16 Oct 2011

Fear - Morsus: You will suffer (Part - 13)

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I am wounded and injured...no longer in Margaret's house. Ragel...Ragel fought...back... Hidden beneath a canopy of trees...Ragel Rests nearby...
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Mortally wounded, he is a human after all...cannot stand a chance before me...but shattered my defensive wall, I couldn't keep up. Let me come back... (1st August 2011)

Blessed Be dear Diary, 

My wounds are healing quickly. Thanks to Mother Nature, I am able to hold my pen and write here...I have been through a lot, of late. Yes, I confronted Ragel and I am not aware of who won, between the two of us. However, superficially, I appear stronger while he is crumpled near by. 

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Remember, he needs to kill for the Dark Strength? I have bound him with my elemental power and now, he breathes where Darkness cannot touch him. I am not healing him, for truth has to be known. He is a fledgling when it comes to our powers, no denying the fact that he is much much stronger than I am. My strengths are based on white magic and I am earning it to protect and save humanity while his are strengthened by selfishness and need to become a Superpower. 
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How can I forget this week? I had told you I was planning to pretend to be his love. And I succeeded. I chanced upon a meeting, sat near the same place where I had first seen him and cried...so much that after a point I could not remember when I had stopped pretending...I had made sure that wind takes my message to him. However, in my pain, I had forgotten that my agony and dread would reach to him as well...Diary, He was there...when I opened my eyes....I knew it before I saw him as the air around me stilled...and I could feel something cold seep into my heart. As I raised my eyes to meet his, I was no longer crying...I was seething with a desire to kill. I was.

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"You summon me sweet Claire?" He asked, his voice laced with dark poison which set my heart on edge.
"I do. Are you ready yet?" I replied, blanking my mind of all the thoughts, emotions...I could read him and he could feel things about me...I shouldn't underestimate him. I did not.
"Ready for what Claire? Are you readying yourself for a fight?" I did not miss the rumble in his voice...he was laughing at me. Morsus...I shall show him what pain is!
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With the purity of the Universe and with the powers I hold within,
I call upon Darkness, to kill the sin,
This man stands here, aware of the Blood, 
That lies upon his hands, for power he beseeches, 
From you.  
Oh My mortal, immortal and transcendent ancestors,
Hold my hand and let the purity of his soul come through.

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I hurled my energy burning hot as lava on him, as he fell down. I had caught him off guard, for my spell was in my heart as I had looked into his eyes. Those dark, bottomless eyes that held no love, no humanity but were as cold as death. He screamed and screamed and screamed in agony, writhing in pain - morsus - as I held him with my power....Diary, here's when my resolve weakened...I saw tears fall from his eyes and his soundless pleas to forgive him and kill him instantly. My energy faltered when he cupped both his hands and collected all the dark power in him and threw it with his last strength on me. Long snake like threads wrapped themselves around me as deep red gashes appeared on my skin, weeping blood. 
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I cried in agony but did not fall...as the pure energy was still flowing through me. Suddenly, as I thought of giving up, a large white hot swell of energy burned through me, burning the darkness around me, blinding me in its bright light and enwrapping Ragel in a bubble of whiteness.
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With a loud gasp, I felt the electrifying energy nudging me to relax and sit...while it completely covered Ragel. I could only hear his screams, petrified screams as he was stuck in the middle of Darkness and Light...my power...my gift. As I closed my eyes for a briefest of second, I smelled roses and memories...I saw Margaret hugging me...as she got absorbed into the Light...Feeling like a wrung out cloth, I dropped, unconscious on the ground, under the canopied tree.
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Now I have woken up and the scene before me has altered drastically - Sun is shining brightly, while Ragel rests, may be even dead... I have you, my dairy in my jacket...and I am writing this down before anything else ensues. I can feel that something big is going to end...Can you feel it too??
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28th July, 2011


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Read the last two parts... this story has come a long way! You know what.. you can actually turn this into a novel...it'll be a hit!!!

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Hehehe :P It's SOOOOO long na, I know... :D But somehow, I didn't feel like ending it quickly...But, I had a feeling ki this was stretching beyond patience. ;) I will copy them onto word...for novel. :D