29 Aug 2011

Fear - When home wasn't home anymore. (Part 4)

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Blessed be dear Diary, remember I was telling you about the kind old man, who served me coffee yesterday and the Diner? Yes, I accepted the Job offer and I get free lunches and dinners here. He is very loving, and he reminds me of Dad... [Claire Cries here]

Remember how loving it all used to be...Mother, Father, John and Melinda... Oh, how I miss them. Mother had been strict, no doubt, but she had loved me. She was such a hard working woman with her little New Age shop flourishing. Never did she know, that her own daughter would become an anomaly. 

Father, such a nice man. Very similar to the old man here. Same round face with diminishing white hair and such a loving warmth surrounded him, that it could make me feel secure even in the coldest of storms. I learnt the defense skills from him, he being the Cop of the area. What an odd pair they are! Mother and Father. And they brought up the three of us - Melinda , that 7 year old angel...Mother doesn't know that even she has intuitive capabilities. But I know, I have seen her look at me with those huge blue eyes. 

But only Time will tell. John - such an annoying little brat he is...five years younger than I am. He wants to be uh...uh...something like Biotech scientist? I miss him. I miss them. 

When Mother realized that I am too interested in the New Age folklore and stuff, she hid her Book of Shadows. 

That hurt. And one day I learnt that I could manifest a change in the weather...over a week, a month I realized that I wasn't just imagining things. But in my bliss, i forgot that there were people around me. Sigh, and things went tumbling down after that. 

No one came to save me. No one. And here I am on my own. Away from home, away from family...how will I survive?? Will anyone have an answer? I will wander till I find a ray of hope... I know I will ...Someday...soon I will....Oh God, it's raining, I must stop crying... Be with me God...Be with me...

8th May, 2011

28 Aug 2011

Fear - The Evil Responsibility (Part 3)

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Blessed be dear diary, I almost escaped death. Again! The couple I told you about had called up the police station, saying that they suspect me of witchcraft and sorcery. I almost had to make it rain so hard that they couldn't see me while I escaped. And now using that power has left me hungry and drained. 

Image Source: gullveig.tumblr.com
I didn't know this will have such an effect. Where do I go? I can't keep a cell phone too. Everyone will track me then. Though, it is in my bag, discharged and switched off. I am planning to take up a job somewhere. I can work as a waitress in a Diner I saw while coming here. Oh, I am in a cafe right now...I asked the owner to let me refresh. He is an old man, kind and nice. I think, he is going to offer me to work here.  The time is 2:31 PM and It's bright and sunny, just the way I want. No, I am not fiddling with nature. I have this ability for a reason...which I might discover sooner or later. Oh and one fascinating thing about my powers - I can feel what the other feels - not technically mind reading, is it? I don't want to be a mind reader. 

Image Source: www.gracechapelcares.org
Yeah, mother, she is not here anymore, to restraint me. I never went back home after I left the Hospital. I emptied my College account and I am surviving on that. I do have money, just that if I use it too much, I will attract attention. And that I do not want that. So, I am wondering am I schizophrenic  or what? No, I do not see people around me and I am sure of the fact that I do not imagine the glow on my fingers, but this thing scares me, I mean, it's weird to look at. Also, who am I supposed to tell all this. I do not have a guide. And you know these wanna be sorcerers cult who claim to know all that are so idiotic. I looked into few and they are such a hoax, with Hoodie and all. 

Image Source: Half-Blood Prince.com

I have purchased three ink bottles...and some snack, while I travel. I am searching for old libraries...with a hope to find some information and someone like me. 

Image Source: dreamstime.com
The old man is here with the coffee. I have to leave...I will soon tell you about my day.

7th May 2011.

26 Aug 2011

Fear - The Power Made Me Crazy (Part 2)

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I have been unable to write anything in the Journal for a while now. I am underground in an old house. The couple-owners here are very friendly. I have told them I am a writer, and I will give quarter of what ever I earn, to them. Here, it's quiet and they do not bother me. I have been practicing on controlling my powers - which I have discovered recently as you know. 

You ask? I fear, if I write it down, Mother will read it. But, yes, my so-called cultivated powers were responsible for me going crazy and being hauled in the Asylum. Now, I know better than showing it off. You remember what I am talking about? That night, when I was standing at the porch, invoking the five elements mentally, how it had started to rain and how my fingers glowed?

I remember, whenever I used to be extremely sad, how it rained, always. Mother had seen my fingers glow that night. Her eyes were wide and she had run towards me saying, "CLAIRE?!! What are you doing? Didn't I ask you not to do that again??" Mother had slapped my fisted hands - the glow had vanished. She knew I was a freak. 

