13 Nov 2011

And I found Peace in You

Blessed be My Wonderful Mystical Fellas!

I have been watching Bloggers being thanked and given awards and I realized, I have never appreciated the Stars I have picked through this year...it never occurred to me, honestly. When I started writing, it was to document the things I had read and I knew no one would judge me here for what I read...be it Voodoo or Vampires, Witches or Wolves, Superstition or Satan, Tarot or Tales, Love or Lust, Moon or Madness.

I could take out my fears, emotions, insecurities and thoughts here, without inhibitions. Writing made the flow of my thoughts much much smoother. I was afraid before, yes, as one of my cherished Stars told me...afraid to be in the bad books of everyone, submissive and apprehensive.
But, I love it here, everyone is sensible and mature. And yes, the comments are so encouraging, true and honest. And that means so much to me, so much. I learn something new every day. And Yes, being Mystical was never so beautiful for me. I am reading newer things, eager to share it with everyone. But this post would be empty without mentioning the Blogs I follow and the Brilliant people who pen them down! So, here's a list, not in order... of these Magical Souls who Dare to Believe.

Maithili: Your One Such Story became my everyday story. I never knew two people could be so similar, yet so different. Your name pleased me and then as we got to know each other...it was like we spoke each other's minds. If I say anything more, the essence of Silence will be lost. You know what you mean to me. For stories spun with precision, balanced on the edge of reality and fiction, One such Story is a place to be. I chose the Green for you, as you remind me of Earth and Nature - Grounded and nurturing. Blessed Be!

Red HandedI was caught in the color red@ Red Handed. I loved the way you write. Brutally honest, sensible tongue and an eye for extraordinary in the ordinary, you prove it right, that making someone laugh, even if you are blue, makes you a person of steel integrity. Your belief in yourself, shows. For whacked out truths and hilarious but apt observations, you have to be Red Handed. I am, are you? I chose flame Orange for you as you remind me of Fire - Luminous, Warm, Cheerful and Fiercely Loyal. Blessed Be!

PeeVee™:  Call it Love or Obsession for finer things in life, I stumbled upon the Confessions of the Chocolate Obsessed. With tastes as varied as true shades of chocolate, you showed me that sweet you may be, you have lived a life with experiences very real. Like Dark chocolate, you balance, the bitterness with silken sweetness that leaves me coming back for more. To view a passion that goes beyond words, you have to believe in Confessions of the Chocolate Obsessed. I chose wood Brown for you as it reminds me of Wood - Stable, Close to nature, Solid and Confirming yet open to Flexibility. (And yes, Chocolate Of course :D) 

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: How to live life beautifully yet simply was shown to me by TheGirlAtFirstAvenue. You need not burn a hole in your pretty pocket to look lovely. And yes, intelligence, practicality and sensibility is what you show, Chandana. Your written word makes me laugh, think and realize a lot of things I wouldn't say. You don't have to go to New York to visit her. She is right here and you miss out on lovely stuff if you don't visit her. I chose Fuchsia Pink for you, as it reminds be of Fuchsia flowers - Unique, Bright yet Subdued, Silent yet Beautiful.

Abhilasha: Even when life throws torrents of cold, freezing rains on you and makes you sodden to the core, never stop believing and expressing what you feel, is what my Abhilasha is. I have known you recently but it's like I have known you always. Your bright soul shines through, even if hope doesn't come through. I learn to live life, from you, as it is. To see posts that make you smile with the sheer innocence and love, even when you have bawled your eyes out, you have to check Meoww (How could I miss your love for Cats? :) ) I chose Aqua Blue because you remind me of the sea, lovely to look at, lovely to feel....but hides all the turbulence within, to save others from it. 

Mirage: To say little but to drench the world with a million emotions, is what I learn when I look at the Mirage. Sometimes less words are laden with emotions which have the highest, strongest impact. I learnt how to avoid superfluous words and hollowness in what you say...from you Vinati, I learnt Patience and finding Beauty in the simplest pleasures of life.  Cute, funny and innocently realistic, is what you are looking for, then you will not be beguiled by the Mirage. I chose Golden for you as you remind me of  wheat fields that glow in the sun - Fulfilling, Light and Bright like Sun, like the twinkle you see in someone's eyes when they have found a way out.

