unbruised..

and whenever you falter...lil angel is gonna be there to hold you right there..without you having to tell her your pain..

lots of love to you mishti...
stay the way are..
that is what defines you..
and i am super glad to have met you..

cheers !!

DawnZhang said...

Beautiful! :) You expressed your feelings beautifully. Love it!

Blessed Be!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Meoww: *Blush* Hehehe yayayayyyyy :D :D You loved this! <3 Sigh, I am glad you know a lot of things about me... Mwaah. :* :D Lil Angel...I know....I am blessed to have found you... Love you love you love you tooooo. So Much!!! :D :D Me tooo Me tooo <3

@DawnZhang: Heyyy, long time sweetheart! Where have you been? :D Thank you Thank you! :D :D <3 Blessed Be!!!

Cяystal said...

I LOVE THE PICTURE! It is SO effing true. Karma cannot be blamed, and you blame it when you're the one to be blamed, really.
Coming to the post, 'newborns in this life' Haha. Sometimes I wish I could go show my posts to the sad parts of my life, never materializes though. Sigh.
i agree with Meow, Mishti baby is strongest, you will get through this. C'est la vie, its just life :) Mwahh. :*
And the poem was heart felt .. made much sense.

maithili said...

Ah I m too going through the boring exam phase.. Was wondering if I should read blogs for sometime and I m glad I did!
MSM you are becoming a fab poetess.. I love you!! <3 <3
You are strong and you have an awesome way to look at life.. This poetry proved it :) Waiting to catch you more often after exams!! ITs beeen sooooooo long since we chatted na!

subtlescribbler said...

HIGH 5* even m going through d same boring exam phase..my God its really terrible to be land locked!
u wrote such a beautiful poem even at this point in time..bravo! I cant even come up with a proper comment :/
good luck!


Mirage said...

I too feel the same exam terror around me, though my externals are yet to start.

And wow, what fantastic poetry you do MSM! Your words and thoughts, they flow into my nerves so easily. I'm again dumbstruck! =] <3

Scribbling Gal said...

Each time I read you I fall in love with your words <3

Sorry for being away was just not blogging much now back :)

And i love all u write :)

Dont worry exams are phases u will do it well :)
Good luck :)

phatichar said...


Maverick said...

wow! what a punchline: "karma is a bitch only if you are one".
Im gonna remember and use as and when required :P Hats off to you missy for choice of words that I have seen in your last 3 blogs. and not mention, that one liner is gonna stay in my head for quite some time. :P

Suruchi said...

wow...someone who writes this well during the exams should never be made to come out of them...aww...just kidding:-)

but then there is so much power in your expressions...they seem to be hitting hard!
and loved the attitude in the end too-took me by a pleasant surprise for I always thought you were my chue-muye:-)

hope that paper went well!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Crsytal: :D :D And I love you! :D <3 Hehhee, yes, they are the infants...toothless tigers, who perceive life as a mere luxury, where there is nothing to explore and like to live in trivialities of bitching and oh, well, misconstruing the ones who are not so upcoming. Beats me! I'm in love with knowing the mysteries of my life. :D :D :*

@Maithili: Awww, honey! Exams and I are like Rivals...born nemesis of each other! :P :D Aawwwwieee....Poetess??? *Giggles* Ahem, sounds nice...Thank youuuu!! <3 I knowwwwwwwwwwwww, I miss talking to youuuu!!! :( Stupid Exams! I love you!!!

@Sarah: Hi5* I knowwwww.....Land Locked and Brain Locked ;) :D Hehehehe, extreme emotions you see ;) :P :D I am glad you read, comments are just...well....ah! Let's say, I know what you want to say! :D :D :*

@Vinati: Ooooh...I know, I just paved through them. Heaven save me. :| Heheheh....I am not even close to what you write, my Lady! I love youtr simplicity and complexity in those tiny lines....they are a league of their own! :D :D

@Scribbling Gal: Awww.... *Blush* Heyyy, you came, that's like great!! :D :D No matter now or later! :) :D Heheh, thanks sweetheart.... I hope I do well....Hope is what I have. ;) :D

@phatichar: Thank you! :) :D

@Maverick: Hehhehe, true na! We love to blame, but we can't take one. Blame it on the karma, well, karma is what you do! :D Thanks Mr. :D Your presence here is cherished. :D

@Suruchi: OMG! You know, I will seriously never study then ;) :P I can't imagine the stress! :P :D Ohhh....yes. The poem. You know....it's...it's only words that I have....to show what I feel...! Hehehe, I am still a bit chuye muye...but you know, I have been used too much....now not anymore. If I can be loving, I can be dangerous too....no more. Heheheh, Paper went all right! I still wish, you were my teacher! :D :D :*

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

The best ideas come during our exams :) Happens all the time!
The poem was well written. The repetition added to the effects :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Philo: First, I love your name! :D :D Sounds like music! :D And second, you are absolutely right!!! :D Exams and random creative thoughts? Best buddies! :D :D Thank you sweetheart, keep visiting! :D :D Blessed Be!