26 Nov 2011

Breathing Space

Blessed Be My Mystical Fellas!

My exams are right around the corner and it's high time that I leave this beautiful world of writing for sometime. I will continue my posts on Tarot when I return because currently my mind set is mostly that of reading, reading and more reading...and reading Statutes (Yawn!) totally conflict with what I want to read. ;) I may or may not have access to the internet in the coming month, depending on the plans that I might have...but if I do, it would be much better for my writing...haven't been on a break for a while now. And I need some mental peace to continue.
Yeah, it screams *I am Interesting, pick me up!*
Image Source: learningpool.com
I have noticed that I have become restless and find myself unable to concentrate on any thing I read - be it on witches or warehouses, fire or food...nothing is working. So *deep breath*... I am taking a break. Not for long - may be from tomorrow till...well, let's see. ;) :D Ah! The Determination I exude! *tch tch* Oh and before I leave, here's a figment of my imagination...for you, to ponder over...tell me, what you feel ~ 

You know I watch you, feel you touch me,
Touch me with your cold fingers as I remain silent.
Shush, my heart, for you may die someday,
Without knowing this mysterious lover…
You hover around the edges, into my mind,
Within the infinite darkness, you light a fire.
I sing a haunting melody and my fingers play a magical tune,
The stars shine upon me and fall into my eyes,
I watch my hands move to hold you…
Image Source: vi.sualize.us
Hold you, embrace you and take you within,
I see you…I see you raise and lift beyond the soft embrace,
My eyes move up with you as you leave my world,
Tonight, you know I watch you, watch you touch me…
As you disappear like my breath stranded…into the night,
Were you there, touching me with your cold fingers?
Into the darkness tonight, I lay silent…
For I know you watch me watch you,
Take me with you.

Sometimes, we fall in love with things and people we cannot see, cannot feel...yet, the connection, the presence is so potent...you know them like the air you breathe...Till the next time I see you Blessed People, remember, distances do not part the hearts, it's the thought my friends...it's the thought.


Keirthana said...

You too on a break? Anyway, since you have exams, I will just wish you all the best and suppress my urge to tempt you to write in spite of the exams :D :P

Be back soon :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Keirthana: Hello, lovely Lady, you are the first person to comment. You made my day (evening) :D :D :D Heheheh, Yeah, only because of exams :| :| Thank You! I know....I will end up changing my mind :P :P :D

Yes Yes!! Will be back soon! :D

Paanipuri Lover said...

How? How matlab how? How do you write THIS good?!
And all the best for exams! :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Khusboo: Awwww.... :D :D Listen to some serious music ;) :D Apne aap hi... :P Just kidding... :* I was thinking about someone who hasn't seen her lover...a man she thinks she loves, but who doesn't exist... :D :D
Thank you Sweetheart!!! :D :D I seriously need it! :|

Smita said...

all the very best.
go break all the statues :P
good luck.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Smita: Thank you thank you! :D :D Badi zaroorat hai ;) :D Aiiyo, all statutes will break me ;) :D

Hehehe, see you soon! :D

Viya said...

That.was.jus.beautiful! :) :)
Aaannd all the best for the eggjamms!! :) :)
and i really hope you find the 'inner peace'.. :) i can't imagine YOU being restless!! your blog always for some reason suddenly brings in some calmness.. :)
take care *huuuuug* :)

Vinati said...

Your style of poetry is so beautiful. I loved this one too.. :)

And even my exams are around the corner. I would also take a break from blogging and facebooking and would dive into my books from tonight and come out with every thing stuffed in my little head as soon as possible so that I get enough time for 2-3 revisions. \m/

(Please don't mind the exaggeration. It is in my genes.)

On a serious note, I should take some inspiration from you dost! :)
And I am gonna miss your posts. Hell yeah! :(

meoww said...

wow..those lines..
i think only you can write something so deep and enticing mishti..
the poetry has a dark charm..
alluring yet carrying that mysterious tinge..

all the best for the exams sweetie...and yes m gonna miss thy posts.. :(
but offcourse m gonna bug you on the phone ..!!!
khi khi khi
loveeeeeeeee yuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!

cheers honey..!!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Viya: Thank you Thank you! :D :D I really need that All the best! :| Hehehe, believe me, I can be restless when I have exams ;) No NO, I am restless...but it remains buried and comes out on paper ~ the inner peace...is found then.., :D :D Thank you for saying that my Blog calms down... :D I thought it was creepy to some extent ;)

