27 Sep 2011

Fear - The Darkness and Humanity (Part 10)

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What you see may not be true, what may be true, you may never see. The Darkness engulfed by the Angelic Wings, burn the light of Humanity, in a heart so desolate, mind so irate,
No Light could ever penetrate. 
I found you in my deepest desires, to be loved and to love, 
Oh Raguel*, you may be...disguised as human, to come to me,
But shall I let you enter my heart, to save this world from devil's wrath,
Or shall I let you die and open the bottomless pit, high

In my most horrifying dreams, even when I was penned and listed as insane, I had not expected to see what I have seen today. The end is near, as I can feel it... Oh Diary, how can I stay strong when Margaret is unwell, dying. City doctors are around her, tending her feeble heart. But her eyes, those marvelous eyes have told me that there is no hope, that everything now, what ever she had taught me, is in my hands only. That her time on earth was over, though her noble spirit may linger to help me through this Dark time. What must I do? What?

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I am still in shock as all of this has happened so quickly. I had not never anticipated this. Never. But what happened today has made me realize that I have a great responsibility on my shoulders. Greater than mere magical intrigue, greater than anything I had ever felt. Now, I must write what had happened today to sort out the thoughts in my head and decode what I must do next. Margaret dos't don't doesn't want me to be near her. She says, if she sees me, it would be tough for her to proceed to the after life... I wish I could save her. I wish I could heal her. I am an orphan...without her.

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She is a powerful witch, but she has taught me an important lesson - That no human is Immortal. I am learning it the hard way but I know now who and what I have to fight. I...I had thought wrong...till now...Humanity is to be looked out for and you know, HE lacks it. Yes, He. It is Him that I have to fight! I have to get back the good in him and then save the life around us and in the forest. He is evil, Diary, he is...and I might love him. I might. 

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I woke up at 4:30 in the morning today, to finish the final step of my study with Margaret. She came along with me to witness my ritual and how I practice the art of Wicca. I had left my hair open, to feel the cold crisp air of the morning and had selected a particularly thick candle to carry with me today. It represented my spirit and all the powers that I have ingrained over the course of these few months. I spread the white sheet on the forest ground while Margaret, looking like an excited young girl, came along to supervise me.

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It was quite early and the moon was still glowing, showering its pale blue light on us. It was a beautiful sight, so peaceful as I placed the red pillar candle after cleansing it with sage and eucalyptus oil half way up, half way down, five times. Then I scattered scented petals around it and lighted my candle. It instantly illuminated the area around us as Margaret and I, sat down, our eyes closed and our breathing in time with the breeze. Margaret asked me to focus on my powers and create an energy field. 

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I spread my palms face up and invoked wind, which settled on my palm like glitter dust, I invoked fire and water together and little shower of fire and water together mixed in the wind, coloring my palm a brilliant yellow and blue. It was so spectacular, all the elements swirling in my palm as I called earth and Spirit to join them...the final energy field was of golden halo like area which traveled from my palms and around Margaret and around the ritual candle. 

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I tuned the brightness a little as I thanked my animal friends and joined my palms in a "Namaste" and bowed. Margaret Chanted a beautiful spell thanking everything. As I asked all the elements to leave... 

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I heard it...The agonized cry of pain. I placed my right hand on the ground, praying the earth to let me feel which creature was in such abysmal situation. Before I could get a clear vision, a shooting pain raced through my hand, making me scream. 

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Margaret came running, to help me remove my hand from the earth, but I couldn't. Tears ran through my eyes as the agonizing pain threatened to slice my arm off... I couldn't move. I closed my eyes, willing myself to see what was happening. Margaret brought the still glowing pillar candle before me to give me strength as I swallowed my whimper and concentrated on the other painful sound and then suddenly I was there. I could see everything happening right before my eyes. I could see Margaret following me. I realized I was transported to the place from where the pain came to me. I hid behind a tree as I heard the agonized cry freakishly close to me. 

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There lying in the bright moonlight, was a beautifully spotted deer. And it's right fore foot was twisted at an odd angle while someone latched at it's tender neck...someone, who was covered in a dark cloak... a silver glint caught my eye as I tried to find the eyes of the person...where had I seen that dark luminosity before? Where?

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To be continued...

*Raguel: In Latin texts, Raguel is one of the seven arch angles. Known for justice, fairness and harmony, he oversees other Angels to ensure that they work peacefully with the mankind. All angels and arch angels who transgress, must face this angel who passes judgment and issues punishment. He is also the one who opens the Bottomless pit. He is sometimes identified with Abbadon, an angel who is believed to be Devil. Raguel ensures that the Heaven remains pure and free of corruption.  (http://www.20000-names.com/male_latin_names_05.htm)


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