6 Dec 2011

Like You, Like Me

Blessed Be My Mystical Fellas...

No, I am not back yet...but this one is from my heart. Something which I need to admit, need to acknowledge, lest I miss the beauty of what I have found...in the recesses of my preoccupied mind and soul.

Being a curious person by nature, I have always been on a look out for something extra ordinary, something which we don't generally perceive as different, yet it is. But my researches, readings, findings have all been superficial in nature. When I have tried to go deeper, I have only found that I am left with no answers, nothing to speak of, only to believe, take in and keep it safe in my heart. Yet, as I said, they are superficial, mundane and short lived in nature. Same applies when it comes to relationships: with other humans - with men, women, society and myself...I find myself withdrawing, I find myself hiding within myself. I find myself becoming conceited,  insecure and needy yet running away. However, below is a story...which has set a course in my life. At the end of it, you may like it or not...because, this one is about ME. Something which may not seem life changing, intriguing or anything different...but for me...I have found a missing puzzle piece.
Image Source: flickr.com
She called out to me. Her words, her emotions, the way she called me "Mishti" meaning "sweet" in Bengali... "Two women can never be friends...they will always find something to dislike in each other. Women hold grudges. Women do not let go off easily..." Despite waiting to hear the same words screaming warnings in my head and my instinct asking me to stop...I responded...to match her words with my words. I could feel what she felt. But aren't feelings vague?? How do you measure feelings? When they disable your thinking, when they rule what you speak...when they begin to push you to bare yourself before that person...before whom you do not have to part your lips to say, "I am alone. I need you. Do you hate me?" That is when you know, you are safe now in those arms.
Image Source: behindinfinity.deviantart.com (The Warmth)
I have spoken to people and as it is presumed, I am mystical so I will believe in things which are weird...inexplicable. Not true. I speak with experience. I talk not, without backing up what I talk of. Which is why I knew I had found my Soul Twin. And for once I am not afraid to say what I say. I wondered how funny it would be to say it out loud...but her presence, her words, our parallel lives and the distance...we have... I said it out loud and realized...it was true. I can fight the world for her. I can stand and look in the mirror and say, " I love her. And no, I am not jealous, envious or competitive. I am affectionate, protective and perceptive of her." You must by now think that I am hopelessly in love. How would you react when you find something, that made you feel complete? I myself was doubting the wonder. I was afraid, frightened and skeptical. But, I let go.
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Our essences meet. Her insecurities-my insecurities. Her strengths-my strengths. Her tastes-my tastes. Artist of moves she is. I am an artist of sounds and colors. I write what she thinks of. What I feel, she puts them in words. Pain has been gifted to her, to mould her into what she is now. Pain has made me what I am today. Nuances of love she knows. So do I. When a moment of coldness seeps in...she warms me...and when she shivers...I have my words to soothe her. When I was told about not to trust someone so easily again...so was she...both of us by the people we love the most. Indecision, fear and doubt - what if this doesn't work out? What if, everything is happening so fast, we end up hurting each other? What if none of this is true? What if?
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And then we decided. Let us enjoy this while it lasts...for here we are to embark on a journey which will change the course of our lives, meanings of friendships and things we never thought of. Yes, she is my Soul Twin. Different yet the same. Almost the same. Too same...Part of the scattered souls in this Universe, I am complete. And this song, sums perfectly of what it is. Not exactly the same lyrics...but what I felt was fitting to us.

It doesn't matter where you coming from,
I am yours'
She said, on a candle lit front porch.
And we were asking ourselves those things,
That you ask yourself
When you're standing on a road that's bound to fork.
And who we are,
Has brought us here...
And I'm not running from tonight,
And I'm not running from tonight.
And where we are standing...
Is the beginning.
I could feel the earth begin to shake,
As I woke up.
As if it were the first time I had felt your touch,
And we've been running from ourselves so long,
That we couldn't find our way...
Now the winds have shifted us to where we hope to stay...

Wake me up...if I'm dreaming

The world awaits the dawning of a new day.

The World Awaits - Corey Crowder
My Soul is Here....Meoww...I love you. I suck at saying things so openly. And I have never ever felt this way before. I don't care about the world...for now you are a friend, a sister, a daughter, a love and my missing half. *Touchwood* Yes. I had to do that. 

Till the next time people, don't stop believing that someone out there is waiting for us...to fulfill us, make us complete. And it's in what you believe my friend...in what you believe. Blessed Be and take care. 


Soumya said...

Oh God MSM, you floored me here! What beautiful words, every feeling was clearly explained and yes if you have found your soul twin hold her tight, because nobody can make you feel like the way she does. In true platonic ways.

