26 Aug 2011

Fear - The Power Made Me Crazy (Part 2)

Read Part 1 Here

I have been unable to write anything in the Journal for a while now. I am underground in an old house. The couple-owners here are very friendly. I have told them I am a writer, and I will give quarter of what ever I earn, to them. Here, it's quiet and they do not bother me. I have been practicing on controlling my powers - which I have discovered recently as you know. 

You ask? I fear, if I write it down, Mother will read it. But, yes, my so-called cultivated powers were responsible for me going crazy and being hauled in the Asylum. Now, I know better than showing it off. You remember what I am talking about? That night, when I was standing at the porch, invoking the five elements mentally, how it had started to rain and how my fingers glowed?

I remember, whenever I used to be extremely sad, how it rained, always. Mother had seen my fingers glow that night. Her eyes were wide and she had run towards me saying, "CLAIRE?!! What are you doing? Didn't I ask you not to do that again??" Mother had slapped my fisted hands - the glow had vanished. She knew I was a freak. 

I could change the weather and I could read people. But I am a mere human. That is what I had tried to told the priest at the Church. He wanted me to help him make money by playing a prophetess with the masses. I had denied and then was declared Satan's child and thrown by my parents. Yes, in the 21st Century, such things do happen, still. However, with science so advanced and my control over emotions saved me from a sad death, when a Doctor discharged me on the grounds of sound mental health. I will remember that Doctor. 

Oh, I hear footsteps. They are here. The couple. With Dinner. They suspect my story of being a writer. Will tell you later about my experience of the electrifying presence. Will tell more, soon.

5th May, 2011

Image Courtesy: Tumblr, Google Images. And yes, that Smile is of Sushmita Sen's. :D I love her smile.

PS: My laptop's hard drive has crashed. :( I may not be able to post regularly...or write anything for that matter. Also, whatever I had written, my assignments, half-written book, all novels, poems etc.  are gone now. :'( I did the most stupidest thing ever. Did not create an online back up. Please bear with me, if this Series is Sporadic. I love you all. Blessed Be. 

And Maithili...Congratulations on winning the Madness@Monsoon Contest at TWL. I am proud of you. :) You are one of the best writers who inspire me to write well. :D Blessed Be always. :D

P.P.S: For all my Blessed readers - Here's the Story for which Maithili won the Monsoon Madness Competition at TWL.


Red Handed said...

He cud change the weather nd read minds! I always wanted to read minds ;(

this one is going beautifully. I hope u post soon. Sad to hear about the hardrive. I shud create a backup for mine!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Even i always wanted to read minds! I still do...!
Nicely written.... :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red Handed: Yeah, believe me..changing weather could be nice... ;) But reading minds can be pain in the arse. It would be like knowing too much and hearing too much..and brain burn out toh pakka! :P :D Did I scare you??? ;) :D I know, I didn't.

About the Hard drive... :'( I have no idea what to do now. :(

@Chandana:Thank you!!! I hope this one's making sense. :D I always wanted to be clairvoyant and pyrokinetic! Creepy, I know, but interesting none the less. :D

maithili said...

This is so so interesting! I like this Claire already! YEs reading minds and changing weather! that is truly so much power.. waiting for the next part..
Thank you sis for sharing my story here.. I m glad you liked it :)

subtlescribbler said...

ooo...so she has got hidden powers...this is getting damn interesting! hope the next part is posted soon...
and sorry to hear about ur hard drive :(


Vinati said...

changing weather according to mood...wow. That's an interesting power. :)

*I wish I had it* :P

Priyanka said...

I like the picture this creates in my mind, one with a glow at the tip of my fingers.
And I have this bad habit of second-guessing stories, please do go on and put me out of my self-created misery:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Maithili: You know, you deserved it, and as your soul sister, I am proud to share it to the world. As for the powers, real life can be an inspiration :D ;)

@Sarah: :D Thank youuu! :D :D She does have hidden powers which she is exploring... and yes, it's super interesting. :D Isn't it? My hard drive has taken my heart with it...I, unfortunately can't be regular with the posts.:(

@Vinati: Isn't it?? I always wish that I could have it! ;) :D It would be easier... And We can share it by the way :D :D

@Priyanka: Awww...and what are you second guessing honey? May be that would put me out oof misery... :D :D :D

aakash said...

Umm.. I thought it would be more mysterious... dwelling in the mind of a declared psychotic.. you are moving quite fast :|

And by the way, is she hot? :D


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

And so she ran again, I get it now, intriguing, beautiful :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: I would end up writing too much, you know? :| That is why. Yeah, Claire is hot...but are you into superpowerful chicks? :D :P ;)

@Blasphemous Asthete: Hahahaah, she had to run...that was the only way out. :D

Sunil Padiyar said...

For several reasons I couldn't read my fav. blogs. I am doing it now. Had only read the first part and what? 6 have already come! Anyways, I need not wait for the next part for atleast 6 of them now :) Interesting build up BTW! Going to the next part..

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Sunil: Ah, Thank you! :D First, for considering my Blog one of your favorites. :D Second, Your interest is contagious. :D

Blessed Be!