16 Nov 2011

The Magic

Blessed Be Lovely Fellas!

I am overwhelmed by the response you all have given on my last post...it was just a "Thank you" but you all made me smile, grin, laugh and feel like I am on top of the world! You all deserved every bit of it and you needn't say thank you for that. But, I am not complaining. I love it! :D :D Muchas Gracias to you all, Senors and Senoritas!
Starry Kiss for you all! :*
So, my next post is on Tarot Cards. It is taking me time to finish the research and shorten the details...but believe me, it is magical. It takes me to a different world. It's mostly going to take two parts because there are 22 Cards in Major Arcana and other smaller denomination cards in Minor Arcana.

Besides all of that, the point of this post is, how we miss the Magic all around us. Last night, it was one such realization. You know that Winters are round the corner and Nights are becoming a little bit colder...both of which I love. Winters and Night. I was writing down my thoughts in my diary when my eyes went to the Half risen moon. I sit before a window with my laptop and beyond the window, there is a balcony and you can see miles ahead. I stay near highway, so the houses are there, but far away. So, yes, Half Risen Moon. It's waning now, since Full moon was a couple of days back. And believe me, my heart stopped. The Moon was yellow orange-ish...still rising and there were stars! I mean, it's a surprise to see stars these days, when our skies have turned brown and orange due to pollution. 
Image Source: commons.wikimedia.org (I so wish I had a camera. This pic doesn't do justice to what I saw...)
Now, we really don't care about what time the Moon raises or how much time it takes to wane and all that (except for may be our mothers, who would need to know when in Purnima or Amavasya). I had started to keep a track, but then I forgot and got too busy (That is the excuse I give even for things I love). So, the Stars...I recognized Orion...and few common ones like Dipper but then it was too cold...and late in the night. I couldn't stand there. I stared at the moon for 10 whole minutes...when I decided I will write something. For we all should take time out, at least ten minutes to appreciate these finer things Nature bestows upon us.When I tell my roomies about how beautiful the moon looks, usually, they smirk 'cause, apparently it's funny that I become dreamy when I stare at the moon. May be it is, may be it is not. Magic is visible only to those who seek it without any inhibitions.

In Bangalore, weather is always good, so I go to the terrace at night and stay there for 2 hours at  a stretch. It's so easing, that I miss it here, in Bhopal. Tonight, I might though, watch the moon again. But it will rise late today. I think it's two hours later than it was yesterday. I am not sure. But, if you have reached till here...anyway, bearing my ramblings, you might as well read this tiny poem which I wrote for the Night... :D :D

The Night covers the forbidden secrets...
Of Desires and Dangers,
I am the storm, the harbinger...
Of the Bold and the Beautiful, 
The One so Invincible.
I wait for the Lady of the Night,
the One I worship, the One who guides Me,
To the path where You and I meet,
And the Moon shines down upon us, 
As I touch your face, the Stars pour down...
Tonight, I see, the magic all around,
When I hold you in my arms...
Clouds embrace us as I watch you, 
Our love has casted its charm ...
Into the Night, we move...
For you, my Love, I break the barriers and dive,
Into the Darkest Crevices...
Your hand in mine, our magic then flourishes....

Image Source: Google images
Yeah, House of Night inspired me ;) :D Till the next time my Lovely Lovely People, watch with your inner eye and you shall see, the magic that beats within you!


maithili said...

A beautiful post :) Yes I too love winters and I love the silence of the night.. I do get lost when I see the moon and the stars.. I admit I don't do it much except for when I m in my native.. Your poetry was again too beautiful :)

Cяystal said...

Tarot cards! I'm waiiiting and aching to meet a real life tarot card reader. This post was kinda magical too. I swear, there is magic in almost every thing that we can lay our eyes on.
and desires and dangers, intriguing phrase. Me likey! :)

Paanipuri Lover said...

Ok! My fortune teller! Amazing post! Tarot cards?! *mmh* *rubbing hands in anticipation*
And moon and nights are my love too! I love winter! Amazing season! Not as good as monsoon, but my second favourite! And I've been to bhopal a couple of times! And wahan, the moon looks soooo different, ekdum clear! And if you say that bangalore is better, then I wanna visit bangalore SOON! And fir se, mastu poem! <3 :D

Anuranjani said...

Amazing post!
Winter is my favorite season and nights I love!

the poem is beautiful and I love you! :*

meoww said...

yess thats the new name i have given you..

you deserve every single thankyou you got for the previous post sweetie..
but you stilllll haven't read what i wrote for you in my last post..
boooo hoooooooo :(:(:(

khi khi khi..:P:P:P

after our last conversation...
i have every reason to believe that my staunch belief in the existence of soul mates , soul sisters.. has been reinforced..
you speak my mind you know..
how..i guess we will never be able to figure out..

hmmm the connection between the pictures and your words is simply perfect..!!

and what poetry ya....superbb..!!

and yes..magic stems from within us..
and it grows on the magic from our surroundings..
kinda mutual na.. :)

waiting for the next post and our chats as well..

lovers of the night we be..
bless you my fellow wiccan..:)

cheers !!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Maithili: Thank you Thank you! :) :) I get my fill in Bangalore...though, it's not easy to enjoy these, I understand. :D :D

@Crystal: Awww...I know, my research is mostly on what the cards mean in a generic way, though it's very intriguing. :D Yes....Magic is everywhere love...oh even in Desires and Dangers! :D ;) :D

@Paanipuri Lover: *Wide Grin* Your Fortune Teller has bloated with pride here :P :P ;) :D Hehehe! It shall be before you in no time, love! I know...Bhopal...I LOVE moon sightings here...and yes yes, come to Bangalore! :D :D Thank you!

