18 Jul 2011

Bon Voyage - 4

"I was/I am the goddess of love – divine, seductive and mysterious. And there was a high price to get me. I relished every single moment. But today, that divinity has thrown me on the ground – with only one thing on my mind to look forward to – seeing Abeer and telling him the truth. 

Reminiscing all the moments until yesterday, I wash myself up, clean my hair and scrub myself squeaky clean. I have a plan for the day. I will see Abeer. I step out of the bath. My coffee is steaming lightly on the table top. I sit on the bed, wrapped in a white robe and chew my breakfast slowly. I need time to think. I can see two options:
One, I can tell him the truth of me being an escort and let him yell/scream/hate or be disappointed in me. I will recover from the heartbreak; or
Two, lie to him. Make up some story about what I did in these four years and why I disappeared. 

Second option is more feasible I think. That way we can go on our separate ways and I can escape dealing with the emotional drama trauma. Feeling more confident than I felt I fish out another cell phone from my purse. It was for emergency purposes only and had my older – Ira’s – contacts. I text Abeer from the number he had given me.

‘Hey. I want 2 c u @conference after u r done.’ 
‘Ira? Wow! I’m surprised! Vl c u @ 6 pm 2day? I’m free after 4’
‘Okay wimme. Where do u wanna meet?’
‘@Vyas Park? It’s 10 minutes from my hotel. I will walk it up till there.’
‘Okay, I will c u @ 6 then.’ 

I could not text anymore. I could feel the nervousness bubble its way up from my stomach to my throat. 

‘Ira, I’m glad you texted. C u. :)’

Ugh. I am scared. I will see him – that is one thing I am pretty sure of. But my past will catch up with me. And as a guy, I am sure; he will have a hard time understanding me. 

Ira, you should tell him the truth. He has loved you. He will understand. My conscience whispers.

No way am I telling him about myself. I agree with myself on the second solution and decide to sleep for a while. I had a rough night and I needed some good sleep before I could see him. I curl up on my bed and set an alarm for 3:30 pm. It’s 11. I will enjoy this moment of bliss while it lasts.

I draw the curtains shut and crawl under the soft quilt. Ah. My stiff body relaxes as I try to doze off into oblivion. Suddenly, I wake up feeling a pang of nervousness. I hear a knock on my door. I check the time – it’s 1 pm. I feel my heart thump as I get up to open the door. 

I peep into the magic eye – OHMYGOD! Abeer is standing outside. Oh no! Oh no! I ball my fists and take a deep breath. I will have to face him anyway. I open the door as he makes his way into my room instantly. 

What I see scares me to death. He is angry. His face is red with his jaw ticking. Oh God. He knows. 

“Rhea?! You did sleep around, didn’t you?” Abeer screams at me while I watch everything as an observer.
“Abeer…I…” I try to say something but the hollow in my stomach has deepened. I cannot frame my sentences.
“Shutup! I waited for you these many years thinking you might be doing something useful! And you? Slut!” He hisses as his hand grips me around my throat. 

My heart whispers – You will die Ira. I will die. Abeer’s this side was not known to me. I lose consciousness as the sweet blackness engulfs me. "

Two more parts to go my lovely people! Yes, MSM is back! :D :D Thanks, for all the love you showered on me. I feel Blessed! :) :)


TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Hey.. you are back! Was this a dream or was it real? What's going to happen next????

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Yayyy! You are the first one to comment! :) :* What do you think - dream or a dreaded truth? :D :D Yes, I am back...with something usual something unusual. ;) :D Let's see what happens! :)

Priyanka said...

^ yeahah... Methinks she's dreaming, Abeer didn't sound the type who goes around killing and especially not Ira...
Welgum back MSM:)
Next part please, faster!! :D

maithili said...

dream dream dream :P !! waiting for the next one :)

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Priyanka: I don't kid when I say I believe women are more intuitive. You girls are giving me hibbie jibbies :P :D Okay, so I shall burst the bubble of oh-so-not-surprised. Yeah, she is dreaming ---- but, dreams can come true, can't they? ;) :D

@Maithili: Bingo Sis! :D Now, what should I do about my creativity or lack-thereof??? ;) :D

Red Handed said...

How i hate happy ending but pleeeeeeeeeees dont let her die..or him die or anyone die!!!
I am so jealous of you, maithili and priyanka...i cant knit stories :(

Scribbling Gal said...

wow u totally engulfed me...now I want more and more soon please :)
And I pray its a dream....but i am too curious :)
And YAY for MSM to be back :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Was it a dream? Rhea? Why'd he call her by that name? Was it ridicule?

Next next next please.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Scribbling Gal: :D :D Yes Yes, 5th Part will be up soon! :) :) Ah let's hope it's a dream :D :D Thank you! <3

@Blasphemous Asthete: Abeer called her Rhea, yes, to mock her, to show her that he knows who she is and what she has been upto... :D :)

PS: You didn't answer my question here: http://mysticalskepticalme.blogspot.com/2011/07/go-away-july.html

Mystical Skeptical Me said...

@Red: Awwww....I can't promise anything now. :( But let's say, I won't disappoint you. :D Oh, and btw, you can do what I can't do....you can make people laugh with you wit, humor and charm! :D :D

Mystical Skeptical Me said...