12 Oct 2011

Fear - The Tryst (Part 12)

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"How can I pretend that I don't see, 
What you hide so carelessly?
I saw her bleed, you heard me breathe, 
And I froze inside and turn myself away...I must be dreaming...
We all live, we all die, 
That does not begin to justify you...
It's not what it seems, not what you think, 
No, I must be dreaming..."
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These words have been running in my mind for a while now. The sense of loss that I feel after Margaret has moved on, is profound. I am recovering, for the fire in my blood will cease only when I will have my sweet revenge. Ragel is going to pay for this! And yes, I won't rest till I have it. I have been checking up on him and strangely, he has been keeping a low profile. However, that does not redeem him in any way.  

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I must tell you about him. As I had mentioned, he is a Dark creature. And no, please do not tell me, you believe in the bookish version of 'there's a little bit of humanity in everyone' He is twisted. The reason to feed on that deer, huh, he says, was a ritual! What ritual? Which ancient knowledge demands that you sacrifice an innocent to get your own selfish way unless, of course, you count giving up of your soul for a selfish need?

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I know I am not able to see beyond the blood rage that I am feeling right now, I know that this place has to be saved of the unfounded killings. So many people have died...so that his powers could grow...I  will stop him. I will.

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My powers have been growing. These gifts,  no longer scare me and now is the time for revenge. I will write this down, if in case anything happens to me, Ragel will be directly connected and the rest, Lords will take care of. However, I have a confession to make though...um, I have been sneaking up a lot...on Ragel. I want to catch him off guard. I have come to know of a lot of things...wind has been loyal to me...however....OH NO  Oh my God! He can invoke wind, he had send me a message! Oh No!! I will be right back...!
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I was right. Remember his power of destruction? It comes from killing the innocent. I saw him kill...again...this time it was a dove...small...you know why? Because he had killed Margaret. Such a powerful psychic, he had got his fix for a week...I may be blinded, I may be stupid to consider confronting him, but I shall not believe that stars have bound us, for unless he proves to me, that he is human, I shall not take his hand....No...

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I have enforced a security wall - with wind, fire and spirit...and now, my first step of the plan... I will become his weakness... If that means I have to pretend that I love him...I will do that. And the end will be near. Tomorrow, he shall see, what a woman can do! I will unearth his past...for no more innocents will be killed! 
Inter spem et mutum [Between Hope and Fear] I chose Hope.

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As St. Augustine had said, "Interfice errorem, diligere errantem - Kill the sin, love the sinner.

27th July, 2011
I know, this is wrong...but I will have to avenge Margaret's death. I have to.

PS: The lines above "How can I pretend" are from one of my favorite songs (and Band - Evanescence) called Untitled (I must be dreaming).


maithili said...

This is going on to become one the best pieces by MSM! The story is so different and so original! Just read the first part again now and OMG you have covered a long way from there!! You deserve a loud applause *stands up and claps* :) :)
Waiting for the next part sis!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Maithili: Sis, this is taking so long to end...:( I am sure everyone must have forgotten also :( Thank you for the encouraging comment!! :D A LONG LONG way... Thanks for the wait <3

Vinati said...
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Vinati said...

I read the whole thread and believe me MSM, I am in awe with the way you have weaved this story. The research behind every single detail is commendable. :*

Keep writing! :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Vinati: Yayyy Yayyy... Thank you!!! :D :*

Keep Reading! :D