@Anuranjani: Yayy! :D Me likes the fact. And ohhhh.... *Blush* I love you too...mwaah mwaah! :*

@meoww: Yayyy! I love my new name, "Mishti" :D :D I loved loved loved what you wrote for me! (Aajkal Paaon Zameen Par Nahi Padte ;) :D I know, Soul Mates...the realization was so freaky na! Neither can I figure out, but my belief in things have become stronger... :D :D Thank you! Poetry is mystery and mystery is within me ;) *Wah Wah*

Yes :D It grows, definitely...mutual like us. :D :D Me too! Lovers of the Magic then we shall be! So I mote it to be! Blessed be, my Lady!

PS: Did I mention, I love your comments! :D :D :D <3

Keirthana said...

Hey ya girl! Same Pinch! Winter and Night! Wooooooooooowwie.... I am so loving the template of your blog. Wish I could have something this awesome for mine.. Lovely Post.. Yeah finer things in nature really reveal the inner divinity of ourselves or at least I feel so...I am so lost in the beauty of your blog and your post right now..

P.S: Any suggestions on the template? Mine is a wordpress based site. So, I doubt if there are any such awesome animated templates..

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Keirthana: :D :D Awww, thank you thank you. Changed it today, wanted something like me here... :D Hahaha! Awww... :D :D I am blushing. :D *Hugs*

Um, if you click on the sparkly things, a widget website will open where there on the left hand side, there is blog mood...from where I chose the twinkling stars. The background was in Blogger template. I don't about Wordpress though :(

The Updater said...

MSM!! Nice post! And Bangalore's weather, it's just awesome-er at nights! :) I love spending time on my terrace at night too :) Bangalore does it to us I guess ;)

And oh, such wonderful poetry :) (Jealous I can never write such poems! :( )

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@The Updater: Thank youuu! :D :D I knowww, I think it's Bangalore! :D Oh, thank you! You know, I used to write better before :| (Emotions were wild back then ;) :P)

Suruchi said...

the stars shining in the corner provide just the right feel to this beautiful post...i always found the moon different too and then thought i perceive it so coz maybe my mood is different!

winters, moon , poetry...hmmm...someone's turning mushy?:-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Suruchi: :D :D Hai na?? :D I love them! Eee :D Hey, can you tell me how the pic is...side mein??? :D Pretty Please??

Hehhehe....Ab kya kahoon? Mushy...Mahaul hi kuch aisa hai yahaan ka ;) :D

Confused Soul said...

the winter and nights always amaze me.. I think it really is one of the best time.. Talking of the Moon, it's been so long I've seen one.. I just can't see it from my balcony .. ugh :( ..

Tarot cards... WOW I'd so wanna read that =)

Raniyal Niyada said...

Well now finally found a not just awesome blog but something much better than that!! i loved it. . .

Night. . . Winter. . .Magic. . . OMG!! those are my key words :D

'Magic is visible only to those who seek it without any inhibitions.' How truly said. . .

Even i spend most of my night hours on the terrace :D

you are just fab!! n so adorable and mystic n ..............

Keep Rocking
take care

Vinati said...

This was such a serene post.
You know I too love getting lost while staring at the moon and the clouds and the stars. If we think deeper we will notice the magic in the sky too.
Isn't it spell-bounding that the sky changes colour? No scientific invention can make the ceiling of our homes change colour as beautifully as the nature does it for the whole world. We take the sky above us for granted but just imagine the reaction of a person who sees it for the first time.
Magic is all around us. If only we don't take things for granted.

Lovely poetry, MSM
And I am keenly waiting for the post on tarot cards. :)

P.S: You know I want to sit with you somewhere and talk about all the mystical things around. What can I do, you are so intriguing. :)

Viya ;) said...

You know even though its so hot and sunny outside, for some reason as i was reading down through your post, i felt a sudden chill! dunno why though..
I've never been that attracted to the moon or the stars but i think after reading you post, i mite spare some time to experience this serene feeling you've described :) ..
Magic is definetly in the air! ;)
Loved the post! :D
Can't wait for the tarot card stuff!! :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Confused Soul: Yes...Night...for me and winters...are the bestest of times, I wait for, year round. I knowww....try if you go out somewhere in the night...a glipmpse can do wonders too ;) :D Like a lover :* Am working on them... :D :D

@Raniyal Niyada: Blessed Be my dear and welcome to Mystical Skeptical Me's world! :D Aha! Thankyou! I am happy here, to know you are loving this :D Hahahaha! :D :D Thank you Thank you so much. Keep visiting for more, lady! :D :D You to take care! :) :)

@Vinati: Hain na??? Me too....how true Vi....it's absolutely a stunner to watch the blue sky turn orange, red, purple and dark.... Nothing nothing can beat it, as you said... :D :D I knowww....Magic is there... :D Thank you! :D I would love to spend time with you...especially since you're interested...I can go on and on and on...about the mystical things! :D :D Hehhe... *Blush* Intriguing is a good word. :*

@Viya ;) : Ohhh....you are not afraid no? :| May be it's the color...Blue Purple, cold colors....here's a WARM hug for you >.< :D :D Believe me....try once...just walk in the night..on the terrace....it eases all the nerves... :D Hehehe, MAGIC is in the air, love! :D :D Yes Yes, it's right round the corner! :D :*