5 Sep 2011

Fear - The Beacon, My Destination. (Part 6)

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Blesses Blesed Bessed Blessed Be Dear Diary, 

I am SO SO SO exhilarated!! You can see that I cannot even write straight!! Ha ha ha. =D Ahem. =P Sorry. So, you know that I went to see that Old Lady yesterday. Umm, she is a Shaman. I mean, they are these people who can heal other people by using Natural Herbs and chanting magical spells. Oh, no no, they are not those freaky people...She is so nice...like like Ma.
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I was missing Ma so bad that I cried before Mrs. Margaret. Yep, that's her name. Anyway, today when I went to her shop, she invited requested called me in...I held her hand again...and...and the same whiff of wind filled with the smell of roses and...lost memories...I don't know =(
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So what was I saying...yeah, she told me SO many things. Um, now I have some idea about my aimless life and the purpose I was born to fulfill. All the detachments that I had been experiencing in my whole life of 18 years has always had a reason. That the pain comes for a reason - that I had to be strong, I had to be grown up to shoulder the responsibilities that I have been endowed with. And remember, I had said that I feel drained when I used powers - no - gift that I have been given, Margaret told me I can use my powers gift sparingly...and in a certain way, so that I can concentrate even on a smallest area I need to.

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She is confused about the way I will contribute to saving humanity though she is fervent in her belief that Mother Nature has chosen me for something. But she has asked me to meditate and practice spells which will help me with my purpose, teach me to control my frayed emotions and learn to view the events that would help me. Now, I have to go...but before I part, I will mention a stanza that learnt on my own -

With Air in my hands, 
With Fire in my heart, 
With Water under my feet,
With Earth in my body
And the Spirit that never dies,
I call unto thee, Mother Nature, 
Your child here awaits her destiny,
And I wait for you until you set me free.

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I will tell you everything else, tomorrow. Till then...Keep loving and keep smiling. 

11th May 2011'

PS: The Eclipsed Moon signifies that after every Darkness, there is Light. Behind every Misery, there will be Hope, there will be Love and in the end, we will accept it as our own. The Light, The Hope and The Love in our Hearts. Blessed be! :)


Vinati said...

The story is getting better and better. And that spell...wow...sounded so real.. :D :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So she has finally met her mentor. It's good news (chuckles), yepp, it's good news indeed. (Chuckles a little more) :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Vinati: I am SO happy!!! :D Thank you for that compliment on the real-like spell!! Yayy! :D

@BA: Yes she has. :D Thank you (Chuckles! :P) Why are you chuckling??!! :D **Excitement? Precognition?? Mere Happiness??** Like me?? :) :)

Blessed be!!

Red Handed said...

Keep it coming my girl! I loved the twist!
Sorry for being late to comment..i am stuck in a village!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Well lets say it's good to see good things happening to people.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red:I understand sweety! Thanks for reading! :D :D

@Blasphemous Asthete: Indeed it is. :)

Sunil Padiyar said...

Nice, so Claire is a bit more clear now.. with her life and purpose... hmm.. so where is it going.. Oh yeah, there is one more to read for now.. Great :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Sunil: Mysterious and confusing, isn't it? :D