Abysmally Mine/A Lot of Pages (and Three Others): Learning never ceases as I came across A Lot of Pages where I saw a man cut and shine like diamond - million skills. I learnt to keep reading, keep learning, keep moving, from you FL. You write, you can cook (A skill definitely drool worthy :P), you write poems in forms, I never knew existed. You are an artist. If you want to get back to your roots, you cannot miss any of the things this guy writes. I chose Cobalt Blue for you as you remind me of Richness a mind can hold, Intense, Soothing and Deep like the mineral found in the Earth.

A Peek Into My Life: And I thought it was tough to write simply yet in an impacting  manner. I learnt to live life from you, everyday Viya. To know what you have to do...little little things that matter and to love what you have, I just take A Peek Into My Life.  Cherishing small things in life, pretty, colorful and musical...take a tour in her world. I chose  Rose Pink for you as you remind be of the satin petals of Rose knit together in an indecipherable knot - spreading fragrance and beauty in the world, with imagination and thought.

My Tumbling Thoughts to The World: A woman is not just a woman, she is multifaceted, luminous  and Goddess. And the proud feeling of being a woman is instilled into me by the lady who writes My Tumbling Thoughts to the World. I learnt to be fearless, passionate and proud about myself from you, Suruchi. You cannot miss this woman, who is a dynamite of beauty, intelligence and Catty humor. I chose the color Red (My personal Favorite) because you remind me of Passion, Desire to Glow, Honest, Fiery and True.

Noises of My Empty Vessel: They say empty mind is a Devil's playhouse, Ah! What lies! When I heard  the Noises of my Empty VesselI realized that the space in the emptiness holds a profound silence, that no one can unearth. You add humor to your serious thoughts so that people can laugh, people can take life not too seriously. You have a side, the sincere one, the thoughtful one, which churns these brilliant guffaw-worthy posts. I learnt to humor God, from you Kalpak. Living life king size and turning the thorns into dandelions is what you want, check this guy out!  I chose Dark Blue (Blue + Black) for you as it is Intense and Mysterious like black, and spreads Infinitely like the Blue Sky.

Coloring Life Purple All the WayChinese Astrological Signs, I always found intriguing. And then I saw The Dragon, I couldn't contain my glee. To shield your heart from the scars and yet live like you were never hurt, takes the intensity of a Dragon indeed. Thoughts that are honest and straightforward, are not easy to pen down and yet you do it. To live admiring, thinking and cherishing what I have, is what I learnt from you, Priyanka. And all you Purple Lovers out there, do not, I say DO NOT miss her, she will make you smile, MSM promises. I chose the color Indigo Purple for you as you remind of the Mental Strength and Intuitiveness that the color evolves with. A Dreamer, A Thinker and living in the moment, like the flow of Indigo.

Moody Mocktails: The High that life gives you sometime and you lose your way in the Moody Mocktails. I learnt to keep standing even when I am lost in the crowd, even when I have to confirm to the standards set by the hypocritical society, I live, in the dizzy spell, life casts on me, from you Aakash. Yes, as he says, you can get addicted to his Blog and you would wish, the addiction never ceases. I chose Teal Green for you as it reminds me of Forests laden with roads and paths Unexplored and yet to be Discovered.

Embodying Emotions: And there she was, yet again, to console me, to walk me through the muck I had created around me, after all Embodying Emotions is not easy, yet you are there, always Sarah. You write, with feelings and truth not spilling over each other, which makes reading you a refreshing experience. For a blog, that doesn't lie to you, follow her. I chose Sky Blue for you as it reminds me of Purity, Cleanliness and Vastness that can hold everything in its arms, like the sky above.

