29 Jul 2011

It's a BLACK cat! o_O

Blessed be my earthlings and not-so earthlings!

The title must have been a bit of a giveaway I am sure, but I will do the honors of unfurling the mystery anyway. I have grown up among my ancient folks who still believe that the time to sleep is when the sun sets. Okay, not that much, but may be. So, I thought of covering certain superstitions that I've grown up with and some that are ancient but are now twisted to be followed. Here goes!

One day, I got up at 6 in the morning as my father was leaving for a tour. I realized it was a Sunday and I needed to wash my hair, so I asked my mother where the Oil was (Conditioner you see.) Suddenly she goes all bug - eyed. "Do not say that!" I ask, "Say what?" She says, "That!" And I am like, "Oil?" She is like, "Tch!" And then I am like, "Why?" and she goes, "Don't ask me." and my dad is like,  "You argue too much." So I shut up coz this conversation would have ended up connecting my lawyering and conversational skills. 

My point being how many times we start following things without knowing the reasons. So, I combed through my childhood memories, people around me and of course, our internet to see what all people follow. Some of the very popular and weird, I must say, superstitions followed are:
  • This one's a belief from ancient Louisiana tribe which says, "If you want to keep your man to yourself, so that no other woman can ever place her eye on him, put a drop of your blood in his drink and he shall be yours' forever." (Girls?) I felt if the guy ever comes to know of this, he will leave her forever. :P
  • Howling/Crying of a dog is an ill omen (I read that Dogs [Animals in general feel/see/forsee death, hence they howl - my personal opinion, night is the time for most animals to mark their territories or to call for mating)
  • Black Cats crossing the path (I personally do not believe in this one...I feel bad for the cats, though I admit, black ones look creepy).
What did I ever do to yeeeoooowwww??
  • Handing over a knife or scissor to someone you know - causes animosity with that person (I know this one coz I follow this...somehow, my grandma scared me. I always keep the knife or scissor on the table or wherever, from where the other person can pick it up. I know my psyche becomes like that, but haven't been able to get over it. :| )
  • Not cutting nails on Thursdays, Saturdays or in the night (Mostly because of lack of electricity in olden days)
  • Keeping someone else's handkerchief is considered to be harbinger of ill-relation with that person.
  • Seeing a cow and a calf together was/is a very lucky thing. 
  • Inverted footwear would cause fights. :|
  • Never step on a lemon smeared with Sindoor and whatnot (Okay, I have a logic to counter this one super freaky old black magic trick. I believe that there is nothing called Black magic. It's all about the energies we exude. So, if I for instance step on one above said lemon, my mind would instantly spin reasons how I stepped on it and there's gonna be something wrong now, and if anything goes wrong, blame the Lemon. Also, the person who does the whole lemon/chicken whatnot thing, leaves behind a trail of negative energy, which affects people.)
  • If you see a woman in Black/white Saree in the night, she is probably a demon/witch/black magician etc. (Sigh)
  • If a crow caws on your terrace, expect a guest (Suddenly I remember this nice melody from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun - Maayi ni Maayi Munder pe teri bol raha hai Kaaga (Mother mother, there's a crow cawing on your terrace).
  • Keeping the shedded snake skin is considered lucky. (I like snakes but I cannot imagine doing that. Do not take me wrong, I like snakes because they are Lord Shiva's companions...and I am an ardent believer of my Shambhunath.)
  • Horse shoe is lucky.
  • A child born on a Saturday from the left foot (Read MSM) should be asked to wear an iron ring (Which I do not, with due respect to the supernatural entity that protects me). Also, a kick on the back from the said left footer baby heals the pain. Kicks anyone? :D :P
And as far as my research goes, the voodoo thing (Yeah, poking the pin in the eye of the man/woman you hate) is such a farce. I read about it and I am so disappointed in the way we twist things. I think I will do a separate post on the history of Voodoo. :D 
Ow! I bet that hurt! Poor you. :(
So, my fellas, go ahead and tell me what all beliefs have you come across? I would really love to know. :D Till then, see what lies beyond the veil and your heart shall come to you without shame. Blessed Be!!


Red Handed said...

Hahha good read MSM. I dont believ in superstitions but because of years of being forced to do it, i still practise it. Like the footwear one, lemon, nail biting one.

I shud try the drink one..hahahha

nd whenever i get out of my place for my college and have to come back for some reason coz i forgot something, i get back, sit for like a min n only then go. Hahaha no logic! Also never gift ur frnds deo or perfume. Causes fights. Blah blah!

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Nice post! Drop of blood in the drink? Unless my boyfriend is a vampire am not sure he would appreciate that!

I dont believe in any of them, but when people around me start acting hyper and are like 'Noooo! Dont go out now.. That black cat just crossed the road!!' I just give in and do what they want to avoid a scene!!
There is no logical explanation for many things but when you keep practicing it, it becomes a habit... a harmless one...

But voodoo on the contrary is so creepy.. I mean although its just a farce, the concept of trying to hurt someone like that is horrible.. But then i dont know much about it.. Should wait for ur next post then! :)

Vijay Menon said...

"Seeing a cow and a calf together was/is a very lucky thing" - Never! I see those almost everyday and nothing ever goes right for me.

And about the blood in the drink thing, I never knew girls were so desperate! Poor chicks!

A Lot Like Fashion said...

I hadn't heard quite some of these btw! I blindly follow the one about cutting nails and I just avoid those lemons too but I have actually let a black cat cross my path sooo many times, and it NEVER brought bad luck! :)

The Solitary Writer said...

ok i have heard about the crow thing...it actually happens...but others i really dont believe.. being superstitious or believing in such doesnt really suits as you live in 21st century and you shouldnt be following all that....when i was young may be in late 90s we used to sleep at around 8 pm and get up at 6 ...but now you know :P :P

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: I know, to say, I do agree with myself not believing superstitions but I too follow some of these blindly. Like, nails and lemons. I let the poor cat go. I too do not agree with black cat being unlucky. :D Oh, and the blood thing ;) I like it. :P

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: I totally agree with you, it becomes a harmless habit...and it's really tough to break free. Voodoo is really scary a concept, however, it was not so before from where it originates...I will do a post soon :D :D

@Vijay Menon: It's not working coz you see them every day ;) :P lol. It's just a belief...you know. And Blood in wine, is an old practice...which the women in tribe used to practice because it was easy for men to stray away when other women are dancing around you to attract you :D

@A Lot Like Fashion: :D :D Yayyy, you are here! :) :) I knowww, for one I never see a black cat, when I do, they do not cross my path, and if they do I let them :D They are after all living creatures... :) :) How can they be unlucky? :D And I do follow most of them, without thinking once.

@The Solitary Writer: Yes, TSW, we do not follow most of things thinking about them... Hence, the superstitions become traditions :D :D Oye, and the sleeping at the sunset is a very old timetable which my village folks used to follow some 20 years back. :D

Vinati said...

One of my friends is a Saturday born too and she wears an iron ring. Moreover, such people are not allowed to wear black on Saturdays but thank god she doesn't follow this one. :P
And I would love to know more about the secrets of voodoo. Do post it soon. :)

maithili said...

This is so so like the post I once did on my blog http://maithilibhatnagar.blogspot.com/2011/04/little-superstitions.html.. I have written about other little superstitions there.. Read some new ones here, the wine one was soo gross!!! :P
This was a capturing read@

P.S I completed your tag on my blog.. do check it.

Center Shocker said...

hah.. nice read..


Priyanka said...

I'm a hypocrite when it comes to superstition.
I pooh-pooh them outwardly.
But follow them secretly.
Yes, I know. I'm a big, fat hypocrite.