3 Nov 2011


Hello Hello and Blessed be my Beloved People!!

I am going HOME tonight!! *Grins* What a pain-in-the-arse this semester was, has been! I just finished my internship and now I am in serious need of a break (even if that means I have to study Bare Acts and Sigh, laws) and lots of coffee!

I will be regular with my posts, since Voodoo and other mysteries need to be solved for a long time. Any ideas or things you all need to know about? Let me know. I will try my best! :D And I promise, "Fear" shall not be repeated, though Raguel might be, only for Peevee! :D :D <3
Raguel for you! :D :D ;)
Blessed Be and love you all. May stars shine upon you, MSM motes that be! 


Anuranjani said...

You're going Home tonight? I am going back to the hostel, the day after. :(
Enjoy your stay and have fun! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Anuranjani: :D:D Yep. Thankyou thankyou! :D

PS: I know how it feels when time to return comes. *Hugs*

ani_aset said...

enjoy your holidays :P

meoww said...

owww..happy journey back home :)
i never had a hostel life..*SIGH*
where do ya stay vaise ?

Aaan..yess yess..do write about them..hmm i used to feel kinda weird..that i be the rare one to have an inclination towards such off beat stuff..m glad m not alone now :):):)
have fun..and dont get drunk on too much coffee :p

cheers !

Red Handed said...

I am going home tooo!!!!! Nov and Dec. this time no internship for me. Last yr and I am going to enjoy it!
Write your amazing short stories!!

Keirthana said...

Happy happy journey :) I am just back from a long vacation and not entitled to another one in the near. :( Keep writing :)

Paanipuri Lover said...

So many law students around?!
You guys will save my ass no, when my family files a case against me when I kill my brother!:P

And going home? It must be an awesome feeling no?
*sigh* I've never been anywhere else except my home! :(
But my masters degree is there! I live in hope!
And I'm waiting eagerly for your next posts! :D

Suruchi said...

wow-enjoy the break...and when you guys say with such liveliness " I am going home" I can sooo feel the spring on your feet and sigh-feeling I wanna go home too...and then I realize I am AT HOME and past the age when you can run home n be carefree:-)

so enjoy these best days and live them up:-)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Nice, have a safe trip home and loads of fun there.

Wish I could go home soon too but its something that is going to have to wait for a year at the least.

Pria said...

Have a nice trip.. ahh how much i miss home soemtimes and i badly need a vacation.. yes! i am planning to go home soon.. *eagerly waiting*.. have good time and be back with your stories..

PeeVee™ said...

My man's going to kill me but I'm in love with that man *sigh* :P Thanks, Pradee:) <3 loads of love to you for bringing him back;D

Have fun at home. Or rather chill the heck out of yourself:D

And I want to know your considered opinion on black magicians and the existence of demons.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@PeeVee: Heheheh :D :D Thanks!