I cannot leave this post without including these wonderful Bloggers Paanipuri Lover - who I joined yesterday and God! She is hilarious! Her color as I feel is Lime Green - Effervescent, Bubbly, Tangy and Punchy! Keirthana who is witty, smart and thoughtful like the Uranus, which rules the color Aubergine Purple. She appreciates and stands by what she believes.For her Blog she chooses the infinity symbol calling it as UndefinedSmita  - for keeping the child in her heart, alive. She reminds me of Marigold flower, hence the color, abundance to be cherished and valued. You can reach her while you flip through the Pages from, Diary of a Lost GirlAnuranjani, who never forgets to drop by and make me smile. I wait to hear from you, lady. She found me when I thought about my name and she writes @ To Hell With The Name. I chose Deep Red for you as you remind me of the Life Force that flows in us - Strong, Flexible yet soothing, life providing. Last but definitely, not the least CRYSTAL, who makes me think of the subtleties that the mortal eyes miss. She uses a Symbol very close to my heart, called PENTAGRAM and is a very talented writer. I chose Amethyst Purple for you as it reminds me of the labyrinth that our mind creates which confounds many but shows a way to the deserving.
Image Source: Patrick Pendalis
The Colors that I have given here, are my own thoughts, the feel and the image I get when I think of you. It's the way I see you. No Magic Involved. No Rabbits Killed. ;)

I cannot live without the Moonlight and the Night sky and I am sure, I have forgotten some wonderful people, so I apologize...and leave you with the light of this Crescent to shine upon you and soothe your minds. This post is a very small way of acknowledging what you all mean to me. It may sound absurd or hokey, but MSM wishes to stay true to all, so I mote it be! Blessed be.

A special Acknowledgement to Anoop from My Life Doesn't Suck Anymore, who gave me the name MSM. You made my life easier!. You have been a great friend and I want you to write, you invisible man! 


Keirthana said...

Awwwwwwwwwww! Thank you so much Pradeeta :) Love the way you used colors to appreciate the people. I came across some blogs which I am not following yet and my next job is to do exactly that :)

Blessed be!

maithili said...

Thank you soo much sweetheart.. you know how much you mean to me :) <3 I totally love the idea of defining each one with color and yes I agreed with each color you chose for the above blogggers :)

It's been a pleasure knowing you and again I have to thank Anoop for this..because of him I came to know you :)

meoww said...

beautiful..its as if you have created a world of colors specially for each one of us..
every single word was a form of expression that made my mind travel..
from the rustic mother earth & nature..back to the labyrinth of my own deep mind..
when you told me you would be writing something like this..
i had absolutely no idea at all..
it would be spun with so much elan.
and yes..no one has described me so well as you just did.
you know what Pradeeta..its very rare to find people who are so deeply connected with their own selves..
and i am so very glad i was lucky enough to find a gem of a lady like you..
saying thankyou would be an understatement..
i just want to say..

"may the flower of your life bloom everyday,
may the aroma of its grace spread in everyway"

god bless you my fellow wiccan..
blessed be..


subtlescribbler said...

I loved ur concept of appreciating using colours..so novel and unique :) shows how well u connect with people around and they do with u!
And I love the 'blue' for it doesnt make me feel blue ;) and m actually feeling 'sky' high!!
thnk u soo much.
God bless u..keep wrtiing :D


Cяystal said...

This is the amazingest way to thank people. And you make me feel purple now. Happy purple :D
Mwahhh! Bear hug!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

You made the impossible happen! Pink - a color that I never liked has now become my favorite. Never did I think of a fuchsia flower in this way! But your description about me is so perfect and exact! :D :D
I am so happy that at least one person could understand my personality so well through my blog! :D
Thank you MSM! You are such a wonderful wonderful person! :)

Red Handed said...

Thankyou sooooooo very much! I am fiery eh?? Mwaaah! Thankyou ever so much...
I like your observation skill madam! You really have a mystic tinge in you..Mysterious as always!

Viya ;) said...

You have noooo idea how much you've touched my heart... :) I jus couldn't stop 'awwing' and smiling for those beautiful words and the way you've described each person and related them to a colour.. :) Thannkkkk you soooo much Pradeeta!
Blogging happened to me due to a lot of things and man! i'm glad for that.. I'm so glad i got to meet so many wonderful people (oh that reminds me! are you on twitter? )
I'm gonna check out the few blogs i missed out on ASAP!
*huuuuggg* thank you from the bottom of my heart! :) :)
I'm so glad to have met you! :) i can't wait to meet you in person! :) :)

Freelancer said...

u did get it right with blue :D thank you so much. Its so sweet of you :)

Glad to have known you and passed on whatever i have learnt

Vinati said...

eeee....MSM, you are a darling! :*

You know I was really sad as I lost my new phone (yet again) in the evening. :(
And you made me super duper truper happy. Such a pleasantly awesome post. I feel like puchi-ing you.. <3 ^_^


Nia Charms said...