@Vinati: :D :D *Blush* Thank you!!! :D Hahaha, tonight it be. :| I haven't done much yet. You are saying 2-3 revisions!!! :O Mera toh ek baar ho jaaye, wohi bohot hai. :| Wait, was *that* the exaggeration, meri dost? :D Why inspiration sweetheart?? :D Oh, no to blogging?? Let's see ;) Awww....I will be back soon! :D :D

@meoww: Eeeeeeeeeeee, you know why!! *Grinning * Ahem. So, *Serious face* Ahem.. yeah, thank you! The mysterious tinge :D :D I will miss writing here...but journal hai na! :D :D Aww...thank you thank you....sigh. Ab darr lag raha hai :| Yes Yes, phone it shall be!!!!!!!!! :D :D I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee Loueeeeeeeeeeeee you! <3 <3

Cheers to you too Mishti's Mishti! :D :D *HUGS*

Red Handed said...

Happy exam time! Ok I was not making fun of u by saying tht...sorry
Do ur exams awesomely well and get back here fast fast fast

maithili said...

MSM you are simply amazing with poetry! I loved the structure and the beautiful mysterious flow.. All the best for exams dear.. Even I m terribly caught up with studies.. :) We will be back with a bang!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: Awww...I know you weren't :D *Hugs* Thank you re! :| You toh finished no :( I shall be back...soon! :D :D <3

@Soul Sis: Thank you thank you!!!! :D :D <3 I knowwwwwww....we have saath mein, even Vinati and Viya! :| All the best to you tooooo!!! Yes, we shall be back with a bang!!! :D :D

kalpak n. said...

really really nice one prads
now i know why friends call u pro :)

and i repeat...this blog look is really nice.

and also, i still havent read the tarot post. will be reading soon

all the best for ur exams buddy. love ya :)

(FYI: Pradeeta: 90; Kalpak: 88)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@kalpak: Thank You Thank you buddy! :D :D :) Pro. :P Haiii naa??? I like this look too! Doesn't look Gothic! :P :| Tarot waala post toh...it's SO long...araam se padhna, when you feel like it! :D :D Thank you for that All the Best, I need it :| Love ya too!!! :D

Ah! 90? You will catch up soon, dekhte jao! :D :D Somehow, now I want you to win. :P :D *Ha! Ho jao khush! ;)*

Suruchi said...

All the best Pradeeta,
and breaks are good-they prevent us from breaking:-)

The poetry was as always profound like you:-)

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

Besta luck Pradeeta :D. And yes, it's the thought that counts. Beautiful words strung together so perfectly as always :) :) :).

Soumya said...

Poetry always sends a chill down my spine and this was simply superb. Got goosebumps :)

Your thoughts, your words speak a language of its own and surprisingly I so can identify with it.

All the best for your exams sweetheart. *Hugs*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Suruchi: yyyayyy....thank you!! I really need the All the best! :( Yes, the breaks...I can't research and retain properly. :| Poetry...heehe..thank you! :D :D I wish you were my teacher! :D :D

@Dragon: Thank you Thank you!! :D I am glad you read those lines...straight from my heart... :D :D Aww...thank you! :D I wish there were more words than Thank you. I seem to be out of words. :D :D :) :*

@Soumya: :D :D Ohhh....*Hugs* Could have been more haunting, had my thoughts not being blocked by...exams... :P ;) You think so??? Mostly I feel like I am talking to myself...like talking to a class.... :| I am glad you can relate :D :D And thank youuuuuuuu! I really need it!!! *Hugs tightly* I liked you liked my writing!! :D :D

Maverick said...

woa! my first here. and i realised that you are into poetry too. Nice work! Am i yet to discover more than what i just saw in this blog space? by the way, the look of your blog is quite 'mysterious'. it reminds of tarot card reader.*wow*

Maverick said...

oh! and yes! you just got +1 follower. :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Mr. Maverick: Hello Hello! :D And I always Bless my readers so Blessed be to you too!! :D :D Thank you...Poetry is how I started writing... hehehe...yes, there's a lot more... :D You just have to ask! :D :D Heheh...Thank you! I love the new look too! Oh, and you have one upped me in a secret competition ;) :D Thank you!!! *Hint: Your wingman*

burzum said...

Statute reading. *Grr*

Nice blog. And interesting thoughts.

And, I'm tripping on the background. xD

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@burzum: Thank youuu! :D Hehehe...it's a recent change :D :D I am glad you liked it. Blessed Be! :D