30 Oct 2011

The Woman who never loved

Blessed be my beloved people! :)

I have seriously missed writing some mystical stuff, which has been accumulating in my "To do" list and a special thanks to the never-ending Fear Series (I am sorry people, I am out of ideas for that), my creativity has hit a new low. Also, with the law internship, I have come to realize that law truly is indeed a Jealous Mistress. She never spares me. Red, you would know what I am talking about. ;)  Anyhow, first things first. I will try and end the Fear Series, in just one more post, so that you all are spared from the wrath of omg-another-never-ending part.

So, with all this beauty in my life...no, no, I am not disliking it, infact, I am loving it...okay, I will stop blabbering and present to you a different piece, starting afresh. The poem I am giving here, is a result of my reflective mode, when I had discovered that being a woman is never easy. The insipiration for this one was from Paulo Coelho's book Eleven Minutes  - the verse being A Hymn to Isis: Nag Hammadi - 3rd or 4th Century AD. You can read the actual poem Here.

Image Source: Google Images

 I am the truth made up of lies, I am a smile filled with tears, 
I am the peace borne in pain,
I am the woman in love, who never loved.
I keep walking but my feet never move, 
I am alive but my heart never beats, 
I want you but I don't need you, 
I love you but I cannot love you.

I speak all the time but my lips don't part, 
I keep watching you but my eyes don't see, 
I touch but I am so numb, I do not feel, 
I am the woman in love, who never loved

I bring storms followed by peace, 
I am the rain that breaks the thunder, 
I am the moon but I don't shine, 
I bring harmony but I break the sequence.

I am the undesireable who is so desirable, 
I am a dream that is so real, 
I am a friend but I am the enemy, 
I am the Goddess who is the Devil, 
I am the woman in love, who never loved.

I am the ultimate emancipation, but I am the sufferer, 
I hold you but I will never have you, 
I am the beauty that is so ugly, 
I am the woman...
Who loves you but cannot love you
I am the woman....
In love, I never loved.

Image Source: vi.sualize.us
I leave with this, to bring some good posts for you all! Blessed Be! Till the next time, believe not what you see, but what your heart says, is true. Much Love. 


meoww said...

what an ode to womanhood..
the lines are so deep..so reflective..
and you know..
Eleven Minutes is one of favorites from
Paulo's Collections..
that book has left me in awe of femininity..

i loved the use of paradox in every line in the poem..
simply beautiful..


PeeVee™ said...

Contradiction, thy name is woman:)
Brilliant poem, milady, and glad to have you back.

And I, for one, am waiting to know what happens to Raguel:P

Vinati said...

Wow...you so well know how to play with words.
Loved the poem! <3 :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@meoww: Thank you! :) :) Yes, I love that book. Made me see the side of woman, I never knew existed and I am proud to be a woman. I wouldn't lie if I say, this book made me stronger. :D Cheers!

@PeeVee: Yayyy! :D :D I thought everyone's left reading my Fear Series of short(?)story. :P For you, my lady, I shall finish it. :D :D

@Vinati: Awwww... *Blush* Thanks! <3 :D

Red Handed said...

'I have you But I cannot Love you
I am the woman in Love, who never Loved'

I loved this one! I wonder why you never wrote poems before. You are great at it. I am sorry for not commenting on the series posts coz I lost track and could not catch up.

Btw which college r u exactly? And whr r u interning..and till when?

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: I lost track of my own series :P :D I did write poems before, but they were in the very beginning. They are here, on the blog. :D Thank youuuuu! :D

I am in Christ University, Bangalore. And I am interning at Wadia Ghandy & Co. till 31st October. :D :D You?

Red Handed said...

I am in my final year and I am sooooo done with internships. Just soooo done! So I would be enjoying my two mths of holiday at home lest my Dda forces me to intern in the National Judicial Acdemy.

meoww said...

and errm..your comment on one of my posts..on the weird similarity between us reminded me something..
even i like to read on Wicca and Vampires and stuff related to Mysticism..
can it get stranger now..??!!

Hi 5..!!
cheers !!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: My University, seriously wouldn't give me a job :| And these internships are so tough to get. I try though, as much as I can. I will have 3 weeks of holiday and then exams in Dec. :| NJA I applied twice, they lost everything I send to them.

@meowww: Hahahahahhaha!!! :D :D Hi5! I would love to speak to a fellow Wiccan. There's a lot if unexplored area in this world. No, it can't get any stranger and I love it! :D :D Blessed Be!!! :D

Freelancer said...

impressive stuff. Pretty powerful too.

The best thing about the poem is that it says when it doesn't say...the allure, the complexity and the being of an woman becomes extremely simple when broken down into words.

Rich in meaning and plain in words, these words do justice to who a woman is

*Soumyo* said...

Good one. Liked it.

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Freelancer: Thank you for those beautiful words of appreciation. Means a lot! :D :D

@*Soumyo*: Thank you. :D

Soumya said...

"I'm the woman in love, who never loved" ~ This is me!!

I so loved this, so loved this :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Soumya: :D :D Thank you!!! :D And welcome to my blog, girl! :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Soumya: OMG, you have Emily on your Blog! On mine too :D :D :D

aakash said...

This was impressive. Seeing a poetry from you after a long time I believe.
A turbulence, so subtle only a woman can embrace :)


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: :) :) Oh, thank you! :D Still on the mission to destroy Venus? :P Coz then you will miss beautiful stuff like this! :D ;)

Suruchi said...

absolutely amazing-each line is like a little poem in itself-i am so amazed to see the depth of thought here...been wanting to read you but always got deterred by the many parts ka series-this dear girl, is awesome stuff...you should write more poetry...it is like magic in prose:-)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Suruchi: I am sorry bout those Series, something went wrong with that, timing I guess. :|

Yayyyyyy! :D :D You liked my poem....Thank you!! :D :D *Grins*

Geeta Singh said...

amazing :)..liked ur poem

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Geeta Singh: Thankyou!! :D

Intensified Aperture (O.o) said...

This is so sweet,sober n contemporary . :) M gonna make ur fan Page on FB someday :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Intensified Aperture (O.o): Hahaha! Thank you SO MUCH! :D And fan page? Seriously? :P