9 Sep 2011

Fear - Why can't I touch you? (Part 7)

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Blessed Be Dear Diary,

It's been a Long time since I have written in you. Two Months to be precise. Reminds me of the time when I was on run. Three Months have already passed since I left the Asylum, ran away from home, started to control my powers and also met Margaret, who is also my Mentor and Priestess now. Yes, she is a Wiccan and I am her disciple. She is also a  Shaman, remember?? I have learned a lot in these past few days. 
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Controlling my desires, inhibitions and the perpetually fluctuating gift that I have, has been a life altering, humbling experience. Things Gifts I have realized categorized as new found or already existing, are as follows: (Yes, you like my Pseudo-Book-Of-Shadows. Now you are costlier and more dangerous than a treasure chest on a pirate ship. You have everything that I would take to my grave).

K (Known)
N (New)

*Altering Weather Patterns (K)
*Reading Feelings/Faces/Emotions (K)
*Healing through touch and concentration of energy (N)

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*Understanding Animals - Freaky but nice (N)

Sometimes I feel that I have become a freaking Atom bomb, that can explode any time. Sigh, no, I shouldn't say this. Bearing so many unusual things in me, can take a toll, I understand. I know YOU understand. Margaret wakes me get up at 4 in the morning. I get up and take bath with luke warm water. She insists on cold, but doesn't force me. She is the most benign soul, I have ever seen. After I am done, we go into the forest...and pick white flowers, yellow flowers and some herbs. I place them at a clean place where first rays of sun touches them. 
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I light up a candle or sometimes place a conch or a big flower with an open core and concentrate on it's contours and textures thinking about peace and channeling my powers. 

It's amazing. The conch or the core of the flowers shines the moment I focus...and the breeze starts flowing, filled with beautiful smells. Birds chirp and it's like I have come home. I love this. Soon, I have  to embark on a journey. 
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Sorry, I am sorry. That I wrote last night. Margaret tells me mood swings are sign of a very sensitive mind and I need to work on it. I am still an 18 year old young adult and I will need practice. 
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Now, I must tell you, this is a secret. I have to find a man, a man who will be crowded even when alone and alone when crowded. The Shadow will follow him but his eyes will embrace it, in their own light. His heart would yearn for a soul - a companion. 
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That would be me. Yes, me. Together we will find that evil which will plague humanity and bring peace to the ailing world. Margaret is here. I have to go for meditation.
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Till then...Blessed Be!

7th July 2011


aakash said...

It was going so good, why does a love come in her life. No, God. She should be doing amazing stuff with superpowers, not watching moon in lover's arms :P


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: Who said she will be in lover's arms, watching the moon :P (Not that I would mind and give her a break :P):D However, in Wiccan, Goddess and God together work, in unison, so I thought of introducing the man. :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

A little love, a little love,
a little love, can change it all!

~Bryan Adams

Love is all we need, love is what she needs and needs to find. Wish her luck!

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Blasphemous Asthete: True that. For love, it can bring a dead man back to life, it can give you a reason to live. For, love will not judge you for not being like everyone else. For love will love you for what you are. :D :D Thank you! :) :)

Blessed Be!

Kunal said...

I just read all the parts in one go and I can say that last part with the hint of entry of a man in her life is quite a twist. After six episodes of suspense and mystery behind the powers of Claire, the entry of man in her life brings changes in what directions, this would be interesting to know :)

Sunil Padiyar said...

So, intersting new powers ah.. Wish I had some ;) Sad that I have to wait for the next part now... Anyway, great going.. looking forward for the next..

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Kunal: I as very skeptical about the man, but somehow felt, that Claire's life has been ridden of love too many times and now, she deserves someone...hence the guy. Though I have to think of a name, yet. :D :D Thanks for reading! Blessed Be!

@Sunil: Nice no? :D Yeah?? I am telling you, having powers can be really a burden sometimes. :D Thanks!