22 Jul 2011

Bon Voyage - 6

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I have never been so uncomfortable or ashamed of myself as I feel right now while I follow them like a kid who has his first day at school. Not even when I had bared my body to a complete stranger. And now, I am covered up from top to bottom - standing before these two utterly normal people feeling dirty and out of place. Abeer points to the quadruple table near the edge of the cozy room.

I guess I would sit alone and I so wish I was somewhere else. However, I walk like a puppet and squeeze myself in the corner while he and Nalini sit together laughing at something Abeer said. I wish I could fling the pepper and salt shakers at her face. I wish I could slap Abeer. Okay. Not really. I wasn’t feeling violent. I was feeling – lost, alone and sore.
I wanted to shoot her.
May be I am Depressed.
 I babble mentally.

“Hey Ira, I hear you write really well? I mean Abeer was telling me about your half-finished novel…” Nalini smiles at me like an older sister. Huh. Really?

“Uh. I don’t write anymore.” I say stiffly. I can’t believe I am an entertainer. Kill me.

“You don’t?” She has guts to act surprised. Stop hating her Ira. My conscience chastises me. I try with a smile this time…totally ignoring Abeer.

“Actually, I don’t get time. I..uh…work with a designer. Free lancing.” That wasn’t a complete lie. I did work with a designer. I work with him. You get the idea. I am unemployed.

“Hmmm….so you are an artist as well? Wow. We have a natural talent here Abeer!” Nalini laughs with a twinkle in her eye and I notice the imperceptible movement of her palm towards his palm. Okay, I already hate her.
THIS never happened between them. Did it?
“So, ummm, you guys are together?” I couldn’t avoid the question anymore. I have to know before I start acting like a crazed psycho ex-girlfriend. I get Abeer’s reaction instantly. A raised left brow and a look – oh you are still there. I look at Nalini – and feel my gut clench. She is blushing. Now that I have asked the question and seen the varied expressions – I realize I really don’t want to know the answer.

“Haha. No Ira. We are not together. Abeer here though, had definitely asked me out a year and a half ago, but, I am already engaged.” She grins at me and shows a fat emerald ring decorated with tiny diamonds around the edges. I give a look to Abeer and feel a guilty pleasure. He had asked her out and she had rejected. Yes! In your face.

I wish I had this one.
“Ahem. Well, you did show interest in me. Didn’t you?” Abeer says. Oh! How I love that voice.
“Hey, I never said I didn’t like you.” Nalini says. I really want this sugary conversation to end and get to the point. I am hating the innocent flirtation going on here. I can feel my sarcasm build up. 

“Guys, so are we chit chatting the whole evening or do I get to hear some news?” I say, sounding like a total bitch, but I really don’t care. I want to know why in the first place I was meeting Abeer. I definitely did not have this on my mind.

“Oh Ira, sure. Let’s talk about something that Abeer and I came up with. For you.” Nalini smiles at me. Doesn’t she get tired? Smiling all the time? 

“We know about your work Ira.” Abeer says. My heart knows what he means but I try to keep a nonchalant attitude.

“Of course you do. I just told you, didn’t I?” I ask in a mocking tone. 

“Tell us something about Rhea.” Nalini says, seriously. No smile. Abeer is staring at me – with his dark eyes while I realize that my eyes have widened in a huge give away manner. What THE hell!

“Rhea? Who Rhea?” I ask thinking what was the best way to bolt from here.

"Rhea you. The Elite Escort Rhea - whose life is your life now." Nalini says seriously. Why wasn't Abeer saying anything? I feel my eyes fill up like a moron. 

"What do you mean?" I ask. Abeer and Nalini exchange looks. I get up, frustrated with this puzzled conversation. So they know. How? I have no idea. 

"I have to leave." I turn around and start to walk out.

"Ira wait." I hear Abeer as I increase my speed.

"IRA WAIT. Don't you want to know why I came here? I still love you Ira...DON'T GO." I hear Abeer say as he grabs by wrist from behind. 

His touch was as surreal as I was feeling at the moment. He said, "I love you"
Keep reading for the concluding part my friends! :D


Red Handed said...

Hehehhe I love you!!
So he loves her! But i dint like the part that he proposed the smiling chick a yr back. I became jealous!
LOL...thats what your writing is like. This is the best storyline u have in ur blog.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

How does he know about her??? Well looks like he's trying to help her after all... ! But yeah i agree with Red.. I dint like that proposing part either! haha..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

heeeeeeeeeeee :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: I love you tooo!!! :D :D Yeah, I hated Nalini the moment I conjured her...but...I wanted to show that Abeer is a normal guy who cannot be too good to be true. Asking out was just a *little* deviation from the goody goody part. ;) :D

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: The answer will be in the next part. :D I know, we are girls no, we hate our guys going with another even if we have broken up with them like gazillion years ago. ;):D It's like we imprint with them. :P :D Thanks for the love!

@Blasphemous Asthete: :D :D I know I know what you want to say. :P :D No, I don't. Please tell me. *grins*

Scribbling Gal said...

Gosh.....he loves her and yet i hated the fact that he proposed to nalini....i mean NO.....

But now i am more and more interested in the concluding part....write it fast :)

Priyanka said...

*jumps around in utter glee*
I LOVE it when HE catches hold of HER hand and doesn't let go:D

Happy endings, I can feel it:)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Scribbling Gal: :D Breath taking honey? :D I know, I kinda got jealous too...I mean Ira did. :P :| :D Yes Yes, I just am waiting so as not to burn out. :D :D

@Priyanka: *GRINS* OMG, you make me smile like a fool! :D :D Hehehe, I know...I thought/think/will write that Ira will burst out crying - when he holds her wrist. Ah, happy endings is what I am for...hopefully! ;) :D