16 Sep 2011

Fear - The Enosis (Part - 8)

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I saw him today!!! I saw HIM today! Oh! I cannot believe that this will happen so fast. Margaret is certain, it is him. Oh no, I am not falling in love. We will come together, unite together for  a reason. I am not sure if he is aware of what he is expected to do. I know I know, you are thinking I was better off without anyone else involved. I am wondering if the extent of my power should be known. I will somehow keep my mind together and focus on what I need to do. 
How can I not believe what I saw?
I want to tell you this. I had a glimpse of what I am expected to do. I was walking down from the forest in the morning, when a bird fluttered past my ears chirping frantically that a hunter was there shooting them down for their colorful plumage. I HAD to try something. It was my chance to test my skills.
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I stealthily followed the trail leading to the part where the hunter was crouching. I went behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and glared at me saying, "What? Don't you see I am at work here?? Now get lost girl and play with your dolls!" I grit my teeth and said, "Can I please watch you Sir? Even I want to see how you shoot the birds? I am sure you are really good with this stuff." I fluttered my eyelashes and widened my eyes to give him a look of sheer innocence. He cowered and asked me to join him. 

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Yess!! Now was the time. As he aimed at the nearest bird, I concentrated on the bird asking her not to move. Then as the guy pressed the trigger, and the bullet left the mouth of the gun, I made a huge wind gust around him, making the bullet miss it's mark and hit a stone near by. Ah! I saved the bird. Out loud, I exclaimed, Damn!! Again he tried to concentrate on another bird, this time, I let the gun sizzle in his hand a bit, which he dropped and nearly shot his foot. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from giggling. After few other attempts, he wiped the sweat off his brow and exhaled, "I am sorry girl. I don't think we have our luck today. Something is weird happening around here." His thoughts nearly bordered paranoia - he thought that I was a ghost or something. He was imagining me disappear. Haahaha! :D

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Ha! Sure! I waved him away and winked at my feathered friends. I felt proud of myself. And that's when I ran smack into HIM. Oh God! I nearly died. No, my face was impassive but my heart was drumming crazily against my ribs. How did I recognize him?? He was sitting against a tree near the edge of the forest. There was this air of somberness around him. 
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He was thumbing through the pages of some 10 books scattered around him as he kept turning turning turning the pages around. I held my breath as I hid behind a huge tree, watching him close his eyes and flick one finger towards a mud pile. It disintegrated. The Mud pile just exploded with a soft popping sound. I was astonished. His gift was to destruct. to explode things. How can that be helpful in anyway??

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THUD! He smacked his fist onto the ground with anger. From where I was hiding, I could see his eyes twinkle with anger. He was very very frustrated. Like I was many months ago. Remember what Margaret had told me -  

"A Man who will be crowded even when alone and alone even when crowded.The Shadow will follow him but his eyes will embrace it, in their own light. His heart would yearn for a soul - a companion."

Now, I can interpret the words. I looked around and found myself under the canopy of a huge leafy tree. He looked up suddenly in my direction. I hadn't even cared to read his thoughts. Damn! I ran as fast I could. He couldn't follow me as I conjured a mini breeze lifting and turning the pages of his book and scattering the mud. I felt bad. I am not ready as of yet to make him see me. 
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But if you had met him today and spoken to him, you would have figured out what you needed to do eventually. This is what my mind is chastising me for, right now. I hope I see him tomorrow, again. Then I promise I will talk to him. 

10th July 2011. 

PS: The word "Enosis" in the Title means "Union" or "One" in Greek. [Rarely used as noun and commonly refers to union of Greece and Cyprus]


aakash said...

This is the best part of the series till date...
Love the way she is confused.. more real, and this is how the pace should be, unlike running through the story...
keep it coming MSM


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: Thank You!! Thank you!! :D :D What can I say??? I am glad you all are still sticking around... :D I know this is becoming too long! :|

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

I love this part.. I agree this is the best until now! The entry of the guy just made things more interesting! :)

maithili said...

msm you are going great with this story . The destructive powers are really intriguing.. I really love the pace you have given this tale ;)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I like the pace of the story. Things are happening and things are happening just at the right time. Neither too slow, nor too fast.

Blasphemous Aesthete

PeeVee said...

Heyyy, I know I haven't commented but I'm still here. Reading. Waiting.
Just so you know:)

Aaaand couldn't help say, the guy in the picture is super hot:P

subtlescribbler said...

awesomeee! guys really make girl confused..look at her..poor thing :P

there is something different and peculiar about her..great going!


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Chandana: Yayyyy Thank you!! :D

@Maithili: Haha, thanks. I know I am a li'l slow with the laptop crashing and everything else... ;) :D But I am glad you like it. :D

@BA: *Ear to Ear Grin* Thanks!

@PeeVee: Mwah. I know, you are around! :D Oh, I like "PeeVee" :D

PS: Oh, and the Guy? I love him so much!!! His name is Rakesh Baapat. He was in "Tum Bin" I saw him in a serial called Maryada I guess. Now my mother calls me out just to see him on screen ;) :P :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Sarah: I am so out of ideas! :( Thanks for this comment! :D :D I am re-reading my posts.