I could change the weather and I could read people. But I am a mere human. That is what I had tried to told the priest at the Church. He wanted me to help him make money by playing a prophetess with the masses. I had denied and then was declared Satan's child and thrown by my parents. Yes, in the 21st Century, such things do happen, still. However, with science so advanced and my control over emotions saved me from a sad death, when a Doctor discharged me on the grounds of sound mental health. I will remember that Doctor. 

Oh, I hear footsteps. They are here. The couple. With Dinner. They suspect my story of being a writer. Will tell you later about my experience of the electrifying presence. Will tell more, soon.

5th May, 2011

Image Courtesy: Tumblr, Google Images. And yes, that Smile is of Sushmita Sen's. :D I love her smile.

PS: My laptop's hard drive has crashed. :( I may not be able to post regularly...or write anything for that matter. Also, whatever I had written, my assignments, half-written book, all novels, poems etc.  are gone now. :'( I did the most stupidest thing ever. Did not create an online back up. Please bear with me, if this Series is Sporadic. I love you all. Blessed Be. 

And Maithili...Congratulations on winning the Madness@Monsoon Contest at TWL. I am proud of you. :) You are one of the best writers who inspire me to write well. :D Blessed Be always. :D

P.P.S: For all my Blessed readers - Here's the Story for which Maithili won the Monsoon Madness Competition at TWL.

22 Aug 2011

Fear - Past Catches Up! (Part 1)

Blessed Be My Dears!

Thanks to Maithili, Red, Priyanka, Chandana, Vinati, Subtle Scribbler and most of my girl-friends here on the Blog...I am writing a Series again. Guys/Men/Boys, you all too, seriously, thank you! :D No, not because I thought of you all later (And not that you would care even if I do :P) but these girls kindled the romantic side of mine ;) I am straight, yes, Thank you! :D And I have absolutely no idea why I am talking, what I am talking. Does that happen to you all too? I bet you do. :D

Imagine my plight! Or am I just cranked up because I do not have a laptop? :|
Anyway, back to the Series...this would be the first ever series that I have only two three things in my mind and no plot absolutely, but I will go ahead anyway. I am babbling, I know which indicated I am tired, yet. I think I am tired like you know, mentally. :| Oh, before I keep talking endlessly, I will start with the Series.

FEAR – The Past Catches Up.
Sometimes in life, there are questions that seem to question our entire being. Questions, that do have answers but we do not want to explore them. We’d rather believe that the questions do not exist. We’d rather believe that ignorance is bliss. I am...no, I was the same. And I changed…so much so, that I was locked, packed and sealed in a white padded cell. Why, because I tried to explore some unanswered questions, thought I’d share my knowledge with the world. But terribly wrong that I was, world had a different intention. Clearly, no one was or will ever be ready to hear anything I had to say – because they had hauled me in there.

Being here, believe me, is not easy. The White - color of peace - numbs your senses after a point of time.
You have thought absolutely correct, I was, in medical and legal terms, mentally unsound/lunatic/ crazy. So, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to hear my story or not and what led me to it. However, before I start off on my own, I would later talk about how I survived there. Except my incessant persuasion to make everyone believe about the things I have come across, doctors believed that I was fit – mentally, almost. But they had kept me there, only because they were afraid, I would get over obsessed/schizophrenic about it and harm others. Yeah, like I would have dreamt to do that.

My only means that kept me clinging to my sanity were my pens and this 500 page journal that  I had maintained to keep a record of everything that has ever happened to me, the events that I have gone through. More about it later though since I can feel the electrifying presence in the air…and I need to brace myself to tackle with it. The night here is dark and my candle light flickers in the cold air that freezes my bones, my soul. My mornings are bright but they pass quickly. My limited means and loneliness are something I need to keep up with, constantly. However, the powers and the gift I have cultivated will keep me going. Or so I hope. With that thought, I will return tomorrow.

30th April, 2011

18 Aug 2011


Blessed Be Fellas!

I have been MIA for a while and looks like I have to be doing so, since my laptop betrayed me today and crashed in the afternoon. :( I am working to fix it, which shall not take much time...but my desire to write anything  has dwindled. 

Do you guys have any idea what the heck this is? :(
No, not that I do not want to write anymore, I just don't feel like writing anymore. If you guys have anything on mind, whether you want another series of story or any mystical confusion that has crossed your mind, please tell me. Pleeease! My brain is full with ideas but I need help in sorting them out. 

