22 Aug 2011

Fear - Past Catches Up! (Part 1)

Blessed Be My Dears!

Thanks to Maithili, Red, Priyanka, Chandana, Vinati, Subtle Scribbler and most of my girl-friends here on the Blog...I am writing a Series again. Guys/Men/Boys, you all too, seriously, thank you! :D No, not because I thought of you all later (And not that you would care even if I do :P) but these girls kindled the romantic side of mine ;) I am straight, yes, Thank you! :D And I have absolutely no idea why I am talking, what I am talking. Does that happen to you all too? I bet you do. :D

Imagine my plight! Or am I just cranked up because I do not have a laptop? :|
Anyway, back to the Series...this would be the first ever series that I have only two three things in my mind and no plot absolutely, but I will go ahead anyway. I am babbling, I know which indicated I am tired, yet. I think I am tired like you know, mentally. :| Oh, before I keep talking endlessly, I will start with the Series.

FEAR – The Past Catches Up.
Sometimes in life, there are questions that seem to question our entire being. Questions, that do have answers but we do not want to explore them. We’d rather believe that the questions do not exist. We’d rather believe that ignorance is bliss. I am...no, I was the same. And I changed…so much so, that I was locked, packed and sealed in a white padded cell. Why, because I tried to explore some unanswered questions, thought I’d share my knowledge with the world. But terribly wrong that I was, world had a different intention. Clearly, no one was or will ever be ready to hear anything I had to say – because they had hauled me in there.

Being here, believe me, is not easy. The White - color of peace - numbs your senses after a point of time.
You have thought absolutely correct, I was, in medical and legal terms, mentally unsound/lunatic/ crazy. So, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to hear my story or not and what led me to it. However, before I start off on my own, I would later talk about how I survived there. Except my incessant persuasion to make everyone believe about the things I have come across, doctors believed that I was fit – mentally, almost. But they had kept me there, only because they were afraid, I would get over obsessed/schizophrenic about it and harm others. Yeah, like I would have dreamt to do that.

My only means that kept me clinging to my sanity were my pens and this 500 page journal that  I had maintained to keep a record of everything that has ever happened to me, the events that I have gone through. More about it later though since I can feel the electrifying presence in the air…and I need to brace myself to tackle with it. The night here is dark and my candle light flickers in the cold air that freezes my bones, my soul. My mornings are bright but they pass quickly. My limited means and loneliness are something I need to keep up with, constantly. However, the powers and the gift I have cultivated will keep me going. Or so I hope. With that thought, I will return tomorrow.

30th April, 2011


Priyanka said...


Ok now THAT's what I call making us biting our (already ruined) nails and making us rack our brains on what is coming.
Mystical, indeed.

And I just commented somewhere saying I missed your posts;) Nice timing:D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

White is pristine, but just like anything else, too much of it is blinding. That is why suffer from snow blindness when its all white around. :P
That was a little random, but the plot starts on a remarkable note by Claire.
Will wait for next.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Red Handed said...

I have never found anything peaceful in White. Maybe coz its the color f my uniform. I really want you to give us fast, the next part of this because its gripping and mind entangling. I wanna read further.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Awesome beginning! I agree with Priyanka... cant wait for the next part :)

maithili said...

I already have the feeling that this is going to be great and I better be proved right!
Amazing and engaging start!!

Sunil Padiyar said...

Awww.. Very interesting... must say great beginning!! So when is the next part coming??

Vinati said...

Your writings leave me enthralled, always. And it is needless to say, post the next part SOON. :)

maithili said...

hey sis please review twilight for alotofpages.. I think you are the best person to write about it :)


subtlescribbler said...

This is mysterious and needless to say i m hooked :) U write so well that i m definitely expecting this to be some great series!

btw, thank u for mentioning me (although i doubt if i can inspire ppl ;)) and u can call me sarah :)


smartie94 said...

Wow. Felt a chill in my bones. :O
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Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Priyanka: Awww, you do???(Miss my Blog? :D) Made my day, your comment, girl! :D :D Thanks. This is impromptu and deeply rooted in truth. ;)

@Blasphemous Asthete: It's nice to see someone as serious a writer like you are, to be lame :P :D Snow blindness etc. welcomed :D Thanks! :) Keep reading and commenting :D :D

@Red Handed:Awww...yes yes, the second part and the third will be up. Mind you, this one's gonna be longer. :D :D

@Chandana: :D :D Thank you!!!

@Maithili: Noooo, if you kill me, what will happen to the whole soul connection??? :P :P :D :D I hope you like this series! :D :D

@Sunil: It's up! :D :D And thanks for awarding me! :D

@Vinati: Hey pretty girl, so do you (enthrall me :D). :D :D Thanks for reading this one! :D :D

@Sarah: You said I write well...and believe me...with well wishers like you all...I will keep growing...though about the well part, I am a bit dubious. ;) :D :D Thanks for reading!

@Smatie94: Haha. Purpose solved. :D By the way, Welcome to Mystical Skeptical Blog. May you blessed be! I will check and promote your friend's Blog ASAP. :D:D

aakash said...

This is an interesting start... peeping into a mind, unconventional and beyond the ordinary


Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@aJ: Isn't it? Thanks!! :D