28 Sep 2011

Fear - Raguel (Part 11)

Read Part 10 Here Continued from the Dairy entry in Part 10...

And suddenly I was before that person, my hands raised and fire glinting dangerously, I scream," STOP! Or I will Burn you! Step away from the animal! NOW!" Hearing my voice, the person snapped his head up. And I nearly died. It was HIM. 
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His real name, I didn't know, but in my poem I had decided to call him Raguel. It was HIM who had the power of destruction. It was HIM, whose emotions were intense - hot and dark like lava. I should have known. The fire in my hands was sizzling as wind struggled to clear my head.
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And then it hit me. HE threw his power at me, as I buckled over and fell down - disoriented. Margaret however, immediately threw her hands up and chanted a spell that immobilized him. I could only see her...she was shouting at him, her hands radiating luminous purple glow - to mark the strength of her psychic power as she successfully gave him, terrible headache. 
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I could see and hear him scream...as Margaret turned towards me, motioning me to get up. It happened at the same time - as Margaret put her warm white palm on my hurt insides - he got free of the snare put around him and shot a dark swirl of energy at Margaret. I lifted my left hand and shot all the energy I could muster to create a wall around us...but it was too late...my energy wall deflated the impact but his dark energy hit Margaret directly her heart...as she crumbled beside me. 
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I let out a yell of despair as I tried to get up and run after him. He looked at me and mouthed the words - I am sorry and ran with a speed I couldn't match. Moreover, I let him go, because Margaret needed my immediate attention. I re-lit the red candle and concentrated on healing Margaret. She was breathing but the blow had been pretty hard. She opened her eyes and whispered - "Take me to Doctors honey...my end is near...take me...use your power...to take us home." My hands were shivering as I summoned wind and all the other elements as I pictured our place and thought of the pain Margaret was feeling. Fresh tears were falling from my eyes as I pulled Margaret on my lap and closed my eyes. 
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With an immense WHOOSH! I found ourselves in the house. Margaret was smiling feebly, "That was incredible. You can do it. You can save him and you can save the world." Margaret fainted as I put her on her bed and dialed for an ambulance. 
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It's 9 am and I cannot believe that few hours have already passed. I will have to fight him...for what he did to my mentor, to the deer...feeding on it...was he really that evil? Yes Claire, he is. Who else can attack an old woman like that?? Now I have to find answers before I take my revenge. Oh! The wind...I have a message.....

 I wouldn't have done that to her what I did, but you weren't supposed to see me.
I know you will not forgive me, but give me a chance to explain. The stars have made me like this
And I do not know a way out. Will you please save me? I am Ragel - but I am falling in Bottomless Pit. Will you help me protect my Humanity?
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How dare he think I will save him?? How dare he? Now, I must tell him, that if he can destruct, I can create...something...that he cannot bear. Oh Dear wind, take my message to him....

Astra Inclinant, sed non obligant

For I know now, that Stars incline us but they do not bind us. 

21st July 2011


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

The last line of the story blew my mind! I loved it... This is one of the most different, interesting and creative series that i've read! :)

PeeVee said...

The way you spin the tale through the small gallis of adventure and mystery, just awesome.

Btw, have I told you I love the names you pick?:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Chnadana: Thank you Thank you Thank you! :D :D Yayyyy....your comment made my day, coz you know, without comments it feels like no one is reading or worse, no one is liking what I am writing. :|

This series are close to an end. Two more posts at the max. :D

@PeeVee: Yayy! You think so? Thank you! :D :D :D <3 Thank you! I have obsession with meaningful names... :D :D

Rahul said...

Good descriptions....I can see your fondness for colors in the way you paint events with words...
Your language is straight-forward...Maybe more metaphors and imagery would have made the story even more gripping:-)I love ur effort tho.....