What with Nation teeming and bristling with Revolution and Lokpals, I am sitting here and watching things unfurl.  I am wondering what I should write. Should I write about Lokpal Bill (which can be found out on Google) or should I just wait and take a break? I am blabbering, yes, I know. 

You can ignore this post because it's out of sheer boredom and lack of creativity. :P Or, you can be my Blessed People and help your MSM out! ;)

11 Aug 2011

Blessed Be!

Merry Meet my open minded Mystical Fellas!

A lot of people (read normal people) have asked me, "WTH is up with your Blessed Be?" And I sigh and mentally roll my eyes. But then I realize, I may sound absurd and a little more than just plain weird. And therefore, I will clue you in to what this 'Blessed be' actually is. It has a lot more to it than a simple old blessing given by our elders though the feelings may be same.

So I will start with a little background about how this phrase came about in my life. Mind you, I use it only in writing. I must confess, I am not very brave when it comes to admitting in public about me having a Mystical Skeptical Blog. I digress. Getting back to the subject, I am a nature lover and love everything associated with it. When I was in VIIIth grade, I came across my first stint with Astrology - in the form of Linda Goodman's Sun signs and Love signs. At that point of time, it was a means to escape from the solitude I felt. I read the entire written chunk in three days and kept reading it, till I was thorough with the traits listed there. Later I would come to know how psychics are unreal and How Linda Goodman and other popular psychics failed their basic ESP [Extra Sensory Perception] tests. 

ESP TEST CARDS - better known as Zener Cards.
You can know more about Psychics Here. That post is sorta boring but very informative. ;)

Very recently, around last year, in May, I came across this very ancient religion called Wicca - after reading few books which spoke about invoking the nature by ancient tribes and using it for healing etc. I am sure some of you must have heard about this. What we call witch-craft is the distorted and twisted version of this benevolent way of life. Yes, I am a believer of Wicca. No, I haven't embraced it yet.

Wiccan Symbol for Wheel Of Fortune
Now what is this Wicca, you ask? Isn't it Black Magick? Or worse Witchcraft, Sorcery and all such bad scary monstrous things? Or isn't it Anti-Christian Belief? Something adhering to Satan?

My answer is No.

Wicca is a very different religion aka Neo Paganism which was brought into vogue by a person called Gerald Gardner (I do not believe in his way of life) in the earlier 20th century. It was embraced by one of his coven members Doreen Valiente who believed that commercialization of such pure knowledge is wrong and therefore, broke of from Gardner's Coven and created her own coven, where like minded people were given a free will to follow their heart and belief, without being uncomfortable about certain rituals followed by Gardner (Refer to Skyclad: to be naked during performance of rituals...what farce!).

High Priestess Doreen Valiente
The followers of Wicca worship a Goddess and a Horned God. They predominantly believe in the power of Nature which is represented by these Five Elements - Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit (Symbolized by a five - pointed Star). They believe in one common Wiccan Rede (Counsel or Belief) - "An' Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will" (Doreen Valiente, 1964). Wiccans believe that if you do any harm , it will come back to you three fold. Wiccan practice is WHITE MAGICK: Magic done for the better of the world as opposed to BLACK MAGICK, meant to fulfill one's selfish desires.

Five Elements: Clockwise from right, Tree representing Earth, Clouds representing Air, Fire, Water and the Center Star represents Spirit which joins the other four together.
The Wiccans believe in Magick and it is said that if you have faith in yourself and in the nature, that created you, your good intentions will work in your spells. My personal opinion is that if you are working towards anything with a positive thought and strong will, your energy makes it possible. The rituals are performed in a circle, invoking (praising and calling) all the five elements one by one and then concentrating on the good one is seeking to do. The Wiccan Rituals are based on Moon Cycles and are also Seasonal. Also, there are Eclectic Wiccans who do not believe in forming a Coven and practice alone. Someone who admits to being a Wiccan Follower is said to have "Come out of the Broom Closet".

Stereotypical Image of a Witch with a Broomstick and  a Black Cat. 
So, this is about Wicca. And Blessed Be is a Greeting they use to wish people good health and thoughts. And therefore, I use Blessed Be...keeping in mind, that those of you, who do read my Blog come here with an open mind and heart, and learn something new. :)

With Purity and Openness of Mind and Soul - I take you along with me to this Beautiful Journey called Life.
PS: This post wasn't meant to offend anyone or worse, scare/freak out anyone. The views expressed here are my personal beliefs and you may differ, like or hate them. This is an endeavor from Mystical Skeptical Me to solve another confusion of sorts causing mental block in all of us regarding certain spoon fed notions. Blessed Be!