Fabulous post. Specially the way you described everyone with the use of colours.
Plus made me discover fabulous blogs.

Suruchi said...

wow...this has to be the best-est dedication ever...and my god, did you make a LOT of people all happy and bouncy post reading this-i am soooooooooooo overjoyed that in my vanity that you've puffed up i am thinking of how i can scream this out to the world!:-)

thank you so much Pradeeta, you are a wonderful soul and a beautiful person inside and out-taking so many efforts to appreciate the good in others speaks volume about your own innate goodness!

and i cannot leave this space without giving you a big hug and all my best wishes and love and also without gloating about the fact that YIY, YIY, YIY-I AM HER PERSONAL FAVOURITE COLOUR...
hehe...thanks again love!:-)

kalpak n. said...

prads dear...thanks a million yaar...ur actually gifted u know. ur d first one to see that other side of me. and now i suddenly love dark blue. in fact i jus realized i always did, but never consciously realized. i always thot my fav color was black. but no, u made me realize there's also blue in me :)
love u for this buddy.


Yes...im gonna pester all the people in the list till i get their paras. :-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Keirthana: I am glad you liked it, it's the color I chose, which represents you all, in my eyes. :D :D I am happy!

@Maithili: :D :D I know I know, Soul Sis, that you are for a reason! :D Hahah, Anoop has disappeared! :P And know, somehow, we had to be connected and we met....and I am absolutely absolutely Glad that you are in my life! :D :D

@Meoww: :D :D Honey, you are being too kind....I am yet to discover myself...but...I am lucky to find you...it's so amazing that I feel connected to you... :D :D And oh, those two lines made me smile *grin* so much! And yes, this fellow Wiccan Blesses you too! :D Blessed Be!

@Sarah: Ah! :D :D And that connection with you all, helps me to write, to feel secure somewhere in the back of my mind! Hehehe! :D You are welcome! And Blessed Be, you too!

@Crystal: Hahaha! Amethyst Purple! I love that Gemstone, after Onyx! :D And the way you write....I love it, though I am sure so many people have told you that.....but your blog touches me soul deep! :D :D

@Chandana: I had a feeling that you do not like Pink :D But, somehow, when I saw you...I mean your Blog, I thought Fuchsia Pink was a wonderful wonderful color for you...I loved it! :D Hahah. I am happy too, Chandana....Oh and I just now noticed that I too wrote wonderful twice ;) Blessed Be! :D (and thank you.)

@Red: Mwaaah! :D :D I love the fiery bits! :D Hehe, thank you, I am yet to accept that part (about mystic tinge...freaky it is to think.)

@Viya ;) : :D :D Awww....I love your Blog...it takes me to a happy place...um, no, I am not on twitter...somehow, I feel it's not the place for me :| *BIG BIG Hug* to you and I am sure, I will love to see you in person...soon soon! :D :D

@FL: :D :D I am glad I got something right :D :D I am glad to have known you as well...and yes, I promise to practice, whatever you have taught me. :D

@Vinati: :D Awwww.... *You* are a darling! :D Jeez, I asked to check again, didn't I? My memory sucks! I am glad I did something to make you smile! :D :D Poochies to you too :* :* :D <3

@Nia: Thank you, Girl! :D :D Indeed, these blogs are fiiine! :D *And, yes...I will soon discover a color for you too....let me be around ;) *

@Suruchi: Hahahah! I really mean it...somehow, colors were the best way of being mystical and dedicate a small thank you! :D :D And you, my lady, are my Red! :D :D Oh....that brought tears in my eyes...I wish to be good, but I am yet to be. :)) BIG BIG Hug to you.....and super amount of LOVE! :D Hehhehe, you are welcome, Love! :D :D

@Kalpak: Awwww, don't say that...I am just an observer.... And yes...sometimes, what is seen, is not the truth always...sometimes smiles hide pain, which no one can see... And yes, DARK BlUE is the color...for you :D :D Heheh, I am kinda feeling all happy here that you like it! :D :D Thank you, buddy! :D And JEEZ! I remember about the Para okay???? And 123!! :P :P :D

Paanipuri Lover said...