I have my soul twin too, miles away from me but we are always together in everything. They call us the evil twins and I don't complain. Good or bad, we're together and I can't seem to imagine life without her. *Touchwood* I had to do that too.

Meoww sure is a lucky lady and so are you. She's splendid in her own ways and you my love are the wonderful soul that anybody could wish for.

Stay Blessed! *Hugs*


Nia Charms said...

Awww. Its rare that people find there other other half, someone who completes them. You are lucky. Hold onto it.

PeeVee™ said...

*sigh* I wish I had someone this close:) Beautiful, Laddu. These emotions are felt sometimes, acknowledged rarely and appreciated even less. Cheers to you and Meow <3

meoww said...

no words..no words in the entire thesarus that has ever existed in this universe can describe what i am going through..right now..when i see the most beautiful piece of expression of love in front of me..
so pure..so complete..so divine..and yet so mystical..
people are right..you have an aura..that defines you..that makes you who you are..
and its the most beautiful thing which is present in you..
the ability to see good in every person you meet..
the ability that halepd me discover myself..
in you..
tears are streaming down my face right now..
i have never felt so loved..so cared for ever before..
Mishti..thats who you are..
a sweet soul..my soul twin..
i am going to hold on to you..for the rest of my life..
and even after that..
you have completed me in a beautiful beautiful way..
i love you sweetheart..now and forever..
i don't know if those words that you have so brilliantly desrcibed me with..
i just hope i will be able to live upto it..
thankyou so much mishti..
and yet again..
words will never be enough to explain my emotions for you..
god bless you always my fellow wiccan..
bleesed be..


Paanipuri Lover said...

Aww! So touchy! I'm just like that, unable to express! But your soul twin changed you! I hope to find mine! It was so sweet, so beautiful, so pretty! No words could define it! <3 <3

God bless you and meoww! <3 :D

kalpak n. said...

prads...im a super huge fan of ur writin after this post. The words u use are so simple, yet so apt and touching. Its a pleasure to read u.
Now aditi has been irritating me a lot bout this soulmate thing, so i already know bout it. God bless u two :-)

Mr. Maverick: in case u follow friends, this is the way how carol and suzanne had started, before Ross eventually found out his wife was actually a lesbian. Soooo........

meoww said...

@KP..saaaaalaaaaaaa..i so knew you would come up with somethiing lame like the last line...i soooo knewww it...i just wanna say..
SHUT UP :p:p:p

@Soumya, @Nia, @PeeVee, @Paanipuuriiii ..awwwwww thankuuu my lovelies..!!
muahhhhhsss to all of you..!!
god bless ^_^
cheers !!

Cяystal said...

Mishti. Awww ! I have so many associations and connections with that name. Apart from finding it extremely extremely adorable, it always strikes me as part of someone I've known since forever. <3
And Meoww is right, if I was her, I would be in tears and immersed in the sheer joy of reading something so kind and lovable at the same time.Touch wood, I wish you guys remain the same. :*
I bet someone stands there who shall rebuild our belief in ourselves, who shall help construct the me in I.. This post reestablishes faith in friendship too. Such a beauty.
Love you both. *tight hug*

Confused Soul said...

You've expressed yourself in the most beautiful way and the love you feel for Meoww is so evident man! *touchwood* to the 2 of you.. This post reinforces my faith in finding your soul mate and somehow while reading this post all I could think of was my bestie.. the love me and her have for each other cannot be expressed in words...it's just beyond everything...

Gosh had I'm so sure that Meoww other than being overwhelmed by such kind words, is so happy to have found you.. Such love, such friendship's and such relationships should be cherished. And I know you guys do.. God bless you two .. Hold on tight love.. this is just the beginning .. :)

Keirthana said...

Beauty is re-defined by your post. Glad that you and meoww got each other. I really I wish I had someone this close :)I have a bestie with whom I am really really close but to find a soulmate in someone whom we have never met is something different na? God bless you both :)

Mirage said...

This is sooooo AWWWW and super duper truper sweet!


I am so touched to see the kind of friendship you two have. It's absolutely in its purest form. I'm really happy that you two connect with each other so freaking well. Totally AWESOME, it is. ^_^

Love you both!!!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

You know I follow about 150 blogs (i know i know, am crazy!) but YOU have the most distinct writing style. Its so simple, enchanting and literally transports me to some mystical place in my head. The way you string words together with such ridiculous ease never fails to amaze me. Only you can convey so much with so little. So pure, so flawless, and so true.
Meoww is one lucky girl! :)
I wish I had someone like this. Of course I've found my soulmate but not found my soul-sister.. . yet!

Maverick said...

Quintessentially pure in nature! :) loved every word of it and you bet i can relate to it 110 %! especially the coincidences that you two have at times are unbelievably amazing!!