You know what? You totally cast a charm, lady! Like a fortune teller, a real one! Keep it up! I'm totally in awe!

One day, I'll come to you, to know my future, you'll tell me no? :D :D

Rocking post! :D

Paanipuri Lover said...

Also, please activate the cellphone version format! It becomes easier in checking! My basic browser doesn't load it, in cellphone! Says "too large to load".... pretty please! :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Pannipuri Lover: Awwwwww, thank you thank you! :D :D Yes, you can come to me...but I cannot tell your future...I can definitely tell you a lot of other interesting stuff though! :D :D *Hugs* Thank you!

PS: I enabled the mobile format version. Check if you can see? Okay? :D :D

aakash said...

thanks MSM... You know, it's been a long time since I was active and regular here. It feels good to see friends around, acknowledging you.. the sense of familiarity.. and I loved the way you described my blog...

you are among my cherished readers :)


Anuranjani said...

OMG! Thank You so much, Pradeeta!
God, ain't I flying. The colour you chose for me, the description, made me go all :D :D
Thank You so much.
And, I totally loved the way you've described every single one of us with a colour!
*Hugs* :*

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: :D :D Yes, Moody Mocktails it is! :D Heady and Addictive! Awwww.... *Blush* Cherished Reader sounds good! :D :D Now, write! :D ;)

@Anuranjani: :* :* You are MOST welcome, My Lady! Hehheeh, I love the Color...Life Force... :D :D *Hugs*

Paanipuri Lover said...

So, when are you telling me loads of other interesting stuff? Waiting for it eagerly! :D :D
And, the mobile format works absolutely fine! :D
Its so cute! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Paanipuri Lover: Anytime my lady, you just have to ask! :D :D :D *Double Hug* Hehehe, I couldn't get this color for mobile :( But, if it looks okay, then I am fine. :D :D

The DRAGON in the skin of a goat ;-p said...

Pradeeta darling, I've told you before, I really don't deserve the praises you and few other bloggers heap on me. You know I was going to catch up on all my regular blogs today, and even before I could you left a comment to come see this. I've had a crappy day today and again a 16 hour day at work but reading what you've written hear just made me forget all the shit that happened during the day. I'm grateful for the fact that I'm mentioned here, amongst some great writers I follow myself, but I'll love you always for thanking me darling for what I truly am :D. I'm glad I could impart some knowledge to you by my actions/experiences/writings. The fact that you said this "A Dreamer, A Thinker and living in the moment" has to make you best follower ever, these things are written across several posts :D...

I don't know if I make you smile or others smile dear, but thanks for putting me at peace today and putting a wide smile on my face.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Dragon: I have always known that people who truly deserve something are unable to admit it to themselves... Honey, every single praise that is for you, is true...don't doubt it, because it all comes from you... :D :D You are one darn impacting Girl..and yes, I love you for what you are... :D :D *Hugs* I wish to keep that smile always on your face. I am glad to leave you at ease... :D :D :D You have made my day, I am happy. And you will see better days.. :D :D

Confused Soul said...

this is my first ever visit to your blog and I absolutely love the look and feel...The way you've acknowledged everyone and made use of colors, made me imagine every bit.. I mist say you're very good with people and this was a great way to let them know...

P.S. I don't wanna miss out on you.. following :)

Smita said...

thank you so much for that lovely line for me <3 love you :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Smita: Awww, love you too girl! :D :D :D

PeeVee™ said...

Long overdue thanks Laddu. So sorry, I meant to earlier. I really did.

You know, the way you describe me, my closest friend couldn't. The way you described me is how I want myself to be.
This was before we even had a whole conversation.

Somehow this is more, so much more special than just an award. So very much more.

Thank you so very very very much darling. So very much:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@PeeVee: I know sweetheart...you don't have to say sorry :D :) Ohhhh....I am happy that could get it right :') *Hugs*